Breaking : North Korea Threatens To Nuke Turkey & Zhirinovsky “Told Putin To NUKE Istanbul Turkey Revenge (Apocalypse)

 Nuke Turkey

Breaking : North Korea Threatens To Nuke Turkey & Zhirinovsky "Told Putin To NUKE Istanbul Turkey Revenge (Apocalypse)

 By. MyDailyInformer

 According to the Mizan News Agency North Korea has threatened to nuke Turkey. The North Korean leader has threatened that Turkey will be nuked by Pyongyang if Ankara takes action against Russia. 

The Lebanese daily news added that, Kim Jong-un has warned that if Turkey confronts Russia or lends support to ISIS in Syria and Iraq, it will come under nuclear attacks by North Korea. 
The North Korean leader has also promised to wipe Turkey off the map if Ankara takes part in the Syrian war and cooperates with the US and helps ISIS.
These threats clearly show that North Korea stands solidly behind Russia in their war against ISIS. 

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We'll continue to monitor these developments as more information becomes available. 

Zhirinovsky "Told Putin To NUKE Istanbul Turkey Revenge (Apocalypse)

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