Doomsday Planes Race Into American Skies As Historic Military Orders And Atmospheric Explosion Warnings Issued — NASA Warns Of Air Burst – Causing Asteroid Arriving

A gripping new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today discussing the just completed talks held between President Putin and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, says the result of this telephonic conference allowed for the approval of an emergency budget expenditure to permit the Ministry of Defense (MoD) to deploy nine of their giant Il-76 military cargo aircraft to deliver some 100 virologists and epidemiologists from Russia to Italy, along with critically needed medical equipment—Russian virologists and epidemiologist who will then return from Italy and go to their vast State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology (Scientific complex—one of the world’s leading anti-virus centres that has channeled resources into finding a COVID-19 cure—in a race against time to stop the global rampage of this deadly coronavirus—a race made critical after the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that a lockdown isn’t going to stop this coronavirus—a grim finding confirmed by top American health official Dr. Judith Persichilli who’s now declared “I’m definitely going to get it. We all are”—and is why Los Angles County-California, one of the largest counties in the US, is now telling its doctors to start skipping the testing of some patients—and who are following the lead of a China that has ended all coronavirus testing—the reason being because our world isn’t fighting against one coronavirus, it’s watching two coronavirus species fighting it out against each other—confirmation of which is contained in the 3 March scientific research paper published by Oxford University titled “On The Origin And Continuing Evolution of SARS-CoV-2” [Note: SARS-CoV-2 is the scientific name for COVID-19]—wherein it confirms this coronavirus evolved into two major types designated L and S—and although the L type (∼70%) is more prevalent than the S type (∼30%), the S type was found to be the ancestral version—and about which has other top scientists gravely noting: The L-type might be more aggressive in transmitting itself, but we have no idea yet how these underlying genetic changes will relate to disease severity”. 

According to this report, coronaviruses are a group of related viruses that cause diseases in mammals and birds, and in humans, coronaviruses cause respiratory tract infections, most commonly known as the common cold—were first discovered in the 1960’s—and whose origin and evolution of likely originated in bats—a fact known by China for years, but who still allowed their wet markets to sell bats for human consumption that, in turn, ignited this current pandemic.

Standing on guard for humanity against all deadly disease outbreaks, this report notes, are the only two laboratories in the world permitted by international law to hold pathogen samples of the most deadly diseases ever discovered—the first being the laboratories at the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology (known as VECTOR) in Russia—and the second being the United States Army Medical Command laboratories at Fort Detrick located in Frederick-Maryland—both of whom have their scientists scouring the globe at the Fall start of cold and flu season to document the emergence of any new influenza or coronavirus outbreak that could pose a threat of becoming a pandemic.

While preparing to start their yearly global search for any new influenza or coronavirus outbreaks for the 2019-2020 cold and flu season, however, this report details, an army of CDC inspectors rushed into Fort Detrick and shut down its critical bio-defense laboratories on 2 August 2019—that was followed a few weeks later when the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology was crippled and shut down by a mysterious explosion occurring on 16 September 2019—the consequence of which left the world defenseless against any new arising disease threat—such as the bizarre “vaping death” epidemic the CDC claimed was striking America while VECTOR and Fort Detrick were shut down—but not evidenced occurring any other place in the world—that then ended as mysteriously as it started while morphing into the coronavirus pandemic.  

As to the true reality of what is now occurring with this global coronavirus pandemic, this report explains, Russian military analysts and intelligence experts maintain the evidence proves it’s a deliberate biowarfare attack aimed at destroying President Donald Trump to stop his nationalist-populist forces from taking over any other countries in the world—an attack that now sees the weaponized and deadly L type coronavirus battling to the death against its milder form S type coronavirus “mother” from which it was “created-born”—with the race to win being if more people can be infected with the S type coronavirus—as once infected with the S type coronavirus, the L type coronavirus isn’t able to infect anyone—which is why all Russian scientists at VECTOR have deliberately infected themselves with the S type coronavirus, after which they began a 7-day regime taking two drugs called  Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin—and who today remain free from all coronavirus symptoms.

Russian and French research studies prove 100% cure rate for coronavirus using drug combination of Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin (chart above).


As per normal protocols, this report continues, VECTOR scientists notified their counterparts at Fort Detrick of their coronavirus findings—findings that remarkably made their way immediately to President Trump, who then told the American people the drugs Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin “could be a game changer” in the fight against the coronavirus—after which then saw one of America’s top medical experts Dr. Mehmet Oz echoing Trump and declaring these two drugs could be “the biggest game changer of all”—and is why hospitals all across the United States are now stockpiling these drugs—as well as Israel rushing 6-million doses of them to America—and who followed the German pharmaceutical giant Bayerwho gave a further 3-million doses to the Americans.

Not being fully explained to the American people about the drugs Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin, however, this report further notes, is that while they have proven 100% effective against the S type coronavirus, scientific studies are still ongoing as to how effective they are against the weaponized L type coronavirus—thus explaining why even Trump’s top scientists remain muted when asked about them—a distinction without any real difference—but has allowed an opening for Trump to be viciously attacked by a leftist mainstream propaganda media who are now calling the daily White House coronavirus press conferences “three-ring circuses with Trump as the deranged ringmaster”.

At the same time President Trump is being attacked, this report further details, Communist China is stunningly praising Hillary Clinton for her attacks on Trump for his handling of the coronavirus crisis—a praise for “possibly coronavirus infected Clinton” that China has already given to former socialist Democrat Party presidential candidate Michael “Mini Mike” Bloomberg who is most famously known for spending almost $1 billion on his failed bid to topple Trump, and today is being called a “cheating scum” because he used the coronavirus as the excuse to lay off workers he’d promised would have their jobs until November.

Perhaps the greatest example of socialist Democrat Party coronavirus induced insanity, though, this report continues, is being displayed by top Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden—who while “hearing the alarm bells that he’s lost young voters”, is now said to be preparing to emerge from hiding with plans to attack President Trump with what he calls “Shadow Coronavirus Briefings” from his home in Delaware—the same Joe Biden who just weeks ago called Trump a racist for banning coronavirus infected people from China entering the US—and is being supported by a leftist Washington press corps who are covering one of the largest, continuing stories in recent history the same way it has covered the Trump administration since Day One—whose formula is simple: “Whatever the president does is not just wrong, it’s borderline evil. Details at 11”—all of which became too much to take for one leftist reporter who broke down and told the truth: “Democratic lawmakers have been too loyal to a leadership that is increasingly and obviously unfit for the emergency at hand”.

Beyond all doubt being ready for “the emergency at hand”, this report concludes, is President Trump—who while watching the approval ratings over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic soar, sees them being met at the same time with new polling showing that half of the American people don’t trust the leftist mainstream media’s COVID-19 coverage—neither of which are actually surprising when noticed that they are coming from a coronavirus swept nation where its American peoples are displaying endless acts of kindness towards each other—and in this time of crisis and uncertainty, now sees America showing its true colours best described by them as: “We Are a Nation of Kindness and Love for Our Fellow Man”—which, in fact, means that the greatest death caused by this coronavirus pandemic is the deranged to the point of insanity globalist-socialist world order—none of whose “gloom and doom” hysterical predictions for America in the age of Trump have even come close to being true—and in knowing that this coronavirus pandemic “will change the world permanently”—saw 34 of the biggest thinkers in the United States being asked what comes next—some of whose predictive insights of what the future may hold includes:

A New Kind Of Patriotism—“…love of community will be one of the benefits to come out of this whole awful mess

A Decline In Polarization—“…given our current levels of tension…now is the time to begin to promote more constructive patterns in our cultural and political discourse

Less Individualism—“The coronavirus pandemic marks the end of our romance with market society and hyper-individualism…we will be better able to see how our fates are linked…it will force us to reconsider who we are and what we value, and, in the long run, it could help us rediscover the better version of ourselves

New Forms Of Reform—“People are finding new ways to connect and support each other in adversity…and they’ll become newly conscious of interdependency and community

A New Civic Federalism—“Just as the trauma of fighting World War II laid the foundations for a stronger American government and national solidarity, the coronavirus crisis might sow the seeds of a new civic federalism, in which states and localities become centers of justice, solidarity and far-sighted democratic problem-solving

The Rules We’ve Lived By Won’t All Apply—“America’s response to coronavirus pandemic has revealed a simple truth: So many policies that our elected officials have long told us were impossible and impractical were eminently possible and practical all along

Stronger Domestic Supply Chains—“In the ancient days of 2018, the Trump administration was panned by experts for imposing tariffs on imported steel on a global basis for national security reasons. As the president tweeted at the time, “IF YOU DON’T HAVE STEEL, YOU DON’T HAVE A COUNTRY!”…Fast forward to 2020. Just this week, U.S. allies are considering substantial border restrictions, including shutting down ports and restricting exports

Yet another gravely concerning new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today discussing issues involving the global coronavirus pandemic, states that Aerospace Forces have successfully delivered over 100,000 coronavirus COVID-19 test kits to 13 nations, including Iran and North Korea—test kits not needed in the Russian Federation at this time as only 253 people are confirmed infected with the coronavirus, of whom only 11 patients contracted the coronavirus inside Russia, while some 90% of cases were brought from abroad—thus holding this crisis from a military perspective well within the bounds of acceptable norms—the same of which, however, cannot be said about what is currently evolving in the United States with their military forces—who just hours ago officially cancelled their massive military exercise Defender Europe 2020 that would have seen tens-of-thousands of combat ready US Army troops flooding into the European Union—an official cancellation following what occurred 48-hours prior, on 19 March, when the United States Strategic Command suddenly ordered all of its “Doomsday Planes” to immediately evacuate from their Offutt Air Force Base location in Nebraska and deploy into the skies over America—strategic war time aircraft of various types designed to ensure the communication integrity of the entire US government and its leaders in a time of a declared national emergency—and when taking to the air, then saw US Air Force General Joseph Lengyel abruptly announcing that tens-of-thousands of his nation’s frontline National Guard troops were standing by ready to be deployed to fight the coronavirus pandemic—and then for the first time in the modern history of the United States, saw the Department of Defense being given standby orders to ensure the “continuity of government” in response to the coronavirus pandemic—all of which culminated with a shock global alert being issued by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASAwarning that two incoming asteroids could cause atmospheric explosions over the next few days—atmospheric explosions that, without any doubt, would put an already strained-to-the-limit world in the crossfire of a nuclear retaliation strike if they’re perceived even in the slightest to have a manmade cause.  


Radar systems from around the world capture US military “Doomsday Planes” fleeing from their Offutt Air Force Base location on 19 March 2020 (top photo) while NASA issues shock alert warning of possible atmospheric explosions (middle photo) and US Department of Defense enacts for the first in history its “continuity of government” war time plan (bottom photo).


According to this report, as the world continues reeling out of control because of the coronavirus pandemic, questions remaining unanswered as to what is really now occurring include why just three days after taking power on 20 January 2017President Donald Trump ordered a raid on CDC headquarters in Atlanta-Georgia—and what exactly occurred 12-months later, in December-2017when a large convoy of heavily guarded vehicles left the CDC to travel to a closed down Atlanta airport where they were placed on the only aircraft authorized to leave.

What is known, though, this report continues, is that in the days just prior to President Trump being sworn into office, he was directly threatened by top socialist Democrat Party US Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer who warned him: “Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you”—a grave warning immediately followed by the US intelligence community dragging Trump and his top aides into what they called a table-top-exercise to show him how the United States could be destroyed by a pandemic “worse than the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918—after which then saw an enraged Trump directly confronting President Barack Obama—a confrontation resulting in “some sort of agreement” being made between Trump and Obama—the most visible result of which saw Obama signing an order to protect Trump against the US intelligence community—an order signed by Obama on 17 January 2017, just three-days before Trump was sworn into office, to deal with all events occurring “before, during, and in the aftermath of a catastrophic emergency—and titled U.S. Department of Homeland Security Federal Emergency Management Agency Federal Continuity Directive 1.

Mystery surrounds why President Barack Obama protected President Donald Trump with Federal Continuity Directive 1—though many believe Trump agreed not to prosecute Obama in exchange for it.

Being protected from his own US intelligence community by Federal Continuity Directive 1 the very second he was sworn into office, this report notes, President Trump was able to swiftly use its provisions to build a wartime government—a Trump-led wartime government that has now unleashed CONPLAN 3600 to implement “military operations in the National Capital Region and continuation of government, under which the most-secret plans to support continuity are nested”—CONPLAN 3500 for “the defense support of civil authorities,” where the military assists in an emergency short of armed attack on the nation”—and CONPLAN 3400 that is “the military’s plan for ‘homeland defense,’ if America itself is a battlefield”—along with other more top-secret CONPLAN actions that remain highly-classified

In a further move using his Federal Continuity Directive 1 powers, this report details, President Trump, on 1 February, had US Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper sign orders directing NORTHCOM to execute nationwide pandemic plans—while at the same time, Esper secretly signed Warning Orders (the WARNORD as it’s called) alerting NORTHCOM and a host of East Coast US military units to “prepare to deploy” in support of potential extraordinary missions—thus throwing into immediate action previously prepared US military operations going under such names as Granite ShadowThe Atlas PlanRESEM (Rescue & Evacuation of the Occupants of the Executive Mansion), the Joint Emergency Evacuation Plan—as well as the most secret of them codenamed OctagonFreejack and Zodiac—which MoD analysts believe are US military operations to round up and imprison subversive political leaders and journalists.

While the fake news outlet CNN is now blasting President Trump for “daring to offer unsubstantiated hope” to the American people, while their leftist mainstream propaganda cable new comrades are calling for them all to cut off access to Trump so he can’t talk directly to his nation’s citizens in this time of crisis, this report concludes, being apparently left unnoticed by all of these deranged leftists is that now wartime leader President Trump is using his war powers to fully enact his America First agenda to “achieve peace through strength”—best exampled this week when Trump used his war powers to suspend visa services across the world while closing his nation’s southern border with Mexico—and his ordering a vital natural gas pipeline to be built over the objections of leftist government leaders in the State of Oregon—all occurring at the same time the coronavirus pandemic has ground the US court system to a halt preventing leftist judges from interfering with what Trump is doing—and in a week that saw Trump becoming his Republican Party’s nominee for president due to the historic and crushing amount of votes he received in his nation’s primary voting process—which makes it no surprise why all of the polls today are showing that the majority of the American people approve of Trump’s handling of this coronavirus pandemic—as all normal and sane peoples always support those calling for hope and calm—and detest insane leftist cries that everyone is going to die and the chaos they’ve caused. 

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