Homemade “Gallon Can” Wood Stove! – “Tin Can” Wood Stove – Easy DIY


Homemade "Gallon Can" Wood Stove!. DIY Tin Can Wood Stove. Made using only 2 cans! No special tools required. Easy DIY. Cost $5.00. only fuel needed is twigs, leaves and small sticks. works by pulling air in through holes drilled in the center section of the larger can – then into (and up through) the smaller "inner" can. small, portable and powerful. stove will burn for 10 to 15 mins on each "fill up". was designed to be a fully self-contained. (all ash collects in the bottom third of the gallon can – for easy disposal). wind and "light rain" resistant. only tools needed: drill, tin snips & pliers. was $4 for the gallon paint can (at ace hardware) and $1 for the smaller can (dollar store).



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