“From Peace time To Defcon 1” Declaration Issued As “Nation Destroying Virus” Threatens West

Kremlin today first noting the 78th Anniversary of the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany, that was signed at 11:01 pm Berlin time on 8 May 1945, which was 12:01 am Moscow time on 9 May 1945, says in celebration of the historic destruction of the demonic and genocidal Nazi German Regime, it saw Russian peoples taking to the streets of Frankfurt, Madrid and Rome and elsewhere to honor the Soviet soldiers who liberated Europe from the Nazis.

In the hours preceding Russian peoples celebrating throughout Europe the total defeat of Nazi Germany, this report notes, Ukrainian Nazi Regime intelligence chief General Kirill Budanov demonically vowed: “What Russia calls terrorism, we call liberation…We’ve been killing Russians and we will keep killing Russians anywhere on the face of this world until the complete victory of Ukraine”—a demonic vow quickly followed by top Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov declaring to the world: “This is a truly monstrous statement…This statement, and what Mr. Budanov said, is a direct confirmation that the Kiev regime is not just sponsoring terrorist activity, but is an immediate organizer of this activity…This statement gives another very important characteristic of the Kiev regime…We have special services that will do everything they must amid such statements…No one should have any doubts about this…Today we will closely monitor the reaction of European capitals, as well as Washington – especially Washington – because it is very difficult to imagine that such terrorist statements from Kiev can remain without condemnation…Therefore, today we will wait for these condemnations…This statement by Mr. Budanov once again confirms the correctness of President Putin’s decision to launch a special military operation”.

While awaiting the godless socialist Western colonial powers condemnation of the “truly monstrous statement” vowed by the Ukrainian Nazi Regime, this report continues, news sources revealed: “Ukrainian officials and media reported a series of Russian drone and missile attacks in the early hours of Monday, sparking air raid sirens sounding across the country”—a revelation that followed NATO and European Union member leader Czech President Petr Pavel warning: “I think we should do anything at our disposal to encourage Ukrainians and to support them to be successful…But internally, we should also be ready for other contingencies…Kiev shouldn’t underestimate the Russians because they have enough manpower, and they still have enough equipment…Attacking an enemy like Russia will be difficult and the Russians will not be caught by surprise”—a warning joined by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu of NATO’s second largest military force telling the socialist Western colonial powers: “We are not going to join the unilateral sanctions imposed against Russia by the United States and the European Union…Our own benefit and prosperity come first”.

During an interview yesterday, this report details, it saw American senior statesman Henry Kissinger predicting about the Ukraine conflict: “Now that China has entered the negotiation, it will come to a head, I think by the end of the year…By that time, we will be talking about negotiating processes and even actual negotiations”—a prediction, however, that followed Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov declaring on Friday: “Any negotiations would not be held with Zelensky, who is a puppet in the hands of the West, but directly with his masters”.

At the behest of his socialist Western colonial puppet masters, this report notes, Ukrainian Nazi Regime leader President Vladimir Zelensky signed a decree to change the date of the Nazi Germany surrender from 9 May to 8 May—a revision of history that follows top socialist Biden Regime official Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines revealing the creation of a “Ministry of Truth”—a revelation that was followed by top Democrat Party presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. telling the American peoples about the public execution assassination of his uncle President John Kennedy: “The evidence is overwhelming that the CIA was involved in the murder, and the coverup”—and is a United States tyrannically ruled over by President Joe Biden, who actually proclaimed to the whole world: “They had to take my head off a couple of times to see if I had a brain”.

In support of those believing President Biden really doesn’t have a brain, this report continues, are articles appearing in America today like “Another Casualty of the Biden Economy: Christmas Tree Shops Files For Bankruptcy” and “Buffett Turns Gloomy: The “Incredible Period” For The US Economy Is Coming To An End”—and since brainless President Biden is destroying what’s left of America, it makes it no surprise that the leftist Washington Post, in their just published article “How Congress Is Grandstanding Its Way To Obsolescence”, revealed: “Progressives since Woodrow Wilson have been skeptical of Congress’s role as a forum for creating political trust and legitimacy — from their point of view, experts and administrators can solve problems more efficiently than parochial politicians”.

Among those preparing to stop brainless President Biden from destroying America, this report notes, is now silenced Fox News host Tucker Carlson, about whom the just published Axios article “Scoop: Tucker Carlson Ready To Torch Fox News” reveals: “Tucker Carlson is preparing to unleash allies to attack Fox News in an effort to bully the network into letting him work for — or start — a right-wing rival, sources close to him tell Axios…Axios has learned that Carlson and Elon Musk had a conversation about working together, but didn’t discuss specifics…Carlson allies with big platforms are prepared to attack Fox for trying to keep him on the shelf…Bare-knuckle brawlers from Trumpworld are standing by…They’re coming to him and saying: ‘Do you want me to hit Fox?’ ” a close Carlson friend said…Now, we’re going from peacetime to Defcon 1″, the friend added…”His team is preparing for war. He wants his freedom”…In a sign of what could be coming, Megyn Kelly hit her former employer for its post-Carlson ratings by tweeting a reference to conservative attacks on Bud Light: “My audience is calling them #Foxweiser””.

The “Foxweiser” referenced by former Fox News host Megyn Kelly, this report details, began when global beverage giant Anheuser-Busch went transgender woke with its Bud Lite brand, as documented in article like “Bud Light Sales Have Plunged Amid The Boycott Calls” and “Do They Have Any Fans Left? ‘Extinct’ Bud Light Now Facing Second Boycott, But from Leftists This Time”—and along with the satirical music video “There’s A Kweer On My Beer” gaining viewers, Americans are being told today: “Feel free to shout Foxweiser from the rooftops, conservatives”.

Not understood by those shouting “Foxwiser” from the rooftops, this report notes, is that six years ago, world-renowned American feminist academic Camille Paglia warned: “Transgender mania is a sign of cultural collapse”—and as exhaustively documented by researchers at the 11th Hour Blog, is a cultural collapse of America using transgender mania that’s entirely funded by the most powerful billionaires in the United States.

Three weeks ago, this report concludes, world-renowned American philosopher Dr James A Lindsay of the New Discourses Institute addressed the European Parliament to chilling warn that “Woke is Maoism with Western characteristics”, whose ultimate goal was to create world of slaves beholden to elite Western billionaire oligarchs—a warning well known to NATO and European Union member leader Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who factually warned his peoples last week: “The West is facing a nation-destroying virus unleashed by progressive idealists that will destroy civilization unless conservatives fight to contain it”.


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