Gerald Celente – Global Crash of 2016 is going to be twice as devastating as ’08

  Gerald Celente

Gerald Celente – Global Crash of 2016 is going to be twice as devastating as '08

By Amber William      

Gerald Celente – One Of The Wildest 6 Weeks Of Trading In History, But Here's The Big Surprise

On the heels of a totally wild exchanging week for worldwide markets, today the top patterns forecaster on the planet talked with King World News around one of the most out of control six weeks of exchanging history.

Eric King: "Gerald, they put a couple of hundred focuses to the upside in the Dow. So they might rally this business sector out of the gap. It hit the wire today that Jamie Dimon purchased a pack of JP Morgan stock. Your musings on the likelihood of a rally, perhaps a short crush on the general population's (close record) short positions to get them out before the following tumble to the drawback. Do you see that as a probability?"

Gerald Celente: "obviously it's conceivable. Totally. The diversion is fixed. Backpedal to the Davos Meeting in mid-January.

Gerald Celente proceeds: "What happens the following day and who's at Davos where you had the PMs, the chancellors, the presidents, bureau clergymen? The following day Draghi turns out and says there might be more boost coming when the ECB meets in March.

The Big Surprise

Who else was at that meeting? The leader of the Bank of Japan. What's more, as he leaves Japan (for Davos) he advises the parliament he's not going to go into negative loan fees. However, when he leaves Davos, Japan goes into negative loan fees.

Obviously they could squeeze the business sectors. Obviously they could help the business sectors up, sucker in more individuals and dispose of the (public's) shorts. In any case, after that happens, this business sector is going down. And after that what they will do is they will make Dalio's wish work out.

Since everyone is stating at this moment that these negative financing costs — all these national banks are doing is firing off duds. So hey, how about we go for another round of jolt — more quantitative facilitating."


Gerald Celente and Eric Sprott Economics, Finance, and Geopolitics


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