Celente: Coming Financial Panic & Other ‘Alarming Trends’

Goldseek Radio is joined by Trends Journal publisher and trends forecaster Gerald Celente for a blockbuster show where Celente lets loose with not only the upcoming trends, but the “alarming trends” being seen and it all comes down to one word….. war.


At approximately the 17:30 minute mark when asked if there are preparations for a “currency implosion,” being made, Celente asserts the currencies are currently backed by nothing, discusses the upcoming financial panic.


The economy, within the US and globally is now dependent on when the next major war can be started and Celente goes through what is being seen in current events, many of which he predicted over a year ago, by the end of 2014 or beginning of 2015, another massive world war will be manufactured, most likely created using a false flag attack in order to kick start it.





By Susan Duclos


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