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Few survival scenarios have captured the imagination (or spawned fear) like the electro-magnetic pulse. This event or weapon, commonly known as an EMP, creates a short burst of electromagnetic energy that can disrupt or even destroy electronic devices and systems, potentially even the electrical power grid. An EMP can occur naturally, such as the pulse from a massive solar flare, but EMPs are also created by technological devices, typically nuclear weapons.

No electricity to operate your electric can opener? If you had a hand-operated one, Fluffy wouldn’t have to go without her Fancy Feast. Check out camping catalogs and companies that sell non-electric household devices.


I am involved in emergency management and I am very blessed to have many good, competent government emergency managers all the way up to the state level. After that, it mostly government shills who fancy themselves emergency managers.
Especially at the Federal level, the US has fallen prey to a culture of academics who pretend to know inordinately more than they actually do. Rooted firmly in the personality ethic, “Fake it ‘til you make it.” is their motto, but they never do. Afraid of their own intellectual shadow, they fear embracing and admitting their own uncertainly, which is the first step to anyone truly learning anything. So they believe what is most convenient as opposed to what is true. In this case, it very convenient to have blind faith that the electrical grid, like everything else in their lives, is maintained by people and organizations more intelligent, wiser, more benevolent and more responsible than they are. “Move along, nothing to see here!
EMP is the stuff of Hollywood, not what our smartest scientists, the head of the CIA, and our best and brightest minds, and those of our enemies, seem to all agree is presently our single greatest known vulnerability.
Major vulnerabilities mean increased work load for emergency managers, and government shills resist having to actually provide a valuable service in trade for their salary.
Just this type of human debris, “working” for the City of Phoenix, Arizona concluded some years ago that an evacuation of Phoenix-Metro area is simply impossible.
So no such plan even exists. “Can’t win … don’t try.” They look to Homer Simpson for guidance on important issues like emergency plans that affect the lives of millions of people, including themselves and their own families.
I sincerely hope they have since remedied the situation, but I was not going to hold my breath and relocated to someplace with better prospects and better leadership. The Countdown to Disaster.

In order to understand how to prepare for a protracted power outage, you should understand the sequence of events that will unfold after the lights go out.
The electrical grid varies greatly from state to state and country to country, as do the threats to the grid, but here’s a sample of past events and future projections in form of a timeline.
It is a simple matter to put together a plan based on your family or organizational needs once you have an idea of what you’re preparing for so visualizing your mission and obstacles is sometimes more useful than the usual list of stuff you need have on hand and obligatory reminder to practice and train.


Electric heating & cooling systems fail. In winter, homes will begin losing heat. In summer, many buildings dependent on air conditioning to maintain a safe temperature for occupants will be forced to evacuate.
Many hospitals, radio stations, TV stations, telecomm systems and data centers switch over to
emergency power but many lose air conditioning due to the expense of backup generators capable of
supplying its heavy electrical load. Consequently, many data centers begin to heat up.
Computers without uninterruptable power supplies or an integrated battery power lose power.
Tall buildings reliant on most types of booster pumps lose water pressure past the bottom floors. Buildings with rooftop tanks have water until the tanks run dry. Entire cities lose water pressure forcing boil-water advisories into effect
Slowed traffic and calls to rescue thousands of people in elevators slows emergency response times. Most credit card terminals and point of sale terminals are inoperable, limiting commerce. Some transactions continue on a cash only basis.
Most banks and ATMs (Automated Teller Machine) close or are inoperable, impeding most cash withdrawals.
In large blackouts, cell service typically goes down before land lines, large due to increased call volume and lack of power to form many cell towers to transmit, but keep in mind that voice, and text messaging operate on completely different frequencies and systems. Text messaging often works when voice does not. Also keep in mind that the landline system operates independent of cell service is more robust.
The 2012 India blackout shutdown multiple airports. Refilling prescription medication instantly gets a whole lot harder. Refilling controlled medications becomes next to impossible for most patients.
4 hours:
Backup batteries on most alarm systems fail. If you own a brick and mortar small business, you either have to physically guard it or leave it vulnerable. If you own both a business and a home and commute between the two, you will have a hard time guarding them both. Many criminals are well aware of this fact and that law enforcement response times are slowing. Burglaries increase.
Small portable generators need to be refueled. This will become a constant chore, very expensive and noisy security risk, so you are better off putting in a renewable energy source and battery bank while it is still possible or planning to only run your generator at certain times and doing all chores requiring electricity while it is running.
Store shelves of business still in operation begin to empty. Price gouging, profiteering, panic buying and hording cause panic to mount, tempers to flare. Batteries, bottled water, flashlights, ice, candles and fuel are hardest hit and profiteers begin selling them in the streets.
If cell phones or social media are still up, heavily-populated areas will see some flash mob-related crime.
Any previously working phone circuits will likely be overloaded by now.
6 hours:
Long lines form at gas stations still able to pump gas with battery-powered pumps or hand pumps as increasing numbers of motorists run out of fuel and many gas stations lose access to underground fuel tanks. They will only be able to accept cash.
GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) and FRS (Family Radio Service) radios rendered ineffective by “bubble pack” radio users and children. They will remain unusable from this point forward in most cities and suburbs. Smaller towns with redundant band plans will fare better, but will not be without major problems.
Most folk will have had to “use the bathroom” by now. Many will discover that their toilets no longer flush. Are you prepared for this eventuality?
By this point, if are well prepared, you will very likely have determined the scope of the outage, its probable duration and cause. You will most likely determine this via your emergency radio equipment such as AM/FM/SW emergency radios, scanners or amateur radio equipment. Depending on the scope and cause, you might have found out or figured out whether the blackout is due to grid failure, a geomagnetic event or an HEMP almost immediately. Understanding its probable scope and severity, however, may take some time and the use of your noggin, your ears and possibly asking the right people the right questions if you have ensured your ability to do ahead of time. Emergency responders and knowledgeable amateur radio enthusiasts, especially those who are part of ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) will have a huge advantage over the average citizen when it comes to collecting and correctly interpreting intelligence about the emergency. If neither of these is your cup of tea, you might consider networking with someone so inclined ahead of time or you may find yourself doubly in the dark.

There is a surprising number of choices in the marketplace. Here are a few:

1. Solar oven: As long as the sun shines, food can be cooked and water can be boiled.
2. Manual can opener: The P38 is a military classic, and it even fits on a key chain.
3. Grain and meat grinders: Grind flour from whole grains or create burger meat from available critters.
4. Crank coffee grinder: For the caffeine addicts who turns up their nose at instant java.
5. Wind-up flashlight: Will light the way, assuming the electronics inside it weren’t fried by the pulse.
6. Butter churn: Find cow, milk cow, separate cream, churn butter, enjoy.
7. Hand-powered water pump: To get water out of a well or cistern
8. Well sleeve (or well bucket): This is one of the most important gadgets that most people have never heard of. A well bucket is a cylinder fitted with a couple hundred feet of string and lowered down slender modern wells to draw up water. This is a cheaper option for your well than a hand pump, but much more work.

CHECK LIST 1. ESSENTIALS. 2- 3 Months Suoplies;
-Water (bottled/container/purfification kit)
-Rain water collection kit.
-Non-perishable food stuffs.
-Fuel (Heating-Cooking_Fire. (generator, fire fuels, wood-gas- solar-
-First Aid kit. Baby soils, steril… kit)
-Sanitation kit (personal hygien, toiletries)
-Communications (hand crank radio)
-Transport (comfy tracking boots, bikes…)
LIST 2 . Utilities
-Fire starter
-Outdoor portable stove.
-Utensils, pots pan, etc…
-Warm clothing, sleeping bag, tent…..
TORCH Lighting)


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