Economic Collapse & Civil Unrest

Closer Than You Think?

Is Economic Collapse and Civil Unrest closer than you think? Today we live in a world which more than ever is full of uncertainty. Uncertainty creates anxiety and fear when fear rears its head people either dig their heads in the sand or attempt to face their fear by meeting it head-on. Known as fight or flight response it’s also called hyperarousal or acute stress response and is a natural human reaction.

Preppers fall into the fight category, we face our fears by researching and understanding all we can about a threat. This, in turn, enables us to prepare for that threat as best we can.

When planning for economic collapse or civil unrest It’s no good just doing a quick search for gear and supplies. You have to work on your mindset, researching and understanding what this scenario fully entails. Personally, I think these scenarios are closer to happening than some people think. Whilst I hope they don’t happen, the fact is they could. So let’s look at this subject in more detail.

Originally published : By  Jason

Definition Of Economic Collapse

An economic collapse happens when there is a complete breakdown of countries financial stability. Resulting in an economy being in distress for months, years, decades or even resulting in a state of permanent meltdown. Economic collapses can happen quickly with no real warning due to a number of factors which can include:

  • A country’s currency rapidly losing value causing hyperinflation.
  • The internet being compromised by hackers, infected with a crippling virus. So none of the systems we use for banking and communication would work.
  • A run on the banking sector that causes banks to run out of money. Resulting in them closing or going out of business. Cash would no longer be available. Similar to the financial crisis that happened back in 2008.
  • Oil can no longer be imported in sufficient amounts due to some form of terrorism or oil embargo.
  • A nuclear or other war that overstretches a countries resources.
  • Failure of the power grid.

What Are The Effects Of Serious Economic Collapse

In the event of a serious economic collapse, banks will close and Jobs would be lost. Bankruptcy would occur, fuel will become hard to get hold of and transportation will be affected, if not stopped altogether. This will lead to stores closing because they no longer have anything to sell. Food will be in short supply if available at all. Anything that is for sale will have its prices inflated way beyond what most people could afford. All of these effects would lead to civil unrest involving looting and violence. Survival of the fittest would begin.

Definition Of Civil Unrest

Civil unrest is defined by law enforcement as gatherings of three or more people who react to an event. Intending on causing a public disturbance in violation of the law. Civil unrest can be planned or spontaneous and typically involves damage to property or injury to other people.

An example of recent civil unrest is Catalonia (2017). It’s reported that Spain may be on the brink of a financial crisis. This is due to investment in Catalonia being frozen because of civil unrest occurring after the recent independence referendum. Here’s a link to incidents of civil unrest in the United States.

As you can see from the examples above civil unrest and its severity can occur for a number of reasons. The civil unrest scenario most preppers are preparing for is at the more extreme end of the civil unrest scale. This is the total break down of society born out of total economic collapse. Also complete lawlessness when the police and military forces of a country, nation or region lose control. A time when people will react strongly in different ways and their actions will be harmful to themselves and others.

JP Morgan has been investing in loads and loads of silver over the last 8 years. They’ve been “planning” this crash for years now. I mean preparing

What Are The Effects Of Serious Long Term Civil Unrest

If serious civil unrest occurs it’s likely that the police and military would have lost control. Probably because their resources can no longer cope with the scale of unrest. Human nature will kick in, people will attempt to take the law into their own hands.

If serious long-term civil unrest unfolds you will find yourself in a lawless society filled with panic and greed. People who declare themselves to be saviors will target the week and gather them like sheep. In the same way that Negan was portrayed in one of my favorite TV show The Walking Dead.

Preppers will be the most cool calm and collective of the general population because they have planned for this scenario. They will have plans in place to circumvent the self-pronounced saviors and many of the effects of civil unrest. Whilst not an exhaustive list here are many effects that will happen:

  • Lawlessness
  • Violence
  • Looting
  • Rape
  • Pillaging
  • Poverty
  • Starvation
  • Illness & Disease

Why Is Civil Unrest A Real Possibility

Civil unrest is already occurring in small pockets around the world.  People are becoming increasingly unhappy with the lack of empathy of politicians and the way their countries are being run. Leaders and politicians of these countries are failing to listen to their people. If these issues are not resolved things can quickly spiral out of control.

I’ve already given the example of how quickly the unrest in Catalonia came about. here are some more examples demonstrating why all is not well with the world.

  • Europe is becoming conflicted.
  • The UK has Brexit issues with growing unrest with the way the UK government are handling negotiations.
  • Far right political parties in both Germany and France are gaining ground as a result of dissatisfaction on how Europe is evolving.
  • Then there’s America if you don’t think its possible for civil unrest to escalate in today’s USA take a look at Is America Headed for a New Kind of Civil War?  a recent article in the New Yorker.

Preparing For Economic Collapse & Civil Unrest

When planning to survive economic collapse and or civil unrest you should think the scenario through. Asking yourself key questions that you will need answers to. When I run these scenarios through my mind I try to imagine I have stepped unwillingly into a time machine. The machine takes me from where I am today and delivers me to a time of economic collapse and civil unrest.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why has the economic collapse occurred?
  • How long is it likely to last or is it permanent?
  • What effects will it have on me and my family?
  • How do I plan to survive it?
  • Where do I plan to survive it?
  • What gear and supplies will I need to survive?

You may have more questions of your own to add to the list above. When you can visualize these questions and the answers to them you will be able to put a plan in place. People will have different plans based on their family situation, circumstances and location. For example, urban planning will differ to rural planning. You may be able to bug in if your security and supplies are up to the job. Do you need a bug out plan that takes you away from the more volatile areas of unrest.

You will need to stock up on water and nonperishable food. Include a medical kit and supplies and suitable clothing. You may need items that you can barter as a replacement for currency. Even if you plan to stay put you will need to organize some portable kit that you can grab and go if the situation requires it.


I hope you found this article on Economic collapse and civil unrest insightful. If you have any feedback with regards to how you are planning for such a scenario. Or if you feel that such a situation is unlikely to occur, why not add your feedback in the comments below. We love a good old prepper debate at prepper bits.

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