Parallel Universe Opens In Australia As 24 Hour Doomsday Clock Starts In New York

Security Council Members discussing the bombshell new poll released by the European Council on Foreign Relations which found that the vast majority of more than 16,000 respondents living in the bloc’s member states believe relations between the East and West are under serious strain—sees them believing a new Cold War is already afoot between the United States and Russia—sees them believing that a state of hostile relations exists between Moscow and their own capitals—and of the belief that a new Cold War had broken out between the United States and China, sees it being held by nearly two-thirds of all respondents—all of which follows the leftist mainstream propaganda establishment in America having branded both Russia and China as uncivilized nations.

In knowing how tyrannical socialist ruled over nations like former Nazi Germany and present day America brand their enemies as “uncivilized” before waging total war on them, this report notes, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov addressed the world at the United Nations, where he ripped into the current United States foreign policy, accusing Washington of trying to split the international community into Cold War-style blocks—saw him roasting Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden’s idea of a “democracy summit” that “divides the world into us versus them”—and most accurately said about this so-called “democracy summit” designed to form a Western war bloc against Russia and China: “The participants, of course, will be determined by Washington, that claims the right to determine a country’s degree of compliance with democratic standards…In its essence, this initiative – quite in the spirit of the Cold War and launches a new ideological crusade against all dissent”.

Quickly proving the truth of this “new ideological crusade against all dissent” ignited by socialist-globalist forces, this report details, was Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who in a virtual address to the United Nations talked up Australia’s belief in “a world order that favors freedom”, in “respecting the rights and freedoms of the individual” and “in the inherent dignity of all people… no matter the circumstances”—all of which conclusively proved the existence of a “parallel universe having opened up in Australia” as its citizens are daily brutalized by police forces stamping out their freedom and dignity.

Joining this “new ideological crusade against all dissent”, this report continues, is the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, that issued a mandate forcing experimental Covid vaccines on its State Police forces causing dozens to resign, and plans to fire the 20% of them still refusing to take them.

To how insane this “new ideological crusade against all dissent” has become in America, this report notes, it is being evidenced in the socialist Democrat Party iron grip controlled State of New York, where yesterday Governor Kathy Hochul issued an urgent bulletin warning she’s prepared to declare a state of emergency and call up the National Guard—a state of emergency whose doomsday clock ends at 11:59 p.m. tomorrow night—which is when socialist tyrant Governor Hochul intends to fire the up to 100,000 doctors, nurses and healthcare workers in hospitals and nursing homes refusing to accept experimental Covid vaccines—will see these terminated health care workers not being eligible for unemployment insurance—sees New York Professional Nurses Union executive director Eileen Toback gravely warning: “This could be devastating, particularly when hospitals staff only the exact numbers they need…There’s no fat on that bone”—and whose last remaining hope for these under socialist siege vital to human life healthcare workers are US Federal Courts, like the one that just blocked at the last minute thousands of unvaccinated New York City school teachers from being fired.

As one of the main architects of this “new ideological crusade against all dissent”, this report concludes, this week it saw demonic socialist Democrat Party leader Hillary Clinton being installed as the first female chancellor of Queen’s University in Belfast-Northern Ireland—an installation ceremony Clinton walked into while being met with chants like “You’re not welcome in Belfast!”, “Go away, you war criminal scumbag!”, “How many kids have you killed today?” and “Imperialist scum!”—saw Clinton ignoring these chants as she regally walked past the peasants shouting them while a child held her flowing robe—an historical comparison of which brings to mind French Queen Marie Antoinette, who likewise ignored the chants of peasants, and lost her head for doing so—though in our world today where modern nations have ceased beheadings, it sees former Chinese Ambassador Sha Zukang delivering a chilling message that China must hit the United States with a nuclear strike before it’s too late.

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