Hagmann & Hagmann: Situation ‘Much More Dire Than Anyone Can Comprehend’

CelenteGreatestThreat(1)By Susan Duclos

Once again an astounding Hagmann and Hagmann show from July 10, 2014, where Dough Hagmann and his son Joe inform listeners that the coming events, what is to come, domestically and worldwide show the orchestrated, systematic takedown of this country, especially when you look at the entire scope of current events.

At the 24 minute mark they first set the stage for what the rest of the show will be covering by encouraging people to listen to a segment of Thursday’s Rick Wiles Trunews show, entire show for that is on a previous piece HERE, but they play the portion that they warn people to carefully listen to.

If they are right, things are about to get very ugly.



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SOURCE : (Before It's News)

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