Electricity Fails in ALL of South Australia!

Electricity Fails in ALL of South Australia!

All of South Australia is presently without electrical power and could remain without power until the early hours of tomorrow morning, after a network failure.  Cell phone towers in the state only have a maximum of FOUR hours back-up power and will begin failing soon.  

An Emergency Management Council involving the State Government has begun in Adelaide, as Premier Jay Weatherill urged people not to travel on the roads "unless absolutely necessary".

"[People] should continue to listen to Radio on a battery-powered radio, or use social media to keep up to date as they possibly can," he told SuperStation95.

"It could be some hours before this is restored, and that's presently what we're working through."

He said emergency services and hospitals were operating under their own generation.

Mr Weatherill said it appeared weather had damaged power equipment at Port Augusta and the essential service could be out for hours.

He said there was an incident about 3:48pm today "which has caused the failure of the entire South Australian electricity network".

"At this stage we're still gathering information about the cause, but it appears that there was a weather event which has damaged infrastructure in the Port Augusta region."

"Our energy generation assets remain intact, and there does not appear at this stage to be any damage to the interconnector with Victoria.

"What's happened is the national Energy Market Operator assumes control of the situation in these circumstances and system restoration has commenced, but it could take a number of hours before that is completed and power restored."

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Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg said the Australian Energy Market Operator, which was responsible for the management of the National Electricity Market, was working closely with the relevant transmission network service provider, ElectraNet, to identify and understand the severity of the fault.

Electricity Fails

Power could be out until tomorrow

A former South Australia (SA) Power Networks engineer has told SuperStation95 that mobile phone towers only have about four hours of back-up power, which would mean mobile phone coverage could be lost by about 8:00pm.

South Australian Senator Nick Xenophon said that he understands power will not be restored to South Australia until 4:15am tomorrow.

"This is how not to do [transition to renewables]. I can't fatham … I can't believe my state is in darkness at the moment. If heads have to roll, so be it," he said.

"We're looking at another 11 hours of darkness, and the consequences of that are just horrendous.

"Mobile phone towers may be out within 11 or 12 hours because of how they operate as well. So you might find people's mobile phones stop operating, depending on networks."

SA Police said just after 4:00pm most intersections in Adelaide were without traffic lights.

Adelaide Metro said trains along the Seaford and Tonsley lines and the Glenelg tramline are currently not operating, due to the power outage.

Jenny Scott from the State Library in Adelaide said the building had been evacuated due to the blackout.

"It was just a total power failure across the whole building so of course for safety reasons we had to evacuate.

"It gets quite dark and we worry about customers and staff tripping over things of course and damaging themselves."

Storms and strong winds have lashed South Australia throughout the day with the Bureau of Meteorology issuing severe thunderstorm warning for destructive wind gusts and rain.

The warning said winds of 140kph could occur in Leigh Creek, Hawkers, Waikerie, Arkaroola, Peterborough and Olary.

Storm warnings for Adelaide, Mount Lofty Ranges, Eastern Eyre Peninsula, Yorke Peninsula, Murraylands and North West Pastoral districts have been cancelled.

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SOURCE : superstation95.com

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