Computer Model Shows IRMA DESTROYING New York City & NJ on Sept. 10

Most of New Jersey and ALL 5 Boroughs of New York City could be totally destroyed on September 10 at 12:00 Noon, if computer models predicting the strength and path of Hurricane IRMA are correct.  I have the computer model and you can watch it below:

The National Weather Service, and its National Hurricane Center utilize supercomputers to predict where hurricanes will travel based on hundreds-of-thousands of pieces of weather data.  The system they use is called Global Forecast System (GFS).

At 2:00 this afternoon, Friday, September 1, the GFS model spit out its projection of Hurricane IRMA's path over the next 12 days. This model shows the utterly terrifying projected path of Hurricane IRMA coming right up the east coast, and making landfall in NEW YORK HARBOR as a Category 5 Hurricane, with winds in excess of 157 MPH.

I am not a weather expert.  I do not profess to have any idea at all about the accuracy of these computer models.  As a layman, I know the models can turn out to be wrong.  Sometimes even WAAAAAAAAAYYYY wrong.

But if this model is right, then we in New Jersey (where  I live) and folks in New York City, had better start preparing to EVACUATE within the next 7-8 days.

I do not know of __ANY__ building that can withstand winds "in excess of 157 MPH."

I doubt my condo complex could withstand it.  I cannot even imagine what the skyscrapers in New York City would do under such a wind load.  I suspect some of them — MANY of them — might just snap and fall over.

Even buildings which don't simply blow over, would probably see ALL their windows blown out.

Can you imagine getting hit by shattered glass driven by 157 MPH wind?  It would cut a person to ribbons instantly!

In all of recorded history, no storm like this has __EVER__ hit New Jersey or New York City. It would be beyond "catastrophic."  Seems to me, there would be NOTHING left!

I emphasize that I know computer "models" are just that: MODELS.  They may be very wrong.

But given the specificity of this particular forecast, I feel it necessary to tell everyone in New Jersey and New York City to absolutely watch this storm every day.  If it appears as you see in the model video below, then EVACUATE at least 100 miles west of NJ.

No one would be able to survive this type of storm.

Here now, the GFS Model which was issued by the National Weather Service at 2:00 PM EDT on Friday, September 1, 2017:


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  1. William Lindewirth

    Seems we shoild prepare now. Those who don't may be fine and we have spent or wasted our time. I would rather waste my time preparing

     It's your choice. 


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