FEMA Regions 2, 3 & 4 Warning! 500+ Methane Vents Bubbling Up Off Of East Coast!!! What’s Going On?

With our planet Earth disintegrating all around us, we learn in this linked story from Yahoo that over 500 methane leaks have been discovered mysteriously appearing off of much of the East Coast of America.


The videos compiled below share with us this breaking and extremely surprising news as scientists are totally clueless as to what is causing this sudden appearance of bubbling methane in the Atlantic Ocean off of the coasts of FEMA Regions 2, 3 and 4.


While the 1st and 2nd videos give us updates on this breaking news, the remainder of the videos give us an idea of what might be happening right now that the scientists don’t want to admit. The videos come with such title’s as “DOOMSDAY 2020 – Arctic Methane Melting NOW”, “Arctic Death Spiral and the Methane Time Bomb” and ” The Arctic Methane Monster’s Rapid Rise” and were all released in the past several months. Has the ‘Arctic methane monster death spiral time bomb’ spoken of in these videos moved south into the Atlantic?




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source : beforeitsnews.com

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