Ice House Formed By Strong Winds, Freezing Temperatures In NY

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As a monster snowstorm is bearing down on the Northeast, a house in New York is already covered in ice.


Photographer John Kucko captured photos of the Webster house that sits on Lake Ontario. A windstorm, lake water and freezing temperatures combined to coat the house in icicles. Kucko posted the photos on his Facebook page and Twitter on Sunday, and they quickly went viral.

Some have seen this problem coming for a long time and changed their entire way of life by going off-grid. They have found alternative sources such as solar, wind and diesel to power their homes and machinery. A majority of us, who have not gone off-grid, are making a concerted effort to avoid dependence on this ailing infrastructure and preparing for life without it.


John Kucko @john_kucko

Wow, didn't expect THIS reaction!  has no retaining wall on Lake Ontario (just rocks), neighbors do @spann@JimCantore @StormHour

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