List of Best Plants That Help with Weight Loss

How are herbs and spices used?
Herbs and spices can deliver a surge of health benefits with minimal risk of adverse effects when used as a seasoning or flavoring agent for foods. However, do not overdo it.

Limit yourself to one tablespoon (14 grams) per day and consume by mixing them with nutrient-dense whole foods to help you lose a substantial amount of weight.

If you are taking herbs as a supplement, adhere to the recommended dosages to avoid any unnecessary effects.

Speak to a health professional before taking any supplement if you have any underlying health concerns, including pregnancy and lactation, or are on any medications.

In addition, if you have any unpleasant side effects or signs of a food allergy, stop using it immediately and consult a trusted healthcare professional.

List of Plants That Help with Weight Loss


Plants that Help with Weight Loss

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) boosts metabolism and helps in burning calories. It also works on managing glucose levels and prevents inflammation of the abdomen. Add small pieces of this herb in your cuisines and see how it improves your digestion and burns fat.

Recipe: Ginger tea is a great replacement for your regular tea that will also assist in losing weight. Grate 1/2 inch of ginger, in a cup of water and let it boil for 2 minutes. Add a tea bag and enjoy!  

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2. Cayenne Pepper

Capsaicin is a thermogenic compound that provides cayenne pepper, warm, and spicy flavor. It encourages the body to burn fat by producing heat. It also helps in lowering down blood fat levels and dissolve fatty tissues and can also reduce the risk of heart diseases, as well.

Recipe: Add 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper and one lime in 1 cup of water. Stir well, and enjoy your drink! 

Note: Avoid consuming too much cayenne pepper as it can lead to upset stomach, vomiting, and dizziness.

3. Guggul

Magical herbs for weight loss

Guggul (Commiphora Mukul Hook) is also known as Indian myrrh. It is a gum resin that stimulates the thyroid function, boosts the metabolic rate and aids in burning calories. It has phytosteroid, which is known as guggulsterone, that works on lowering bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol).

Recipe: Take 1/4 teaspoon guggul, 1/2 teaspoon Triphala powder, and 1/2 cup water. Soak the guggul extract, Triphala powder in water overnight. Strain and drink in the morning.

Note: Consult your regular physician before use. Avoid excessive use as it can cause diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.

4. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a popular spice that triggers your metabolism and aids in controlling blood sugar. It also helps in lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides. Primarily, cinnamon works on managing blood sugar that also assists in weight loss.

Recipe: You can add the powder of these fragrant sticks in your tea or coffee. Add half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in 1 cup of water and let it simmer for 2-3 minutes — strain and drink in the morning.

Note: Use Ceylon cinnamon for weight loss and avoid using Cassia cinnamon.

5. Yerba Mate

Herbs that burn belly fat fast

Yerba mate (Ilex Paraguariensis) is a native drink of South America. The tea made from twigs and dried leaves of the plant is rich in nutrients and antioxidants that help in lowering cholesterol and inflammation. Interestingly, yerba mate tea has a bit higher antioxidant properties than green tea!

Recipe: Add three spoonfuls of Yerba Mate in hot water and let it simmer for 2-3 minutes. Enjoy! 

6. Stevia

Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) is used as an artificial sweetener in foods and beverages. It does not possess calories and thus helps in weight reduction and absorbing fats. If you are not growing the plant, always buy ready to use stevia powder or tablets for consumption.

Recipe: You can add stevia in your tea, coffee, or health drink, replacing it with your table sugar.

7. Mint

Mint is a nutritional herb that helps in detoxification of the body and weight loss. The fragrant green leaves aids in boosting digestive metabolism, helping to eliminate toxins and waste from the body.

Recipe: Take 1 cup of water, one teaspoon of dried mint leaves (If you’re taking fresh leaves, 8-10 will be enough), and a few drops of lime juice. Pour warm water and drink empty stomach.

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8. Fennel

Herbal weight loss supplements

Fennel has diuretic properties that improve digestion and stimulates metabolism. It has a sweet taste and widely used in medicines and cuisines. The tiny green seeds are rich in dietary fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, helping in losing weight and purifying the blood as well.

Recipe: Take two teaspoon fennel seeds and 1 cup of water. Soak the seeds in water overnight and drink the next morning. 

9. Viola Tricolor

Viola tricolor (Wild pansy) has diuretic properties that help in boosting metabolism. It also contains high levels of flavonoids, that assist in stabilizing capillary membranes. It is also one of the best Plants that Help with Weight Loss.

Recipe: Take one teaspoon loose viola tea and soak it into 1 cup boiling water for approximately 10 minutes. Strain and drink in the morning or evening.

10. Dandelion

Dandelion is rich in nutrients that slow the speed of digestive function, making you feel fuller. It also contains beta-carotene, which protects your liver from free radicals. Also, it is packed with antioxidants, vitamin K1, minerals, and dietary fiber.

Recipe: Boil one teaspoon of dried leaves of dandelion in 1 cup of water for 2-3 minutes. Strain and drink before dinner.

Note: Pregnant ladies must avoid consuming dandelion tea.

11. Nettle

Nettle (Urtica dioica) has many health benefits. It is loaded with several essential nutrients that aid in controlling blood sugar and also helps in weight reduction.

Recipe: Take one teaspoon of dried nettle leaves and 1 cup of water and allow it to boil. Let it simmer for 5-8 minutes after removing from the flame. Strain and drink before meals.

Note: Consult with your doctor before use. Also, Pregnant ladies need to avoid the use of nettle.

12. Birch

Top plants to loose weight

Birch has diuretic properties that help in eliminating harmful toxins from the body through urine. It is rich in vitamin C as well, which also assist in losing weight.

Recipe: Boil 50 g of birch bark in one liter of water for 5 minutes. Remove from flame and let it stand for 5 minutes. Filter it and pour it into a jar or bottle. Add it in your juice or water. Don’t exceed six tablespoons per day.

13. Chicory

The roots of chicory contain inulin, which is a prebiotic fiber that supports losing weight, boosting digestive functions, and managing blood sugar.

Recipe: Take one teaspoon of dried chicory roots in 1 cup of water. Boil for 5 minutes and allow it to stand for 5-7 minutes before drinking. You can take up to 2 cups of chicory drink in a day.

14. Artichokes

Plants for best weight loss

Artichokes are filled with essential antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. As it is also low in fats, making it a perfect vegetable to lose weight.

Recipe:  Take chopped artichoke and add 1 liter of water. Allow it to simmer for 5 minutes. Let it stand for a few minutes and then strain. You can add stevia or honey for taste.

Note: Don’t take more than 3 cups a day.

15. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera helps in decreasing visceral fat (harmful fat that covers the major organs). It also reduces blood sugar and aids in losing weight. Besides that, it is also an excellent laxative and cleanser of toxins.

Recipe: Take one or half leaf of Aloe Vera depending on the size of the leaf. Cut the sides and scoop out the gel-like flesh and prepare a smoothie in a blender by adding a glass of water and a tablespoon of honey (optional) to improve the taste. 

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16. Parsley

Plants that will help you to reduce weight

Parsley is rich in several nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It also helps in detoxification of the body and assists in losing weight.

Recipe: Add one teaspoon parsley in 1 cup boiling water, squeeze half lime and let it simmer for 5 minutes. You can take up to two glasses a day. Likewise, you can also combine it with meals mixed with celery and carrot juice.

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17. Laurel

Laurel (Laurus nobilis) is commonly known as the bay leaf, a popular spice in Asian cuisines. The anti-fungal properties of bay leaf work on removing harmful bacteria from the gut. It also helps in boosting metabolism by improving the digestive system.

Recipe: Take 2-4 laurel leaves and boil them in 1 cup of water. Allow them to simmer for 5-10 minutes and strain and drink. You can also add honey to taste.

18. Cucumber

Plant weight loss

As cucumbers are low in calories, you can eat them to feel full without worrying about gaining too much weight. They also help in the detoxification of the body.

Recipe: You can either make a cucumber juice or slice them up to eat. Add lemon and salt for enhanced taste. 

Keep in mind that all these plants have diuretic properties that can cause the body to eliminate excessive water. If you are taking any medications, consult your doctor before having infusions of these plants.

Everything you eat or drink eventually reaches your liver for processing.
The liver then determines if the food we eat, regardless of how healthy or unhealthy it is, will get burned as energy or if it will be stored as unsightly body fat.

Unfortunately, there are over 85,000 toxic substances regularly consumed through the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe that wreak havoc on our livers.
What’s worse, these modern day toxins severely damage the specific liver cells responsible for processing food and fat to energy.

This causes slow metabolism, low energy and excess belly fat.

However, the great news is studies show that with optimal liver function, your liver cells can be up to 14 times more efficient at burning fat and calories on autopilot.

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