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Biden Dystopia Issues “Reject Evidence Of Your Eyes And Ears” Final Command

Putin was welcomed with a spectacular ceremony upon his arrival in North Korea for a state visit this morning, says this followed American socialist leader Vice President Kamala Harris hosting a demonic homosexual celebration in the White House yesterday, about which she proclaimed: “The cast of QueerEye joined me at the White House to discuss the hard-fought progress the LGBTQI+ community has made in the past 20 years…Thank you for a meaningful conversation, for giving my office your stamp of approval, and for being fabulous”.

Following his spectacular welcoming ceremony, this report notes, President Putin told the peoples of North Korea: “Today, a new fundamental document was prepared which will lay the foundation for our relations for a long-term perspective…The feats of preceding generations are a good foundation for the fostering of ties between Russia and North Korea…For instance, in 1945, Soviet soldiers together with Korean patriots fought to liberate Korea from Japanese invaders…Our pilots conducted tens of thousands of combat sorties during the 1950-1953 liberation war…Additionally, Russia has for decades been fighting the imposed hegemony policy, the imperialist politics of the United States and its satellites”.

Following the demonic homosexual celebration in the White House, this report continues, President Joe Biden froze up while delivering an address to the American peoples and forgot the name of his own Homeland Security director, shortly after which it was stunningly revealed: “The White House canceled a high-level U.S.-Israel meeting on Iran that was scheduled for Thursday”.

As the entire world watches in horror videos showing the continued and rapid mental deterioration of President Biden, this report details, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre beyond all belief ordered that all of these videos be ignored because they are “cheap fakes”, but without offering any evidence or proof, her order brought to immediate mind British futurist George Orwell warning in his dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four about warmongering socialist tyrannical regimes: “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears…It was their final, most essential command”.

Among those disobeying the President Biden dystopian order “to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears”, this report notes, was current Fox News host and former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who factually declared: “So, Karine Jean-Pierre…You want to talk about bad faith?…Look in the mirror, go march down to Delaware…Talk to your campaign…You’re the one doing cheap fakes”—a factual declaration joined by articles like “Stop Trying To Convince Me Joe Biden Isn’t A Confused, Doddering Old Man” and “MEDIA FAIL: Leftist MSNBC Contributor’s Claim That A ‘Feeble’ Trump Was Guided Off Stage During Rally Blows Up In His Face After Footage Emerges Exposing the Truth”—and yesterday, the Fox News programme The Five, which is “the most watched show in cable news”, aired for the American peoples the full unedited videos of President Biden mentally deteriorating in front of the entire world.

For those Americans obeying the socialist Biden Regime final command dystopian order “to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears”, this report continues, they remain unaware that the electric vehicle company Fisker, that was backed by President Biden and hundreds-of-millions of their tax dollars, just suspended production and filed for bankruptcy—they remain unaware that President Biden was given $7.5 billion of their tax dollars to build charging stations for electric vehicles, but, after 2 years only 7 have been produced—and they remain unaware that President Biden was given $42.5 billion of their tax dollars to provide high-speed internet to all Americans, but, after 3 years not a single American has been provided high-speed internet.

The horrid consequence of those Americans obeying the dystopian final command “to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears”, this report concludes, sees them being ruled over by a demented and deranged President Biden whose own daughter Ashley confirmed he sexually molested her as a young child—also, the FBI confirmed the authenticity of the laptop of Hunter Biden last week—and whose FBI confirmation of authenticity of this laptop is most critical to notice as it relates to Malia Obama, the daughter of former President Barack Obama, specifically because of the shocking revelation: “Photos found on Hunter’s laptop allegedly show him with one of Obama’s daughters, her face is not visible but her credit card (dusty with cocaine) and her dog (or an identical one) and a skin mark on her leg seem to suggest it is her…Why would Hunter have a photo of her credit card in his laptop?”.

Insights on Upcoming Global Events, Financial Market Shifts, and Prophecies in the Next 90 Days with Bo Polny and Noah Christopher

After the end of World War III, a covert plan to cull the world’s population was put into action. This plan intends to vastly reduce the number of humans on Earth down to as few as 500,000 people.

Throughout the last 15 years, we’ve learned about the global depopulation program. This program was established in the 1940s in an effort to get rid of as many people as possible. The reason for wanting to depopulate the Earth is not yet clear, but there is consensus among well-informed researchers that we are indeed being killed softly and without notice. While many researchers believe the elite’s decision was based on their assessment of future overcrowding and how this would endanger ourselves and the planet, equally in-depth independently gathered information points to a desire to use humanity as a commodity that could later be disposed of.

Since the depopulation program is widely known, one question that should concern us all is, what is the state of this program as we have entered the second decade of the 21st century?

The answer to this questions is that the depopulation program is running in very advanced stages. The West, led by the United States, has implemented a series of policies with the sole intent to drastically reducing human numbers in an attempt to curb what many believe is an out of control population growth. The fact that reproduction rates are out of control is still also debatable, but researchers are now giving more attention to educating the masses about the reality of global depopulation so that they can take matters into their own hands.

In a recent interview with Kevin Galalae, an author and historian who often contributes to this publication, he provided some insight about the progression of the global depopulation program. Mr. Galalae, who has been writing a series of articles on the topic for The Real Agenda News, has alerted us that the policies that govern the plan to reduce human numbers on Earth are progressing rapidly. According to him, the elite are using methods that are more and more invasive because the previous ones they adopted are no longer keeping up with their expectations. Mr. Galalae, believes that the elite understood overpopulation as a time bomb and decided to secretly get rid of us, as supposed to educate us about the urgent need to consciously keep our numbers under control.

The latest addition to the global depopulation program is planetary geo-engineering also known as climatic geo-engineering. This tool, originally begun to be used in the 1940s as a way to wage weather warfare. However, not too long after, governments realized that controlling the weather would be synonymous of controlling their enemies. Today, humanity is the main enemy of the elite, it has always been. We are all that stands between them and their goal of getting human numbers to as little as 500 million people.

A Change in Plans

While discussing about depopulation efforts conducted by the elite, I realized that perhaps the elite had miscalculated. Perhaps humanity has overcome their lies to learn the truth. So I decided to ask Mr. Galalae about the progress of their agenda.

Luis Miranda: According to your best knowledge, 68 years ago or so, the elite attempted to reduce human population by secretly using chemical and biological weapons. They projected that this plan would reduce population considerably.  By how much?

Kevin Galalae: At first, in the early fifties, the objective was to merely halt population growth and to do so they focused entirely on undermining human fertility to reduce the total fertility rate (TFR) of every country to replacement level.  The implications of this move were not foreseen.  It was not realized that this would set in motion a demographic transition that will result in population profiles characterized by inverted pyramids and therefore the burden the old would place on the productive members of society would become unbearable and collapse the social systems of developed countries, eating away at the affluence gained by previous generations. They did not realize that once you start engineering small families you end up having to kill the old before they bankrupt society. They did not realize the mindboggling economic, social, cultural, political, ethical, moral, and medical ramifications of interfering with the human reproductive system.  No one knew where it would all lead.  No one could foresee.

Luis Miranda: If the depopulation program has not had the results that the elite expected, when will it reach that point?

Kevin Galalae: There were no timetables at first. There was no long-term plan that glimpsed decades into the future. The knowledge for such a plan and the foresight, as well as the statistical data and computing power that enabled long-term projections were non-existent. At its inception and until the 1970s the international community led by the US and the USSR was merely engaged in a desperate attempt to deal with the devastating aftermath of World War II and to prevent a repeat of history, which would now end in assured mutual annihilation due to the development of nuclear weapons.

Until the Nixon administration the population control timetable has always been dictated by the need to stay ahead of the always impending famine and resource scarcity and to do so they realized they would have to globalize the economy to facilitate the transfer of goods and services across national frontiers so as to better respond to crises situations and to better spread the benefits of development.  That is when globalization began.  And that is when an aggressive depopulation program became inevitable.  Why?  Because once they crunched the numbers it became clear as daylight that the planet could only support at most one billion people at the standard of living North Americans had become accustomed to and America always insisted on protecting its way of life, as have all other affluent countries and people throughout history.

To this day, the optimal number of people the earth can support remains a political decision that is yet to be made and that is being and will continue to be dictated by the lifestyle we want to have as a species.  Peaceful coexistence dictates that to avoid armed conflict we must share the wealth globally without distinction of race or nationality or religion.  Globalization enables us to share the earth’s resources without prejudice and to attain global prosperity.  It forces us to move in tandem and in peace towards an affluent global civilization.  But to achieve this goal we have no choice but to arrest and reverse our numbers.  How many human beings will live on the planet will be dictated by how well we want to live, by how many resources we want to have at our disposal per capita, and on how much the earth can give us without destabilizing its ecosystems.  With the current technology, my estimate is that the earth cannot sustain more than one billion people.

Luis Miranda: How successful has the plan been? Are the efforts keeping up with the rate of reproduction? In other words, if the plan is kept up, will human population peak at 9 billion in 2040? If not, will it peak in 2050 or 2060?

Kevin Galalae: It has been an uphill battle, the greatest battle humanity has ever engaged in, as we have taken on the mightiest natural enemies, the urge to procreate and the instinct to survive.  Every target set in the past to lower the TFR of all countries on earth has been missed.  To this day, many countries have yet to get there, India being the most populous on this list.  The chemical, biological, psychosocial and economic methods, both covert and overt, employed thus far have been only partially successful.  That is why GMOs have been developed.  GMOs represent the last straw, the last hope of the international community to halt and reverse human population covertly.  Judging by the global resistance against GMOs and by the fact that I have exposed the Global Depopulation Policy, the plan will not succeed. That is why policy makers and world leaders need to show courage and stand united in front of the world to announce and implement a global and universal one-child policy for the next three generations or until our numbers are sufficiently low to reestablish balance with nature. Absent such leadership to bring the depopulation effort into the open we are facing disaster and global conflict.

Homesteading is the only (legal) way I know of to become almost completely self-reliant from the food corporations, the utilities companies, the Government and Big Pharma… by harvesting hundreds upon hundreds of dolars of organic food year-round, and collecting thousands of gallons of crystal-clear drinking water for free…

To take back your health by growing your own groceries, and making your own food out of basic ingredients, such as cheese, bread and even chocolate to name a few…

Then you could stockpile the excess produce for dark days… (The shelf life of ingredients is longer than that of the resulting foods, anyway…) So while other preppers pay thousands for overpriced, highly-processed “emergency food”, you’ll build your survival stockpile for free…

It’ll be like having your own personal supermarket just a few feet away from you… Though not the kind that sells processed meat full of hormones and steroids, veggies full of pesticides that have absolutely no taste at all, not to mention and all the other junk full of preservatives…

Luis Miranda: Why do you consider citing this projection made by the elite as a fallacy? Is it because it won’t happen or because people use it as if it will be the result of affluence and development?

Kevin Galalae: The latter.  What is a fallacy is the notion that low fertility rates and small families are the natural result of development and affluence.  This is a myth that was created to hide the fact that low fertility rates and small families are the result of covert population control methods: fluoride, BPA, vaccines, HIV/AIDS, artificial scarcity caused by deliberate economic manipulation, eugenic laws, and a battery of psychosocial methods designed to undermine the family.

Overpopulation deniers, however, use this myth to demonstrate that there is no need for population control because the global population is stabilizing on its own at 9 billion.  Overpopulation deniers do not realize that the reason the population will stabilize at 9 billion is because the international community employs a battery of covert methods to undermine human fertility and the family unit and that they have done so in strict secrecy since 1945.  The international community (UN, WHO, IMF, WB, etc.) and the military-industrial complex (especially that of the US, UK and Russia) – the brain and the arm of the globalization/depopulation policy – who have been in control of the secret depopulation program, are prevented from setting overpopulation denies straight by the continuing need to keep the myth alive, a myth which they have created to conceal the truth.

Luis Miranda: Many well-informed people who cite the figure of 9 billion are aware of the elite’s plan to exterminate many of us. They reference the data because they have read it in globalist white papers, speeches, etc.

Kevin Galalae: The data in globalist white papers is attributed to affluence/development so as to hide the true reason of low fertility rates, which are the covert methods I describe in my books and articles.  The need to proceed in secret with depopulation measures has begot deception to bypass democratic processes and the rule of law.  Government and the international community now exist primarily to hide the truth and break the law for that is the only way they can eliminate the vast majority of genetic lines alive today.

Luis Miranda: Knowledgeable people also cite the population peak of 9 billion to make people aware that despite the fact that the elite has planned to exterminate many of us and that the elite’s projection was to have a stable population by 2030, they still continue advancing stronger measures of depopulation.

Kevin Galalae: The reason they advance ever stronger methods of depopulation is because the methods they have employed so far have not been sufficient to reach the desperate goals previously set, goals that have only become more desperate. Desperate times call for desperate measure.   Now we are in do or die time. We no longer have a buffer time, which is why they are going for broke; hence the chemtrails, the GMOs and, soon, pandemic-causing viruses.

Luis Miranda: Could we say that these well informed people have failed to explain to the public that the elite are using more aggressive measures because their initial projection is not going to come to fruition?

Kevin Galalae: Yes, this is indeed the case.  In addition, the environmental impact has become critical.  Also critical are the social and economic strains, due to overcrowding and the need to share the same economic pie with an ever growing number of people, which means that each individual pie is shrinking from year to year, have compelled the authorities to unleash a new generation of population control methods; methods that are far more effective and far less subtle and that can only be forced on us by a police state and police state controls.

They do this not because they like or want tyranny but because we are facing collapse.  They reckon that a pre-emptive strike will prevent chaos.  They reckon that controlled population annihilation is preferable to the global disintegration of civilization into mayhem, which is what will happen if nothing is done.  And while they are right that doing something, however brutal, is better than doing nothing; they are wrong in choosing to go over our heads and against our will and at our cost only.

Humankind is better and smarter than they give us credit for.  We are capable of taking control of the depopulation effort.  We can do it legally and openly with the cooperation of the vast majority of people on earth, which will make the depopulation effort humane and far more effective and will preserve and strengthen the best traits of human nature, as well as our dignity, the intellectual and genetic endowment of humanity, and our rights and freedoms.  The OM Principles show how to protect our children, our planet, our dignity, and our humanity while at the same time accomplishing the hard targets imposed by the existential threats we face.

What stands in the way of the alternative I provide is a crisis of leadership at the top and a crisis of participation at the bottom.  What stands in the way is a general crisis of conscience.


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