Building on Basics for Survival Preparedness

By Ken Jorgustin

The following may be considered basic foundation categories for preparedness. The entire process of prepping begins here, with the right basic ingredients to survive and stay alive.

Each of these are relatively inexpensive to purchase for storage, may store easily for long periods, and provide a foundation for adequate nutrition to sustain life.

For many, FOOD is first. And other than water, it should be…

1) Know what to do with the basics. Most folks don’t. For example, learn how to mill your own flour from wheat. Learn how to make a loaf of bread without a bread maker. Learn how to make foods from their basic ingredients. Learn how to garden for food.

2) Be very sure that you are willing to eat what you store. Integrate your storage foods into your regular diet. Learn to eat foods that are not ‘processed’. Not only is it healthier, but it will better prepare you for disruption of our systems of food distribution – on which we rely upon for survival.



A person can survive on just water for weeks. Although it would not be comfortable in any way, you would live. A person cannot survive much beyond 3 days without any water whatsoever. Water is the absolute basic ingredient for life. It is 2nd in importance only to the air we breathe. Although heavy and bulky, it is simple to store. It is cheap to acquire (free?). Consider additional preps to treat and purify your water for safe drinking such as boiling, filtration, treatment tablets, chlorine or bleach (up to 4 ppm chlorine), etc..




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