How Globalists Plan to Use Covid to RESET the World Economy ( COVID is Not And ‘Has Never Been a Pandemic’: Alan Jones )

No more are the days of politicians assuring Americans our economy will “bounce back” after COVID-19. Now, the language is all about an economic “reset.” Specifically, the World Economic Forum released its plans for a global reset, which includes a change in capitalism with a “focus to shift from short term and profit only to longer term, incorporating value creation for people and the planet.”

Sky News host Alan Jones says COVID-19 is not, and has never been, a pandemic.

“A pandemic is a disease which is prevalent over a whole country. This is not a pandemic. It was never a pandemic,” Mr Jones said.

“So let’s look briefly at the facts surrounding mortality.”

Mr Jones said in America, the percentage of the population who had died from COVID was 0.07 per cent, in Italy, 0.06 per cent, in France, 0.05 per cent, yet all of these countries had draconian lockdowns and were filled with “rampant alarmism”.

“Sweden, no draconian lockdowns, basic precautions, get on with your life. Population 10 million, deaths, much the same – 0.06 per cent,” he said.

Professor Joel Kettner, from Manitoba University in Canada said, “I have seen pandemics, one every year, it is called influenza, and other respiratory illness viruses. I have never seen this reaction and I am trying to understand why.”

John Ioannidis, the Professor of Epidemiology and Population Health at Stanford University, said, “If we had not known about a new virus out there and had not checked individuals with PCR tests, the number of total deaths due to “influenza like illness” would not seem unusual this year.

“At most, we might have casually noted that flu this season seems to be a bit worse than average. The media coverage would have been less than for an NBA game between the two most indifferent teams,” Professor Kettner said.

“So there you have it,” Mr Jones said.

“We are in this economic sewer because we failed to listen to world authorities.”

As we go into Nov & Dec to end 2020, you may be left wondering what’s going to happen over the next few months as we go to 2021. Are we going into a V-shaped recovery? Will it be a K shaped recovery with the poor getting poorer and pulling the middle-class down with them, whilst the elite get even more wealthy?

You may think, so what if retailers are going bankrupt, so what if the local Mom and Pop restaurant has closed, it doesn’t affect me or my job so I don’t care… well, maybe, you should care…
Because this is how it might just come to affect you…

60% of employees are employed by SMEs, which are small-medium sized companies

Right now, the following employment sectors have been decimated:
Retail: 18%
Accommodation and Food: 9%
Arts & Recreation: 3%
Just these alone = 30% of all employees, I’m not even counting all the other business sectors…

Of this 30% of all employees, we know from the data that 60% of these businesses have either permanently closed or have temporarily closed.

So they are in effect already burdened down by extreme debt, most of which don’t think they can ever repay this debt because the profit margins in these sectors are already so slim.

People are petrified to leave the house, people don’t want to go into to a restaurant for a meal.

People don’t want to go into retail because they have completely removed all the fun of shopping. And even if you do find a nice outfit let’s say, where are you going to wear it?

So we are now in a phase of having an oversupply of production and an under supply of demand. Which is directly correlated to the expansion of the credit supply as directed by the Central Bank.

A credit supply which has now taken our debt level Vs GDP to over 100% for the first time since World War II.

When you have an oversupply like this and a lack of demand, this often results in deflation. Now you’re not hearing about deflation, because this is the worst nightmare of the Central Banks. And they will do anything to avoid deflation, and I do mean anything!

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So what does this situation create, well quite simply it creates lower business profits, meaning what’s the first thing that businesses usually look to cut? isn’t it obvious, staff.

This is why I said 6 months ago that all of this v-shaped recovery nonsense was a lie because they weren’t taking into account a very basic and fundamental economics principal, called employment scarring.
Employment scarring is what happens after an event occurs resulting in heavy unemployment. Most people think that employers will just simply bring that job back again later on, but that actually isn’t what happens. Only a percentage of those jobs will ever come back for various reasons but to give you a couple of examples: the company might make efficiency improvements instead such as mechanising that job, bringing in software, or just simply having another person take on your responsibilities.
Either way, this all results in Greater unemployment. And greater unemployment leads to well, greater unemployment. Because how are you going to spend money in the economy if you haven’t got a job and you haven’t got any income.

And the more businesses that collapse, the more jobs go with them. and the more jobs that disappear from the marketplace, the more competitive the workforce becomes, and what can often happen is that salaries drop as a result of this, because people need to take care of their families. I have numerous friends who have taken pay cuts already.

Either way, all of this results in a much lower GDP via a loss of income from the economy and on a much bigger scale, deflation. The dreaded word that no one wants to hear.

The Unemployment Rate is apparently 4.5% in the UK, can you believe that?

This video will show you London like you’ve never seen it before. Businesses are simply collapsing, retail, hospitality, entertainment, it’s all disappearing at a rapid rate. The London we all remember and love, is disappearing and will never be the same again.

I travelled down early in the morning on the train, and for a peak time train, it was almost empty. The underground was much the same, almost no one getting on and off. And just this week, TFL (Travel For London) announce bankruptcy due to the mandated lock downs! Can you imagine, a transport line that was built in 1863 is now going bankrupt over the lockdowns.

Oxford Street, the worlds busiest shopping precinct, was nowhere near the level is that it normally is. And those people who were on Oxford Street, we are being very picky and careful in their purchases. There was an air of caution in the air, as if people didn’t want to spend too much money right now due to the risk of an even deeper recession.

Carnaby Street, London was even worse, with almost no customers anywhere!

We then travelled through Soho, into Leicester Square, then Covent Garden before walking down to Trafalgar Square. Again it was the same story, there were no overseas or local tourists and the locals were nowhere to be seen.

I stopped to speak with a number of business owners, and they all said the same thing, they were really just waiting for the government to step in and save them, but otherwise, they will need to declare the business bankrupt any day now.

I was most shocked to see businesses that I’ve known since I was a child, now not only closed, but completely stripped bare inside. Some shopping areas when 90% void! That means that nine out of every 10 retail units were empty!

These are just some of the things I noticed, I haven’t even discussed the London shows been cancelled and the performer is completely out of work. These are people at the top of their game, celebrities in their own right, now unemployed.

I made this video to show you the truth of what’s really going on… There is no V shaped recovery. It’s all a huge LIE.

Brace Yourself for the New Great Depression

This system is collapsing around us. There is no fixing it. No chance this could be fixed. It’ll fall to the point of total officials desperation. The bottom is when they admit they’ve lost and have nothing to do. The last time around, the banksters and other CEOs were in trouble because they were gambling with other people’s money on Wall Street.

They were losing very badly. The U.S. Government bailed most of them out, but they didn’t learn a damn thing, and spent the bailout funds on bonuses for themselves and kept on gambling. That is partly why we are now headed for the Greatest Depression Ever! America is also in debt up to its eyebrows, which certainly doesn’t help. The end result is central bankers created the BIGGEST, most egregious bubble in financial history. A $250 TRILLION debt bomb… with another $500+ trillion in derivatives trading based on its yields. To put this into perspective, the Tech Bubble was about $15 trillion in size.

The Housing Bubble, which triggered the 2008 Crisis, was about $30 trillion in size. The bond bubble is over $250 TRILLION in size. Some $50 trillion of this is in sovereign debt, with the rest coming from corporate debt, mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, and the like. The $2.5 trillion stimulus money is only going to go to the Gangsters , The Bankers, Just like last time . The Bankers are laughing because they already stole tens of trillions post 2008 with all the politicians on top of the trillions they stole pre 2008. Tens of trillions hidden in offshore Cayman accounts.

The money spent on keeping this propped (while trillions are funneled to insiders so they can buy assets for pennies on the dollar) dwarfs what you will see in any stimulus. Interestingly, NO politicians are objecting to the wall street ten trillion dollar bailout,but stamping their feet over every other element. And as we continue to shovel trillions at this turgid mass of puss-filled fraud, we are at once tossing away our chance at vitality on the way back up if there’s going to be a way back up at all. Give a man a gun he will rob the bank. Give a man a bank he will rob the world.

As the government rush to create financial panic with the virus catalyst , it will cause numerous unintended consequences, which will feed more fuel to the fire. As the FED falters in its attempt to save the economy, it will be swallowed by the treasury and become history while a new monetary system is born. The virus will then have accomplished one of its intended purposes. This is called operation control. They want to see how much of the population cowers in fear and believes the government. Meanwhile, the Americans are told to shut upset at home, quit your job, and close down all the gun doors while they are letting all the prisoners out. Who’s most likely to get sick and die.

The people outside in the fresh air and sunlight getting exercise or the people cooped up at home breathing recycled air and sitting on the couch watching endless mind-bending tv? This thing is here to stay. No two-week sporadic quarantines are going to stop it. Plus, the slower it spreads, the more it mutates before eventually infecting you with an even stronger version of itself. By that time, you’ll be so out of shape from not going outside ,a cold would probably kill you. Get healthy people. It’s a war for the bankster world order, and they are using citizens as hostages with house imprisonment under false pretenses.

Cov-19 is the man-made designer Plannedemic which will usher in the Brave New World. It is the dark vessel that has already transferred trillions of dollars from the people to the corrupt banks and corporations. I don’t buy the narrative that this is all about fighting a virus, and therefore we need to give up our freedoms of movement and assembly. Yes, there are some legitimate concerns( mostly exaggerated) prompting draconian measures. I also believe the threat of the virus is being used as a power grab.


Just as the fear of ” climate change ” was/ is an excuse by elites in and out of government to try and control us. The people behind this virus threat aren’t going to willingly give you your freedoms back. The Fed to start buying stocks through ETF’s. The capitalism has been dead for a while, but the FED is now going to make sure it is dead by pumping lead into a corpse. Former Fed slackers Yellen and Bernanke are calling for the Fed to buy Stocks and Bonds, which is illegal. The Fed is monetizing everything else, including Corporate Junk bonds. The Fed has no more bullets, but hey, we knew that as the Government has been buying up all the ammo.

The US Sociopaths In Charge are using one credit card to pay down another, with all the progeny of their tax slaves holding the liability. The national debt clock shows tax revenues retreating across all levels. Government With 1/3 of the population now in financial survival mode, this will accelerate the longer at home quarantining continues. The only thing keeping the Ponzi alive at this point is more Ponzi. Good luck, peeps. Time to end the fed and seize their assets and gold and let them keep the debt. Start exchanging US treasury notes for the Federal Reserve Notes.

This crash was coming no matter what. The stock market was ridiculously overvalued. By definition, debt is unserviceable. The money you need to cover the interests needs to be taken from the other loan. There is a solution here, and it involves people in the streets revolting at the notion of the Fed inflating its balance sheet to buy stocks. Short of that, nothing will change, and the party will go on. It is up to the people to end this supercycle of debt. The majority of government budgets come from taxing businesses. Businesses that are currently shut down. It is kind of hard to tax sales when there are no sales.

The absolute decimation of business because of being locked down is far worse than losing two employees to cold for two weeks. Not only will the virus be good for taking away more of our civil liberties, but it’s also a great excuse for austerity measures. Everyone will be bailed out with printed currency. Everyone will be paid. The problem, your check will buy a bag of peanuts. The only reason why the dollar doesn’t become like the currency in Zimbabwe is that the U.S. has the world staring down the barrel of its gun – without that fiat threat, there are probably as many grains of sand in the ocean as there are dollar bills in circulation. The least bad option is debt repudiation and a deflationary depression.

That would be the honorable approach. Since our leaders do not have any honor, they’ll go with the total destruction of the currency and a hyper-inflationary depression. Either way, a lot of people are going to see their standard of living destroyed. Now perhaps you people who were gullible enough to invest in a paper stock market with no tangible backing will understand the risks you take. Besides the stock market was really living in a different world from the rest of the economy.

The economy never really recovered since 2008, and it been sluggish at best, with 93,000 businesses shutting down in 2019 alone. There were signs, all along, the economy was in the tank, and it took the virus to expose just how fragile it really was. Communist Chinese told us time and time again, they had a 100-year plan and were going to knock our block off. Yet even now, with everything basically shut down, the economy outside of food and medical grinding to a halt. People are sitting there hoping that their FAKE Pre virus lifestyle of complete BS can come back like with a flick of a switch. See how easy it was to use FEAR to control and manipulate the malleable mushed minds of the masses. Who would have ever believed that a hyped-up fabricated story, in conjunction with your average flu epidemic, could have pulled off this global scam.

This virus is a cover for the collapse of the US dollar. When we wake up from this, there will be Costco, Walmart, and a hand full of other businesses open. All the own private companies will be bankrupted. We will have to get our stuff from Amazon delivered. You will be unemployed and have a limited amount of time before you have to report to your free condo, where they will provide food and a task. All your private property will be taken from you, and you will be given a uniform to wear. Everything will be guaranteed for you, vaccines, food, and shelter. You will start feeling ill soon after, don’t worry, you will have free health care to make you feel better until you die.

SOMETHING had to be done. SOON. Something in which multiple stakeholders among ruling elites would benefit. That something was/is a financial reset. Offload toxic assets and stocks to Uncle Sam. Forgive debt in return for inflated asset prices. Borrow from Uncle Sam, speculate, keep the profits, and ask Uncle Sam to pay for the losses. The problem, of course, was contriving a sufficiently scary global crisis to pull off such a scam. Not much will be left to reopen at the end of April. Most restaurants, especially the mom and pops, are never going to reopen. 1/3rd of this country will be unemployed. Savings will be wiped out. And people will be behind in rent and mortgages.

It is time for the American Patriots to rise up and march on Washington and take this Country back. Anyone who doesn’t think this corona beer virus was here by December or even November is dumb!!!! We are connected to China with nonstop flights and huge amounts of Chinese Americans going back and forth all the time.

This was here all winter but was just thought to be the flu. Yes, it’s not pleasant to get sick and die, and we should do everything to help people at risk, but putting trillions of dollars on our kids’ backs and shutting down everything is very STUPID. Huge differences between now and 1929. For one, most of the home mortgages on residential real estate were 7-year term. A high percentage of these homes were paid off by the time the Depression hit. Aside from farmers, ordinary people did not have any debt. People genuinely cared for one another and would often reach out to complete strangers in order to offer help.

Compared to today, crime was virtually non-existent. Violent crime was so rare that when it did occur, it made headlines. Drug use was confined to a very small percentage of the population. Being a drug addict was considered to be the lowest of lows. The family unit was traditional and strong. Mothers did not work outside the home, and divorce was rare. Children feared their Father and respected their Mother. Schools still taught moral values and honored the history of our nation, including our Founding Fathers. Etc., etc., etc. Does everyone know why this crash isn’t as painful as 1929? The answer: the welfare system. There was no welfare cushion to be exploited in 1929 by the freebies army who makes up over 40% of the population today in the US. Crash the welfare system and just see what happens.

This is where the 2nd Amendment becomes very important. In 1929, a lot of people still had skills and knew how to be thrifty. Today, that’s not the case. And supply chains are crazy long in comparison. We are the polar opposite of virtually every point listed above, and more … this is just a quick list that came to mind. With that being said, how do you think society will hold up when things really get out of control?

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