Converting A Microwave Oven Into An EMP Resistant Enclosure

Electromagnetic Pulse, or EMP as it is more commonly called, is a natural or manmade event causing over voltage conditions due to high power microwave electromagnetic radiation exposure in electrical and electronic equipment. This over voltage most commonly burns open semiconductor junctions and coils of wire. It happens in the smallest electronic watch all the way up to the power grid. Severity can be mild, such as a close lightning strike, or severe enough to destroy every motor, transformer, computer, and for all practical purposes anything else electrical or electronic in a wide area. If you are at ground zero for an EMP pulse the following may, or may not, save what you have stored in it. High level microwave energy, directly radiated over a small area (ground zero), means you cannot predict effects with any degree of certainty. What survives, survives, and what doesn’t, doesn’t. Only extreme measures with sophisticated engineering will protect devices at ground zero to any degree of certainty. The farther you are away from ground zero, the less these effects will be. This article is for the home DIY’er who wants to protect communications and other necessary post event electronic items from the effects of EMP in an economically repeatable way.



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