Is An ISIS Attack On United States Soil Inevitable? Preparing For a Terrorist Attack – Keeping You and Your Family Safe

Preparing For a Terrorist Attack

Here we are, early in the month of September, and if you are like many Americans, you have not only been paying attention to the mass media, as well as other news outlets, but in the back of your mind, you are remembering the tragic day, 15 years ago, Sept 11, 2001.

Most Americans stared at their televisions in utter disbelief that something so horrific could happen on U.S. soil, but it did.  And the number of people that have begun to prepare for such a catastrophe should be every single American, but sadly, that isn’t the case.

Most Americans are too submerged in their personal technology, or in the vast amount of entertainment that is available to pay attention to situational awareness, such as preparing for a terrorist attack and keeping you and your family safe. Perhaps they are counting on the government to save them in case something like this happens again, or maybe they have already forgotten, and are back in the normalcy bias that something like that could never happen again.

However, many people are beginning to wake up, as they finally begin to understand all is not right in our own country. A terrorist attack on the United States is not a matter of if it will happen, but when it will happen.

But what can you do? What can you do right now to protect yourself and your family in the event something awful happened here again?  The answers aren’t easy, and you won’t have them handed to you. Unfortunately the type of people who choose to do horrific crimes against others don’t come with instruction manuals, But hopefully, this will give you a general idea of things you can do to protect yourself, family and loved ones in case of a terrorist attack.

1. Avoid Crowded Public Areas, International Airports, High Profile Areas

If there is an eminent threat of something bad happening, choose not to travel or go out to crowded public places. By keeping yourself out of a populated area, you are decreasing your risk of being in the middle of a horrific event. Especially on September 11th.

2. Have A Contingency Plan: Develop a plan with your family of what you would all do in the event of a catastrophic emergency. Determine a preplanned meeting spot, and make sure that all who are in your group know how to get to that point.

If you have children in daycare, or school, determine a head of time who will be picking them up, and have a backup plan if possible.

In the event of a nuclear EMP, communication may be down, cell phones may not work, and land lines may be out too. This is why having a plan of what you will do in that situation will help you to stay focused on your goal, which is getting your loved ones in a secure and safe place.

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3. Pay Attention! This cannot be stressed enough. Always, ALWAYS pay attention to your surroundings.  Keep your eyes open to things out of the ordinary. Pay attention to people, and what is happening around you. It’s kind of like defensive driving, only you are defensive living.

In the event of a terrorist attack always be aware of your surroundings, and have a plan. Keep in mind exits, alternative ways to get home, even where you park your car when running out to the store. (I always park on the outskirts of the parking lot, further to get to my car, but hopefully easier way to get out of the parking lot in the event of an emergency.


Trust your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, or if things just seem off, listen to it! I know it isn’t easy, but try to not get caught up in the everyday same old routine. If you feel that you should be doing something differently, then do it differently!

4. Carry Your Bug Out Bag With You: Your bug out bag isn’t going to help you if you are stuck on the highway, and it is stored in your garage ‘just in case’. Keep your bug out bag in your vehicle, or with you always.

If you always keep an emergency kit in your vehicle, you will have it with you when you are driving. But what about if you are at work? Or in a store? Always keep some type of get home bag on you at work, or when you are away from your vehicle.

This is easier for women I think, because 9 times out of 10, we usually have our purses with us. For men, this may be a bit more challenging, but it can be done. And if you make it a habit to always have it with you, eventually it will become a part of your routine.

5. Stock Up on Your Preps: Having enough food, water, and essentials is important always, but even more so when there is a possible threat of an event. Think about it, would you want to be running to the local Wal-Mart to get the stuff you need?

Would you want to be out with the masses who are unprepared? Better to have too much than not have enough. And you will be amazed at how much food, and essential items you will be able to amass, even on a small budget.

By adding an extra $10.00 a week to your weekly shopping trip you can add at least a month’s worth of food in just 1 month of shopping. You won’t be eating an 8 course meal, but you will have food, and enough to share if you need too.

6. Hide Your Preps In Plain Sight: If you have been prepping and storing food for a while, you will understand how much food you are able to keep. But that can present a small problem, but it is a good problem to have. Where to keep all of your food?

Hide it in Plain Sight – Build a Counter Top ExtensionIf there is some mass event that propels us into a martial law type situation, your preps are considered fair game as far as the government is concerned. And do you really think that’s fair?

You have spent your time and hard earned money to make sure your family and group will have food, why should it be allowed that someone else can come and take it away from you because others did not have the foresight you did? I think not.

SO get creative with where you store your preps. Keep them hidden in plain sight. You can make furniture with hidden compartments. Hide food behind books, or in the rafters of your garage if the temperature permits.  Store the food in Rubbermaid bins and categorize it in a way you know you can remember.

For example, write X-Mas Decorations on the outside of a bin. Put food in it about half full, and then top it off with real decorations, so if someone does decide to open your bins, they will find what the outside of the container says.  Or you could write kitchen, or baby clothes, or whatever you want. Do this with all of your preps, and rotate the food storage you do have so your food doesn’t go bad.

And of course you want to have food in your kitchen, but I don’t keep a lot of food where people will think it should be. We do keep our canned food that is close to expiring in the kitchen, so we use it first, but a sneaky thing we do as well is we have expired cans of food that is in the pantry as well.

I know this sounds wasteful and odd, but in the event that someone comes knocking on our door, it looks as if we have a lot of food in our kitchen, as most people do, but about 25% of our canned food that is in the cabinets has expired. It’s still food, and I would much rather someone take that than look for my real food pantry.

If someone comes knocking and telling us we have to give up our share of food, we are prepared to do so with what is obvious. But you can be sure I will be putting on a show, and begging them not to take our food. Because if I just let them in without much fight, and started bagging up the food for them while smiling, they would probably assume I have a lot more food, somewhere. I know I would be thinking that.

7. Weapons – Think Outside Of The Box: Sure it would be nice to have enough firearms that every family member were equipped, AND we had enough ammunition  for all of these firearms, but realistically, that will not happen. And if you don’t have your concealed carry permit, you may not even be able to carry it with you.

But weapons don’t have to be only firearms. There are the more traditional or non lethal weapons, such as knives, crossbows, traditional bows, etc. But what if you don’t have these things with you? What do you do? You improvise. If you are in your car, a tire iron would make a great weapon. Or if you’re at home, you have your preps and probably a lot of weapons.

Bats work great as do shovels, hammers, axes, and, well I think you get the picture. Look around you right now. Do you see 3 things you could get to quickly and use as a weapon? As I sit here on my couch and write this, I see a piece of metal wall art that would make a deadly weapon, our dog, the knives in the kitchen, a BB gun, my daughters air soft rifle, a hammer, a screw driver……and well, you get the idea. A weapon does not have to be traditional. If it can cause injury, it could be a weapon.

8. Remain Calm and Keep Your Mouth Shut: This may sound easy, but in a stressful situation, you will have so much adrenaline coursing through your body, keeping calm is going to be the last thing on your mind.

Add to this if you are surrounded by people, you may find it easy to get caught up in the situation, and act as the crowd does. However, this is not what you want to do. First things first, keep calm, and be quiet. Assess the situation around you, and determine what your options are.

Try to think critically of the situation you are in, and keep your main goal in mind. What is your main goal? It should be to get out of there safety, and without detection. If you are running around like a crazy person, screaming “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” It is a safe assumption that you are sticking out like a sore thumb.

Keep your goal in mind, and keep saying it to yourself as you figure a way out of the situation. If you remain calm, and be as invisible as you can, you will be able to escape the situation.

Some of the ideas given may be out of your comfort zone, but for us, that is what prepping is all about. Getting out of our comfort zone, and doing things differently. We are not going to sit around and wait for someone to tell us how to think, or what we need to be doing.

Preparing for a terrorist attack and keeping you and your family safe means thinking for ourselves. We have our own brains, and if we dare to think for ourselves and for our family, we will have a better chance of survival. This is part of the multi-faceted lifestyle of being more self-reliant.

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