Death of The Dollar 2019 — TOP 5 Places to avoid when The Economy Collapses

What will happen if the “Dollar Collapses” why are interest rates staying so low, what is happening with the massive increases in consumer, government and business debt? What is the fate of the US dollar? How can you protect yourself and your family during the upcoming crisis? What Will Happen If the Dollar Collapses?

What Will Happen If the Dollar Collapses Maxwell Payne Why a complete economic collapse in the U.S. is unlikely even if the dollar loses 100% of its value. Disclaimer: This article is opinion based with likely scenarios derived from logic based situations. Discussion includes doomsayer fears, logical outcomes, and a good example of how currency value is subjective. It is well known that the U.S. Federal Reserve continues to print money to pay down debts owed to countries such as China.
It is also known that the Fed printed billions to “bail out” banks and create “stimulus” plans to boost the economy. There are a lot of doomsayers on the internet and in media that say this devalues the U.S. dollar both locally and globally. Technically their claim is correct: each dollar used to be backed by actual gold; that backing was removed in the 1970s and ever since then money could basically just be printed up. But this is where the doomsayers logic ends.

Their belief is that because money’s value is only as good as the economy’s belief in it, the value can disappear because there is no gold backing the paper money. Once confidence in the dollar is lost, many doomsayers say that the U.S. economy will completely collapse. A few popular predictions are being made across the internet and in the media by doomsayers: vanished and now gold is the only accepted currency.

The concept cited is “hyperinflation.” When the dollar collapses we will be thrown into a state of chaos and lawlessness. Money will be burned like in Germany a few decades ago due to lost value. People will steal and commit other crimes to stay alive and with no economy there will be no one working to maintain the infrastructure. Gold and silver will become the standard once again. Which is oddly suspicious, because when you Google anything about the dollar collapsing, you get a lot of sites trying to sell you gold and gold trading schemes. Since other countries are trying to move the World Reserve Currency away from the U.S. dollar due to decreasing value, the U.S. will be left high and dry by the other countries. Countries will stop lending to us and the interest on the existing loans will default. What is likely to happen if the U.S. dollar collapses (based on something known as “logic”).

Here are a few possible situations:
1.) The U.S. dollar collapses and there is a brief time of chaos. However the U.S. chief export is consumption, we consume the highest amount of resources and goods in the world. Countries that once sold to us can no longer sell if there is no money, so the dollar could in theory be propped up by another currency. Imagine a dollar backed by the yen, the Euro, or once again by gold.
2.) There are over 300 million “consumers” in the U.S. Other economies would suffer if U.S. citizens suddenly lost all of their money and their spending power. The U.S. could adopt another currency or begin consuming using multiple currencies and abandon the dollar. Financially, it makes little sense to let a huge consumer base collapse and vanish so global companies and countries that export often to us will step in.
3.) Like a repo man coming to collect his due, the countries that the U.S. government owes large amount of debt to will come in to collect their payment. Of course what happens if someone can’t pay?

Things get taken away. China, a country who the U.S. owes billions to could technically lay claim to the U.S. So we would become a part of another country altogether. As an interesting side note, some local towns in America have started to print their own currency that is traded and accepted among merchants within the town. This shows an extremely important concept in the debate of what happens if the dollar fails.
The townspeople in these towns aren’t backing their local money with gold or other currency, rather they back it with their confidence. The local money has zero actual value; the only reason it is useful for purchases in the town is because businesses and people that accept it agree that is has some value; they can accept it for a sale and take it to another accepting business to trade for goods and services.

This experiment is a microcosm of the national economy and even the global economy, paper money’s primary value exists only because the economy continues to believe in its value ; they can accept it for a sale and take it to another accepting business to trade for goods and services.

This experiment is a microcosm of the national economy and even the global economy, paper money’s primary value exists only because the economy continues to believe in its value. Technically you could pick up an orange and claim that oranges are equivalent to what was once $100. If a lot of people also believed it, you’d be buying and selling in oranges instead of dollars. In the end one key concept came to mind when trying to dispel the doomsday predictions: As long as you have some currency that the economy sees as having value you can continue to make and spend money. Does it matter if that currency is the U.S. dollar, a Euro, gold, or an orange?

Cashless Society means the end of our Privacy .
Cashless payments are on the rise. They are fast, easy and convenient. Worldwide, cashless transactions have become the norm. All over the western world banks are shutting down cash machines and branches. They are trying to push you into using their digital payments and digital banking infrastructure.

Sweden Is On The Verge Of Going Completely Cashless.India and China are following the trail . Mobile payment and cashless stores are popping up across America , between stores like Amazon Go and payment options like Apple Pay. Using these services requires access to the banking system, namely a bank account and a credit card. Your bank and credit card companies have quite a file on you.

They know how often you go out to eat, how often you drink, how often you fill up your gas tank, along with the time and location of all these activities. Cash is all but dead, and with that comes a digital trail of all your purchases watched over by private companies who don’t exactly have the best security record. But we can’t say nobody warned us. Cashless society seems like an inevitable progression into an easier, faster and more convenient future. But this comes at a huge of cost of privacy and anonymity of cash payments, and freedom from control over people’s funds. A cashless society brings dangers. People without bank accounts will find themselves further marginalised, disenfranchised from the cash infrastructure that previously supported them.

There are also poorly understood psychological implications about cash encouraging self-control while paying by card or a mobile phone can encourage spending. And a cashless society has major surveillance implications. Cashless makes the fraud, counterfeiting, and theft that IS the banking system MUCH easier. No paper trail.

How to be prepared for a food crisis?

Food Crisis queuing case of a food shortage you should be aware that grocery stores only have about 3 days of food in stock. People will rush and buy as much as they can so probably the food will vanish in less than a day or hours. So if anything was to disrupt the food supply chain for an extended period of time, there would be chaos in most communities. It’s very important to start preparing NOW. There are several ways to start. The choice you make should depend on the event you are preparing for. Of course the best way is to prepare for all scenarios including long periods.

A cashless society is probably the biggest threat to our freedoms. Think about this:
#1. the government will know EVERY transaction you make.
#2. everyone will be a hostage to the big banks where they can charge you a fee for every transaction you make
#3. you will have no alternative if the system should go down because of a natural disaster, EMP, or solar flare. I remember one time the power went out, and you could not get liquor, groceries, or medicine. unless you had cash.

While I like the concept of bitcoin, I am afraid that it is a trojan horse designed by the elites to acclimate the masses to digital currencies, so when the rug is pulled out of cash, they will meekly accept the new paradigm. Use cash whenever possible and do your part to reduce the profits of the too big to fail banks. How convenient for the .government , now they can steal your money with just a key stroke instead of collecting taxes, fines and inflating the dollar the old fashioned way. Plus who needs money when they become brain chipped .government zombie slaves. A cashless system will eliminate the people’s escape mechanism from taking interest rates negative to stimulate the economy.
That is why zero interest rate was the bottom. People would simply withdraw their cash and wait if negative rates were discussed or tried. Without cash, your electronic balance would dwindle away steadily to induce you into spending it first. This is the same concept that hyperinflation bestows, spend any money immediately before it loses further value by the day, but the powers feel they can control this dragon. Go cashless and all your money, if you can call it money, will be under the bank’s control and not yours. Cash is the only thing separating us from total banker tyranny!

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