Soapmaking Pt.2: Castile Soap:Rx for the Winter Skin Blues


Gnarly, Dude
The drying ravages of winter are here and let’s face it, our skin can look and feel very much worse than the rest of the year…downright gnarly!  Because some family members really liked the olive oil castile soap for their dry skin, I decided to do my second posting on the simple process of making this type of soap.  “Castile” soap is simple.  Three ingredients: distilled water, oil, lye.  That’s it.

I made my first batch with extra virgin olive oil  and just recently made another batch using coconut oil.  I wanted to see if the coconut oil castile bar would keep its hardness better during use.  Not that the olive oil bar was a problem, by any means, but I just want to see if there’s a difference in starting with an oil that never hardens like olive oil and a saturated oil like coconut oil. Each of these oils has amazing health properties for your skin, so you can’t go wrong with either.

Now, technically, it’s not castile soap if it’s not made with extra virgin olive oil.  But for my purposes here, we’ll just call it all castile.  (Which, by the way, is a term derived from the castle regions in Spain.) I guess you could become a soap snob and have a real problem with me calling anything else castile – but I know you have better things to do!



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