Earthquake Causes TSUNAMI in Atlantic Ocean; Villages in Greenland Wiped Out by Waves!

A relatively minor Magnitude 4.1 Earthquake in the Atlantic Ocean is being blamed for generating a Tsunami Wave which struck at least three coastal towns in Greenland, wiping out property and reportedly killing several people!

TRANSLATED VIA GOOGLE:  Late last night big floods suddenly came ashore in the village Nuugaatsiaq. Big waves hit also Uummannaq and Illorsuit. Later that night hit the waves also hit Upernavik.

Emergency services are still evacuating the residents of Nuugaatsiaq, and residents are also evacuated from Uummanaq.

There are several credible reports of both deaths and injuries, but so far it has not been possible to get confirmation from the police.

Local news media in Greenland report the police are telling residents the cause of the flooding in Illorsuit and Nuugaatsiaq was an earthquake in the area.

GEUS has stated that there had been an earthquake with a magnitude of 4.1 ca. 28 km north of Nuugaatsiaq last night at 11:00 PM local time, and that is what triggered a Tsunami and created lasting big waves.

Police continue to urge people in the fjord system around Uummannaq to stay away from coastal areas as aftershocks may occur.


Police have previously stated that people in Uummannaq and Illorsuit who sought refuge in the mountains can return to their homes. If the siren sounds, immediately flee further up in the terrain again.

Emergency authorities have set up a relatives phone where relatives can call in with concerns and questions. The number is 365,249.

On the social media, images of bulky and heavy material damage have been posted.

A rescue helicopter responded from Uummannaq with police, health and emergency preparedness. Arctic Command has sent ships and helicopters to the area.


It is not yet known if the Tsunami is still traveling in the Atlantic or if the United States east coast will be affected!

Folks on the US East Coast should be keenly aware of the ocean for the next several hours.



The Duty Officer at the United States Geological Survey (USGS) National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC) told me just moments ago that their global network did not pick up any earthquake.

I'm not sure what that says for their network, but news media in Greenland are ramping-up coverage of this event this morning as deaths are now CONFIRMED from the Tsunami which came ashore.



The United States National Data Buoy Center is the agency charged with maintaining Tsunami Warning Buoys, and they have buoys in the Atlantic Ocean to warn the East Coast of possible Tsunamis . . .  except two of the deep sea buoys closest to this area are out of service . . .  one of which has been dead FOR OVER  A YEAR!



Owned and maintained by National Data Buoy Center
2.6-meter discus buoy
DART II payload
37.592 N 50.030 W (37°35'30" N 50°1'48" W)

Site elevation: sea level
Water depth: 5494 m

Station 44401 has stopped transmitting tsunami data 4/22/2016. Station is inoperative. Hull 2.6D73 went adrift on 12/31/2016. It will be restored into service when it can be recovered and then worked into the maintenance schedule. Click here to see the latest positions.

Previously deployed hull 2.6D43 from 44401 went adrift from its mooring on 02/11/2016 and is no longer providing water column data. It has been renamed 44D01 and its latest positions can be found here






Owned and maintained by National Data Buoy Center
2.6-meter discus buoy
DART II payload
23.508 N 67.287 W (23°30'30" N 67°17'12" W)

Water depth: 5743 m

Buoy hull 2.6D59 from Station 41420 went adrift on 6/2/2017 and is no longer providing water column or Tsunami Event data. It will be restored into service when it can be recovered and then worked into the maintenance schedule. Click here to see the latest positions.


Because these two deep sea Buoys are out of service, the only Tsunami Buoys operating along the US East Coast are located within 200 miles of the coastline.  Since typical Tsunamis travel at about 500 MPH, that would give the US east coast less than 15 minutes warning to get people away from . . . . Boston, New York City, and other locations.  Good luck with achieving anything in the way of evacuations in those cities with only 15 minutes warning.



Residents of smaller villages along the Greenland shoreline who were alerted in time, managed to grab cellphone video of a smaller Tsunami coming ashore from an AFTERSHOCK this morning.  The video below shows the wave coming ashore, albeit a much smaller wave than the ones which struck earlier.


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