Famed Dutch Reporter And Haitian President Gunned Down For Investigating Bill Gates Link To Covid-19 Patent

A gobsmacking new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting Security Council Chairman Dmitry Medvedev praising current Russia-China relations as the best ever, with his stating: “The relations between Russia and China are developing dynamically based on the Treaty of Good Neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation signed 20-years ago”, says following what Director General of the Russian International Affairs Council Andrei Kortunov called the “humiliating defeat” of the United States in its 20-year war in Afghanistan, and the chaos it’s now spreading throughout the region, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told China this morning that Russia is ready to use its military base in Tajikistan to defend allies, with him declaring: “We will do everything to prevent any aggressive moves against our allies, including using the Russian military base on the border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan”.

This report next notes that the Ministry of Defense (MoD) notified Security Council Members this morning that: “The forces and means of the Black Sea Fleet have begun to take control of the actions by the Spanish Navy patrol ship Rayo that entered the Black Sea on 7 July 2021, to take part in the multinational exercise of the Armed Forces of NATO countries and partner states Sea Breeze 2021”—after which Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov delivered a blunt warning to these NATO war forces stating: “The essence of the problem is the desire of Britain and, of course, the United States, to indulge Kiev…The provocateurs must be treated very directly and objectively…It must be explained to them why, next time, they’d be better off leaving their provocations aside and not coming here, because they will get a punch in the nose”.

Security Council Members in this report agree that this “punch in the nose” warning to NATO is justified because both the United States and United Kingdom are ruled over by criminal socialist regimes that only understand such blunt language—and are facts about their criminal actions not in dispute, as the United Kingdom has just been exposed running a secret torture camp in Yemen—while in the United States, after American defense giant Raytheon began indoctrinating its workers with socialist ideology, last week it saw Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden rewarding Raytheon with a $2-billion contract to build nuclear armed cruise missiles—sees Raytheon indoctrinating their workers with what is being deceptively called “Critical Race Theory”—that in truth is an ideology invented by communist leader Karl Marx called “Critical Theory”, whose main objective is to use the communist tactic of “Creative Destruction” to tear apart and destroy entire societies in order to turn them into obedient godless socialist slaves.

Further exposing the crimes being committed by socialist leader Biden against the American people, this transcript sees Security Council Members noting how, yesterday, the Pentagon ripped a $10-billion ‘JEDI’ cloud-computing contract away from Microsoft and handed it to tech giant Amazon—a stunning move preceeded by Amazon leader Jeff Bezos resigning as CEO on the day prior—today sees Bezo’s personal wealth soaring to over $211-billion after this contract was ripped away from Microsoft—and also sees the personal wealth of socialist Democrat Party leader House Speaker Nancy Pelosi soaring because of this “deal”, specifically because before it was announced to the public, Pelosi’s husband secretly bought Amazon stocks while selling off his Microsoft stocks to make millions.

In examining why this contract was ripped away from Microsoft, this transcript sees Security Council Members examining the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) case file on this tech giant’s founder Bill Gates—and in whose staggering to the mind beyond belief opening to this case file begins by noting famed Dutch investigative journalist Peter R. de Vries was gunned down with 5-bullets to his head and body in public last evening in Amsterdam-Netherlands after he left a television studio—a brutal assassination attack Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte called “shocking and incomprehensible”—and quickly following saw police in the Netherlands reporting that a 35-year-old Polish man living in Maurik and a 21-year-old man living in Rotterdam were the two men arrested in a getaway car.

With this SVR case file on Bill Gates having the highest classification rating “Of Special Importance”, the portions of this report permitted to be openly discussed among various ministries include a notation detailing how Peter R. de Vries is one of the world’s most accomplished investigative journalists—in 2019, it saw Peter R. de Vries revealing in an over two-and-a-half hour televised program the beyond shocking findings he discovered about the 1963 assassination of President John Kennedy, about which is known: “De Vries spent two weeks in Texas meeting with former CIA and FBI officers, as well as Lee Harvey Oswald’s ex-girlfriend…But the most curious and talked about part of the documentary was the interview with James Files, a convicted felon, who claimed to be the assassin who killed the president on that dark day”.

As to the current major case Peter R. de Vries was investigating, this report notes it began when Bill Gates, under the umbrella of his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, gathered more than 300 elite socialist individuals from public and private institutions and 40 developing country government health programs into the Netherlands to plot vaccine strategies for children—in October-2019, saw Bill Gates reassembling these elites in America for the global pandemic exercise called Event 201—that was followed a few months later with this “exercise” becoming reality when the Covid-19 pandemic began sweeping the globe—which is when Peter R de Vries became alarmed over a coronavirus app Bill Gates and his elite socialist forces began rolling out in the Netherlands, about which de Vries stated: “Privacy is a very sensitive thing…We should not focus on the positive effects and see what it means for the future…It only works if a lot of people use the app…People must indicate that they have corona…But does everyone do that?…Or just not to sow panic?…The privacy watchdogs rightly say, “where does this begin and where does it end?”…In my profession, telephones are also used for tracing…And it is already the case that a harmless app like a pedometer is used extensively in solving murder cases…And of course it was not designed for that”. [English]

SVR analysts in this report note that right after Peter R. de Vries raised these concerns, this coronavirus app leaked all of his most private information, as well as others private information [English]—after which de Vries began an investigation into why Covid-19 was discovered circulating in the United States in September-2019, one month prior to the Bill Gates pandemic exercise Event 201, that was held in October-2019—then saw de Vries investigating why the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, along with the US and UK defense agencies, World Health Organization and European Commission filed for and received US and UK patents for the coronavirus in November-2018.

SVR analysts in this report further note that immediately prior to Peter R. de Vries being gunned down, he made extensive inquires into a top secret meeting going on in Idaho this week attended by all of the leaders of America’s leftist mainstream media, tech giants and US government intelligence community—inquiries that led de Vries to contact Haitian President Jovenel Moise for reasons still unknown—but in the hours after de Vries was pumped full of bullets, it saw Haitian President Moise being assassinated in his home—which after noting this report ends its unclassified portions able to be openly discussed.


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