The Darkish Aspect Fact About CIA , NSA , Darpa Thoughts Management Murderer Packages

CIA and NSA Operatives Concentrating on Mind of Monarch Program Victims of Thoughts Management Victims Day and Night time, however Primarily of their Sleep When They Are Most Weak.

Every human being has a singular mind wave sample that’s considered one of a sort, identical to you might have a singular set of fingerprints. That mind wave sample is called your ‘Specific Residence Frequency’ which nobody else on the planet has like yours. It’s really distinctive a one in every of a sort mind distinctive mind wave sign.

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The CIA and NSA DARPA handlers are capable of lock on to that mind wave sign after they’ve moved near you and en-trained your mind to their distant neural monitoring system and obtain your particular brainwave frequency mind wave sample into their pc which the CIA and NSA handlers, and there are often 4 to 6 handlers in quantity as a result of they function in shifts, have for all times, which the CIA NSA handlers can then mimic, to induce all types of thought, feelings, cognitive talents, bodily sensations, and so forth.

It’s because the human physique is a ‘VIBRATORY ORGANISM and an ‘ELECTROMAGNETIC ORGANISM’ and as such every organ of the physique ‘VIBRATES’ AT A totally different frequency of ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY!

By various the FREQUENCY and INTENSITY of every beam of electromagnetic power, the CIA and NSA operatives can manipulate every area and organ of the human anatomy.

Then the NSA CIA handlers use that particular mind wave frequency of the focused particular person to focus on you and manipulate your thoughts with thoughts management know-how. This can be a simplified method to clarify how REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGY works in actual time.

Additionally they secretly ‘chip’ the focused particular person or his property with monitoring implants they will monitor by satellite tv for pc any the place on the earth. They use these monitoring implants to hone in in your bodily location to wherever you’re and as soon as you’re in a comparatively stationary place the focused particular person turns into prone to the directed power.

The CIA NSA handlers can then hetero dynamically lock on to your distinctive one in every of a sort mind wave sample frequency and manipulate your thoughts for the needs of thoughts management, and to inflict ache and trauma on the focused people physique that pothers who within the neighborhood of the stream of directed power don’t really feel or discover.

The thoughts of the mind entrained focused particular person picks up the frequency of directed power however the others across the focused particular person don’t decide it up as a result of that frequency of directed power is particularly tuned to the distinctive mind wave a sample of the focused particular person.

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As such, solely the focused particular person with that ‘Specific Residence Frequency’ of mind waves absorbs the power or feels it results comparable to extreme ache to the mind and central nervous system. As a result of the mind controls the central nervous system, solely that individual’s central nervous system, with that particular mind wave sample frequency, may have their central nervous system manipulated. The others round you’ll not really feel or discover the consequences as a result of their mind wave patterns don’t function alongside the identical frequency.

That is how the CIA NSA operatives are capable of goal the Monarch Sufferer in a crowd of individuals, as that crowd of individuals don’t take in the power or really feel its results. Solely the sufferer absorbs the power or feels it results.

As soon as they’ve that particular frequency they will goal you from nice distances with thoughts management know-how.

Nevertheless, as a result of ‘VERIFICATION’ is important they must be near you or to have hidden cameras up or boots on the bottom to watch you and ensure the know-how is working.

With out VERIFICATION thee is not any approach the NSA CIA handlers can decide the thoughts management know-how is working or not, which means they cant inform if they should range the routine or not, reminiscent of altering the depth or frequency of the electromagnetic power. They need to both have cameras, lots of that are hidden, or boots on the bottom to tell them you probably did this or stated that after the, say, IMPULSE INJECTION was triggered.


So, then, they constantly set off the ideas and wishes in your thoughts utilizing electromagnetic streams of power that it is advisable go to the fridge and drink some chocolate milk, and you retain having the impulse and want to do that, but when they can’t see you truly do it. which means go to the fridge and drink the chocolate milk, then there isn’t any strategy to affirm the know-how is working correctly.

For instance, you may need the robust want to drink the chocolate milk however as an alternative select orange juice, which means the thoughts management know-how failed on that event and they should make changes. In order that they continuously hold you surrounded by perp’s always to make sure the know-how is working and that you simply don’t defeat their distant neural monitoring system.CIA NSA handlers obtain this by partaking in a SMEAR CAMPAIGN OF CHARACTER ASSASSINATION AND SLANDER BASED ON LIES AND HALF TRUTHS to show individuals towards you in order that they assume they’re watching you for different causes when in fancy they’re simply puppets of the CIA NSA operatives who’ve fooled them into doing thework for them.

For the CIA and NSA handlers to not use VERIFICATION methods would nonetheless not prohibit them from concentrating on you with the know-how, however it might be the equal of concentrating on a moon 5 galaxies away with a particle beam weapon, which means they might hearth away however would do not know whether or not they hit their goal or not as a result of they might haven’t any option to affirm it.


Keep in mind, they’re utilizing Scalar Waves as properly, that are multi-directional, out of part, velocity of sunshine, longitudinal, electromagnetic waves of power.

As soon as fired, scalar waves journey and exist on each side of the world north-south-east-west on the similar time as a result of they’re being fired constantly every second by land based mostly fastened phased arrays of towers, and sometimes by satellite tv for pc as nicely. These towers are just like the HAARP tower in Alaska, however truly the US Authorities has two extra that we all know of, one in every of which is situated at Los Alomos laboratories and the opposite of which is situated close to the coast of Maine, within the American northeast. The one close to Maine is far smaller than the others and is disguised to seem like a constructing.

They’re all three used for these functions, and hearth scalar waves constantly every second, in order that scalar waves exist constantly on each side of the world every second of day-after-day, 24 hours a day, seven days every week. Non cease.

The CIA and NSA handlers merely harvest and redirect that scalar wave enrgy that already exists within the environment and redirect it on the focused particular person utilizing the targets particular residence mind wave frequency because the concentrating on gadget and sequence.


In different phrases, you would actually be standing in Antarctica, and the CIA might goal you with this know-how from land based mostly fastened phased array towers that exist in Alaska.

Once more, Scalar Waves are velocity of sunshine out of part LONGITUDINAL waves of electromagnetic power and exist each locations at similar time, to allow them to use a terrestrial grid -fired from a land base fastened phased array – or an extra-terrestrial – fired from satellite tv for pc – to focus on you regardless of the place you’re on the planet.

Solely these focused people who’ve that ‘specific residence frequency’ will take up the power or really feel its results. Others, it can move proper by way of them and they won’t comprehend it. That is how they’re able to goal you in crowded areas.

CIA NSA handlers additionally interact in disruption techniques to destroy the credibility of the focused particular person. They’ve a day by day PROTOCOL and day by day CONTINGENCY PLAN in place to every day destroy the credibility of the focused particular person on a DAILY BASIS. If the focused particular person does THIS then CIA and NSA handlers will do THAT and if focused particular person does THAT then CIA and NSA handlers will do THIS. They’ve a day by day PROTOCOL in place and wage a steady DAILY marketing campaign to destroy the credibility of the focused particular person each single DAY!.

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