“Fires Will Be Kindled” And “Swords Will Be Drawn” Prediction Becomes Reality

President Putin slamming the socialist Western colonial powers for stealing Ukrainian grain for themselves instead of shipping it to the poorest countries in the world it’s intended for, with him stating: “The cost of food on the world market has returned to the levels of the beginning of the year, and it is currently 40 percent higher than in 2020…This is a direct consequence – without any exaggeration – of the predatory policy pursued by the world’s richest countries, which continue to actively buy food using, among other things, the printing of money, which they are constantly carrying out”, says he then beyond shockingly revealed that due to the insane policies enacted by President Joe Biden, for the first time in history the United States no longer produces enough food to feed its own peoples, with their food imports reaching $218.6 billion in 2022 as compared to $185.1 billion last year, which caused him to factually observe: “Importantly, the volume of United States food imports exceeds exports by $22.3 billion…In previous years, exports exceeded imports, namely, the US currently imports more food from the world markets than it sells”.

As Russia continues to battle back against the godless socialist Western colonial powers in the “Special De-Nazification Operation” to liberate Ukraine, this report notes, it saw Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev assessing the likelihood of nuclear weapons use with the statement: “I believe NATO would not intervene in the conflict even in this scenario…The safety of Washington, London, Brussels is more important for the Alliance than the fate of useless, perishing Ukraine…Sending modern arms to Ukraine is just a business with an extra seasoning of hatred towards us…Nothing more…American and European demagogues would not die in a nuclear apocalypse...This is why they will swallow the use of any weapons in the ongoing conflict”.

Within a few hours of Deputy Chairman Medvedev making his assessment on the use of nuclear weapons, this report continues, the Swedish Maritime Authority issued an emergency alert warning: “There are two leaks on Nord Stream 1 – one in the Swedish economic zone and one in the Danish economic zone….They are very near each other….Ships are being told to steer clear of the affected area in the Baltic Sea”—in this Baltic Sea nautical area are the undersea Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines that transport Russian natural gas to the European Union through Germany, both of which are closed but are still full of fuel—shortly after the emergency alert was issued, the German government formed the opinion that a loss of pressure in three natural gas pipelines between Russia and Germany was not a coincidence, but a “targeted attack” from either Ukraine or Russia—in quick response, top Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov assessed: “It is obvious that there is some kind of destruction of the pipeline, but what caused it?…Before the results of the probe are in, we cannot rule out any option”—an assessment joined this morning by Nord Stream operators grimly revealing: “The destruction that occurred on the same day at once on three strings of the offshore gas pipelines of the Nord Stream system is unprecedented…It is not yet possible to estimate the timing of the restoration of the gas transmission infrastructure”.

With nearly all of the energy starved European Union now effectively cut off from Russian natural gas supplies as winter looms, this report details, it comes at the exact same time Germany was only able to secure one shipment of Middle Eastern liquid natural gas—sees this coming at the same time the European Central Bank just warned: “We are seeing that in the third and fourth quarters there is a significant slowdown and we may find ourselves with growth rates close to zero”—then it saw the Bloomberg News Service revealing: “There’s no sign that Kiev’s backers in the United States and European Union will be stepping up weapons deliveries to Ukraine in response to the partial mobilization in Russia…The US is cautious, while the EU is running low on arms”.

While watching as firewood prices soar in France, peoples throughout Europe are standing in lines for days to buy coal and European Union farmers are warning of food shortages, this report notes, it caused Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to exclaim to socialist European Union leaders: “We can safely say that as a result of the sanctions, European people have become poorer, while Russia has not fallen to its knees…This weapon has backfired, with the sanctions Europe has shot itself in the foot…We are waiting for an answer, the entire Europe is waiting for an answer from Brussels on how long we will keep doing this”—but after receiving no answer from Brussels, yesterday it saw Prime Minister Orban defiantly proclaiming: “The sanctions were not decided democratically, but were decided by Brussels bureaucrats and European elites…Although Europe’s citizens are paying the price, they were not asked…As part of a national consultation, the Hungarian government will be the first in Europe to ask people about the sanctions on Russia”.

As to what happens to those defying European elites by asking people to actually vote on policies that affect them, this report continues, was best exampled this past week when socialist Western colonial leader European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen threatened the peoples of Italy if they elected Giorgia Meloni—a threat ignored by the peoples of Italy, which led to the just published leftist Washington Post propaganda fear mongering screed “Danger Lurks After Italy’s Shocking Election”, wherein it lyingly states: “Italy has voted for a new government, likely to be led by a prime minister whose party arose from the ashes of post-World War II Italian fascism…The rise of Giorgia Meloni, the firebrand ethno-nationalist seemingly victorious in Sunday’s elections, has sent shock waves through Europe and triggered fears that Italy might be the Achilles’ heel in Western resolve to resist Russia’s bloody campaign in Ukraine…She is the latest in a string of extremists who have performed well in European elections this year, including nationalists in France, Hungary and Sweden…Her apparent victory is more evidence that far-right leaders are ascendant in a continent buffeted by immigration, economic head winds and, on its eastern flank, the most destructive war in three-quarters of a century”.

Aside from this American media propaganda screed omitting the truth that “the most destructive war” on the “eastern flank” of Europe was when the socialist Western colonial powers brutally invaded Yugoslavia and its Slavic peoples to carve it up among themselves while killing over 140,000 between 1991 and 2001, this report notes, the leftist Washington Post published their lies within hours of the Wall Street Journal releasing their article “In A Time of Crisis, Public Discourse Has Descended Into Nonsense”, wherein it most factually observed: “Our leaders of both parties now seem free to utter things completely at odds with reality and logic…At a time when the need for quiet, calm deliberation has never been greater, the U.S. is engaged in a conversation that sounds less like the Constitutional Convention of 1787 than the game room of a psychiatric institution”.

In an assessment of “the game room of a psychiatric institution” the socialist Western colonial powers have remade themselves to be, this report details, world renowned Canadian clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson at the University of Toronto gave an interview this week wherein he revealed that Western college students know absolutely nothing about history, and said about them: “Most people can’t handle the truth about what’s happening!”—is a beyond shocking revelation because every Western student should have learned in their earliest ages about English novelist George Orwell (1903-1950), who in his novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four” warned about the grave dangers of socialist tyranny—but even more critically, they would have learned that Orwell was a disciple of English philosopher Gilbert Keith (G. K.) Chesterton (1874-1936), who in his Heretics collection of 20 essays published in 1905, predicted an eventual global rebellion against socialist tyrants and their insane ideology, with the warning that has now become reality: “Fires will be kindled to testify that two and two make four…Swords will be drawn to prove that leaves are green in summer…We shall be left defending, not only the incredible virtues and sanities of human life, but something more incredible still, this huge impossible universe which stares us in the face”.

At the World Congress Of Families XIII event held in 2019, this report concludes, soon to be Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni electrified the entire free world when she invoked G.K. Chesterton to “kindle the fire” and “draw the sword” against godless “death cult” socialists throughout the entire Western world—and most remarkable to notice, last evening it saw America’s most watched newsman Tucker Carlson of Fox News “kindling the fire” and “drawing the sword” in defense of Giorgia Meloni, then he truthfully declared: “We live in a fake democracy – and there will be a revolution here like Italy”.

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