Gerald Celente Warning – Forget Great Depression, the Greatest Ever is Coming

The global economy is about to collapse into a depression worse than that of the 1930s, and its roots are deeper than trade wars, this according to Gerald Celente, publisher of The Trends Journal. “It’s one big scam, it’s ready to blow apart, it has almost nothing to do with trade wars and tariffs,” Celente told Kitco News. The “Greatest Depression,” as Celente calls it, will likely strike after the 2020 presidential election, he said. 

Trump officially Makes First Demand For Fed To Restart quantitative easing,even if Congress may choose to eventually stay out of this as both political parties are now desperate for the Fed to resume monetizing the US deficit on the road to helicopter money. “The Fed Rate, over a fairly short period of time, should be reduced by at least 100 basis points, with perhaps some quantitative easing as well. If that happened, our Economy would be even better, and the World Economy would be greatly and quickly enhanced-good for everyone” Trump said . QE is nothing else but a transfer of wealth to the rich. And that is exactly what Obama had for 8 years. Obama bailed out the banks and then QE which was the largest transfer of wealth from the Americans to the bankster in history. No matter where interest rates go now, its not 2008 , Americans are highly indebted and broke.

The economy is fragile and the end will come. To keep the ever expanding debt pile going, they are going to need to come up with a new ways to in debt people with. First it was homes. Then cars, credit cards, furniture, student loans. What’s left? Phones? Yup, got those too now. Healthcare is coming. Once they make it a government program, the government can rack up a bill, spend the treasuries to cover it, and print more. That one isn’t hard to see coming. But I don’t think it’s big enough to keep it rolling forever. Watch for the next one after that. It will be food. After all, if healthcare is a right, then food must be too? The only way to keep a Ponzi going is to add ever greater debt. And we are approaching the absurd level where it begins to go parabolic. Universal everything is coming. And then disaster. I firmly believe that nobody has a clue how to get this ship back on course. But I do know that zero percent rates are not the answer while banks still charge 29.9% on credit card debt. Right now the system is in such need for more debt. Where will it come from? Students are maxed. Middle class is maxed. Private sector is maxed. Government . debt? War? Every man, woman and child in America already owes a whooping $700,000 in debt and unfunded liabilities.

What’s another Trillion ! They had to lower interest rates to encourage more debt. In the future I see, students being paid to take out student loans. I see 50 and 100 year mortgages. I see negative interest rates. I see consumers being paid interest to borrow. Possible annual cash payments to the poor from the government to create debt. They won’t forgive debt because the system needs debt to survive. They need to create new ways to create new debt. The system will fail, but there is a way to go yet. They aren’t paying you to borrow ,Yet . neither Obama nor Trump call the shots. They’re merely front men for the group of elites hiding behind the curtains who really run things. This is a quote from President Trump from this past weekend : “I don’t think we’re having a recession,” Trump told reporters as he returned to Washington from his New Jersey golf club. “We’re doing tremendously well. Our consumers are rich. I gave a tremendous tax cut and they’re loaded up with money.” end of quote .

Trump is working on bankruptcy of the United States of America. He should succeed since he did have a lot of practice in declaring bankruptcies . The elites need your help, serfs! Thank you in advance for your support! so what do you think about this QE4 being started by Trump .?


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