Final Warning Issued After Russia Detonates Super-EMP Weapon Over Kiev

“Anyone with even the remotest understanding of EMP and the threat to the nation should have been going insane before it hit.”
Minister Sergey Shoigu made an inspection of combat duty in the Vladimirskoye Missile Force of the Strategic Missile Forces in the Kaluga Oblast, which is in the Western most part of Russia having operational control over bordering NATO countries and Ukraine—on 10 July, it saw Commander Sergey Karakayev of the Russian Strategic Missile Forces announcing the deployment to combat duty of Russia’s unstoppable hypersonic missiles, that Ukraine admitted it can’t intercept.

Last evening at around 10:00 pm local time (19:00 GMT), while Defense Minister Shoigu was with the Strategic Missile Forces, a blinding flash detonated over the Ukrainian capitol city of Kiev—a blinding flash Ukraine first blamed on a falling NASA satellite, but NASA quickly denied this claim—Ukraine President Vladimir Zelensky’s chief of staff Andrey Yermak wrote on social media that the flashes in the sky were the work of Ukrainian air defenses, but later deleted the message—then the Ukraine Space Agency reported: “The blinding flash was probably related to a cosmic body entering the dense layers of the atmosphere”.

Among those knowing the truth of what caused the “blinding flash detonation” over Kiev last evening is Executive Director Dr. Peter Vincent Pry of the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security, a Congressional Advisory Board dedicated to achieving protection of the United States from electromagnetic pulse (EMP), cyber attack, mass destruction terrorism and other threats to civilian critical infrastructures on an accelerated basis, and he is also Director of the United States Nuclear Strategy Forum, an advisory board to Congress on policies to counter Weapons of Mass Destruction.

It’s no secret that Executive Director Dr. Peter Vincent Pry knows exactly what happened because he warned about it happening in the “RUSSIA: EMP THREAT” document he gave to the United States Congress in January 2021, wherein he warned that President Putin, using the Russian military doctrinal concept of “de-escalation” whereby limited nuclear and/or superweapons first-use by Russia will be “shock and awe” to achieve victory, and would first demonstrate the power of a Super-EMP able to generate a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) damaging all kinds of electronics, blacking-out electric grids and collapsing other life-sustaining critical infrastructures, while no thermal, fallout or effects other than HEMP are experienced in the atmosphere and on the ground.

Additional warnings in the “RUSSIA: EMP THREAT” document include:

Russian General Vladimir Slipchenko in his military textbook Non-Contact Wars states: “In practically all preceding generations of wars…weapons were employed that acted against targets primarily by kinetic, chemical and thermal energy. In addition to these arms…new ones will also appear…in wars of the future…Weapons based on new physical principles having an electromagnetic effect will see considerable development. They will represent a form of casualty and damage producing effect on targets through the energy of electromagnetic emissions of various wavelengths and levels of power generated by radio frequency and laser weapons and by means of electronic countermeasures using a conventional or high-altitude nuclear burst…Depending on the power of emission, such weapons will be capable of…suppressing practically all classic electronic equipment…causing the melting or evaporation of metal in the printed circuit boards…or causing structural changes of electronic elements”.

An article in Military Thought, the flagship journal of the Russian General Staff, “Weak Points of the U.S. Concept of Network-Centric Warfare”, states: “American forces may be vulnerable to electronic warfare attacks, in particular, an electromagnetic pulse that is a brief powerful electromagnetic field capable of overloading or destroying numerous electronic systems and high-tech microcircuits that are very sensitive to the electromagnetic field, even if transmitted from a distance. A single low-yield nuclear weapon exploded for this purpose high above the area of combat operations can generate an electromagnetic pulse covering a large area and destroying electronic equipment without loss of life that is caused by the blast or radiation”.

Russian HEMP Defenses: “Moscow spent decades and vast resources protecting its critical infrastructures from nuclear effects. Russia today has hundreds of deep underground command posts and thousands of other underground shelters designed to survive and recover from an all-out nuclear war. Even Moscow’s subway system is equipped with nuclear blast doors. It is probably no accident that Russia leads all other nations in the production of vacuum tubes, Svetlana Tubes in St. Petersburg being the largest manufacturer of vacuum tubes in the world. Vacuum tube electronics are over ten million times less vulnerable to HEMP than the advanced semiconductors and microchips that are the sinews of economic and military power in the United States”.

Executive Director Dr. Peter Vincent Pry in his warning “RUSSIA: EMP THREAT” document factually states: “Russia probably remains the world’s leader in Non-Nuclear EMP (NNEMP) weapons, more commonly called Radio-Frequency Weapons (RFWs)” and adds: “Russian development of hypersonic missile warheads is a dangerous new dimension of the nuclear and HEMP threat…Great speed (Mach 20, twenty times the speed of sound) and flying a flat trajectory, skimming along the top of the upper atmosphere, significantly reduces visibility to U.S. early-warning satellites and radars, while also reducing arrival time”—and in knowing the power of Russia combining non-nuclear Super-EMP weapons with unstoppable hypersonic missiles, Executive Director Dr. Peter Vincent Pry warned during a recent interview that President Putin wouldn’t have any fear of unleashing them against Ukraine because they can’t be called a nuclear first strike.

Without any doubt, Russia detonated a non-nuclear hypersonic missile delivered Super-EMP weapon over Kiev last evening as a final warning to the West, that follows the terrorist attack by Ukraine against Russian civilians on the territory of the Russian Federation on 2 March—and was a terrorist attack most critical to remember because quickly afterwards, Russia announced the first use of its unstoppable hypersonic missiles in the Ukraine conflict.

This Russian retaliation hypersonic missile attack on Ukraine was followed by articles like “Horrific Slaughter: Russia Finally Admits To Destroying NATO’s Deep Underground Command Bunker In Kiev”, wherein it claimed: “Dozens of NATO officers were killed in a “terrifying strike” by a missile…In all likelihood, we are talking about the defeat of the “shadow General Staff” of NATO in Ukraine…The secret underground bunker, built at a depth of 400 feet (120 meters), housed several NATO officers (retired) and advisers…In total, more than 300 people. To date, according to the portal, 40 people have been pulled out from under the rubble of the underground headquarters, but most of those who died under the rubble have not yet been found”—more Americans are becoming aware of these claims from the just released video “Putin just DESTROYED NATO’S top Ukraine leaders with this attack, U.S. is silent” (information starts at 3:06 time mark in the video posted below)—are claims examined in the leftist Newsweek article “Did Russian Kinzhal Missile Take Out ‘NATO Command Center’ In Ukraine?”, wherein at the very bottom it notes: “Newsweek reached out to the Russian and Ukrainian defense ministries for comment via email, and NATO via its press center”, none of whom replied to Newsweek and remain silent about these claims to this very day.

Though all official sources remain silent about the claim that unstoppable Russian hypersonic missiles obliterated NATO’s deep underground bunker in Ukraine, near immediately afterwards, United States intelligence community documents began flooding the internet having the classification markings “(TS) – “Top Secret” information …(S) – “Secret” information …(C) – “Confidential” information…(SCI) – Sensitive compartmented information…(HCS) – HUMINT [human-source intelligence]…Control System…(SI) – Special Intelligence, which includes signals and communications intelligence…(TK) – Talent Keyhole, which includes satellite and space-based imagery intelligence…(FISA) – Includes electronic surveillance activities approved under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act…(RSEN) – Risk Sensitive…(FGI) – Foreign Government Information…(NOFORN) – Not Releasable to Foreign Nationals…(FVEY) – Five Eyes intelligence alliance including the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand”—and were classified at the highest level documents flooding the internet joined by world-renowned legendary American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh revealing: “There is a total breakdown between the White House leadership and the intelligence community”.
Among those knowing the truth that the barely out of high school airman accused of leaking these documents never had access to them is CIA trained retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer at the London Center for Policy Research, who, in a just released interview, reveals that President Biden is not in the chain of command with top American military leaders who did have access to these highly classified documents, and beyond any doubt, whomever leaked these documents wanted everyone to know that Biden “lied to the American public”.

Right now, at this very moment in fact, the most consequential conflict of our time is being waged within the hidden corridors of power in America between those who want World War III and those doing everything possible to stop it from happening—it doesn’t take a genius to know that the President Biden and their radical leftist media allies are on one side and the American military and intelligence community on the other—and it also doesn’t take a genius to know President Putin meant exactly what he said when warning: “Fifty years ago, the streets of Leningrad taught me one thing: If a fight’s inevitable, you must strike first”.


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