Just Released–Barack Hussein Obama: Coincidence–or Could He Actually Be the Antichrist? Wait Until You See This! (Video)


The Above Photo Is that of famous Obama Impersonator Reggie Brown from a 2012 article found here  http://galleries.apps.chicagotribune.com/chi-120624-chicago-gay-pride-parade-pictures/


The REAL Obama supporting the homosexual movement

There have been so many videos, so many debates and discussions about whether President Barack Hussein Obama is actually the Antichrist or not that many people are tired of hearing about it. However, the fact remains—we know positively, according to the things happening in this world right now—strange weather, current events, politics, peace talks, Jews going back home to Israel, and much more—that the very man who is titled the “abomination of desolation”, the “son of perdition”, the “false Messiah”, etc. is alive and among us today.


Is Obama merely a distraction as to who the Antichrist really is?  Or, is he the one the Bible clearly describes who will sit in the Holy Place and declare himself God?


Are all of these things sheer coincidence? In my opinion, there seems to be just a little too many.  Watch the below video and then decide—coincidence or Antichrist?


Coincidence–or Could Barack Obama Be the Antichrist?




In case you missed this one, it is a must-see!


Anti-Christ UNVEILED: The Sun Rising in the West







Source : beforeitsnews.com

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