Italy In Lockdown due to Coronavirus — Coronavirus Was a Bio Warfare Program Gone out of Control ! –This Thing is About to get Very Ugly

Italian officials have cut short the Venice Carnival as they try to control what is now the worst outbreak of the coronavirus in Europe.

Authorities in the Veneto region said the event would end later on Sunday, two days earlier than scheduled.

Italy has by far the highest number of coronavirus cases in Europe, with 152. Three people have died.

Italy has imposed strict quarantine restrictions in two northern “hotspot” regions close to Milan and Venice.

Italian Cities on Lockdown , South Korea Shutting Down !!! A sharp jump in coronavirus cases in Italy has prompted authorities to cancel the final days of Carnival in Venice. Several towns in northern Italy have also been put on lockdown, after 2 people are reported to have died from the disease.

South Korea is also on high alert following a sharp jump in coronavirus cases there, with the total number reaching more than 600. The virus has now spread from China to more than 25 countries. Welcome to The Atlantis Report Back up Channel. Italian authorities announced on Sunday that events related to the famous Venice carnival would be stopped as the country reported three fatalities from the COVID-19 virus in 48 hours.

An official from the Lombardy region announced on Sunday afternoon that a third person had died from the novel coronavirus in the country making Italy the first European member state to have a national die from COVID-19. Authorities had revealed on Saturday that 75-year-old woman from Lombardy had died, which followed the death of man, 78, from Veneto. The country has reported 132 cases of the disease including 89 people in Lombardy, 25 in Veneto, nine in Emilia Romagna and six in Piemonte, the head of the country’s civil protection service, Angelo Borrelli, said on Sunday afternoon.

About 50,000 people cannot enter or leave several towns in Veneto and Lombardy for the next two weeks without special permission.
In neighbouring Austria, a train from Venice was stopped at the Austrian border after it emerged that two passengers had fever symptoms. Austria’s Interior Minister Karl Nehammer later confirmed to the BBC that the pair tested negative for coronavirus.

“All authorities have acted quickly and with great caution in this case,” said Mr Nehammer in a statement. “The reporting chain worked without delay.”

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Elsewhere, authorities in South Korea and Iran are battling to control rising numbers of infections. South Korea has raised its coronavirus alert to the “highest level”.

In the UK, four passengers recently returned from quarantine on the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan have tested positive for the virus.

The new strain of coronavirus, which originated last year in Hubei province in China, causes a respiratory disease called Covid-19. China has seen more than 76,000 infections and 2,442 deaths.

Coronavirus was a Bio Warfare Program gone out of Control !

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Thanks to Beijing’s censorship, news about the coronavirus came too little too late in order to contain the outbreak successfully. Even though the coronavirus has to date been far less lethal than the flu, its long incubation period has ensured its spread as asymptomatic carriers spread around the globe. The Chinese government’s silence has at best created uncertainty and raised many questions. At worst, the silence has bred conspiracy.

After Tom Cotton raised questions in a Fox News interview about whether the coronavirus originated in a Chinese biological warfare or military laboratory, the press criticized the Republican Arkansas senator for allegedly dabbling in conspiracy. However, with so many unanswered questions, a bit more caution might be warranted on the part of the press.

It is just as irresponsible to trust any information put forward by the Chinese government as it is to voice theories absent evidence.

After all, there have been Cold War corollaries to what Wuhan now experiences that remain relevant today. In the Wall Street Journal, Yaroslav Trofimov offered a highly personal account of living through Chernobyl as rumor spread that the accident was far more serious than the government acknowledged. Trofimov’s essay was useful to understand the nature of a government that would not hesitate to lie in order to save face, but Chernobyl may not have been the most relevant example to Wuhan.

The ignoble honor belongs instead to Sverdlovsk, today’s Yekaterinburg, in Russia’s Ural Mountains.

In January 1980, reports surfaced of an “outbreak of disease” in the city. U.S. intelligence reports suggested that an anthrax outbreak originated at a biological weapons facility located nearby, and American assessments placed the casualty count above 1,000. Satellite imagery showed that a building in the suspect military complex was abandoned after the incident. The Soviet government blamed tainted meat, and many of those critical of U.S. foreign policy worried that the truth (a Soviet violation of the Biological Weapons Convention) might undercut any chance for Cold War detente. However, evidence pointed to inhalation anthrax rather than the less contagious gastric variety. Witnesses and emigres reported quarantines, something necessary for spread-through-inhalation disease rather than foodborne disease.

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