Putin Showing Fake Moon Landing Evidence As “AI Apocalypse” Terror Strikes America

Putin warning the plenary session of the AI Journey International Conference in Moscow: “Humanity is stepping into a new chapter of its existence by using artificial intelligence in spheres like science, education and healthcare”, says he then assessed about Western artificial intelligence neural networks: “It seems to me that you are fully aware of the selective and biased nature of certain Western search engines and generative models…They often fail to acknowledge, and at times even disregard, the significance of Russian culture”—after which President Putin was shown evidence using the Google Artificial Intelligence Neural Network conclusively proving that the pictures taken during the American moon landing in 1969 were fake.

Among those skeptical about the American moon landing in 1969, this report notes, is former Director Dmitry Rogozin of the Roscosmos Space Agency, who this past May critically observed: “It was not clear to me how the United States, at that level of technological development of the 1960s of the last century, did what they still cannot do now”—and why it’s critical that all nations are truthful about scientific achievements and discoveries was just demonstrated by a research group working on the Telescope Array Collaboration project hosted at the University of Utah announcing to the world the detection of an ultra-high-energy cosmic ray “Oh-My-God Particle” that appears to have no clear origin—these cosmic events are exceedingly rare to the point where detections happen less than one particle per century per square kilometer—the last detection of this kind that upends everything known about physics was in 1991, and researches today noted: “The particle had more energy than theoretically conceivable for cosmic rays traveling to Earth from other galaxies…To put it bluntly, the particle should not exist”.

Unlike the American physicists announcing the discovery of only the second in history “Oh-My-God Particle”, this report continues, the American artificial intelligence community was thrown into chaos and turmoil during the past week after the board of directors of OpenAI suddenly fired without explanation its CEO Sam Altman—within five days, however, nearly all of the OpenAI board of directors were fired without explanation, then Altman was reinstated as CEO.

The main researcher at Open AI, its co-founder and one of its board members, this report details, is world-renowned Russian-born artificial intelligence computer scientist Ilya Sutskever, who is suspected to have initiated the ouster of CEO Sam Altman—it has now been revealed about what occurred at OpenAI: “Days before a whirlwind of corporate upheaval, several of the firm’s researchers reportedly penned a concerning letter to its board of directors…They highlighted a significant AI breakthrough with ominous implications for mankind”—a revelation quickly followed by venture capitalist Marc Andreessen posting to X: “Seriously though — what did Ilya see?”—then the world’s richest person Elon Musk fearfully replied on X a few hours later: “Yeah!…Something scared Ilya enough to want to fire Sam…What was it?”.

With no one knowing what scared OpenAI co-founder Ilya Sutskever into ousting CEO Sam Altman, this report notes, America’s foremost technology publication Wired Magazine, in its just released article “Sam Altman’s Second Coming Sparks New Fears Of The AI Apocalypse”, revealed: “Altman’s strategy of raising billions of dollars and partnering with a tech giant to pursue ever more advanced AI while also admitting that he didn’t fully understand where it might lead was hard to align with his professed fears of extinction-level events…Altman repeatedly asked governments to regulate him and his company for the good of humankind…“My worst fear is that we—the field, the technology, the industry—cause significant harm to the world”, Altman told a Congressional hearing in May, saying he wanted to work with governments to prevent that”.

During his annual address to Russian school children on 1 September 2017, this report concludes, President Putin warned: “Artificial intelligence is the future, not only for Russia, but for all humankind…It comes with colossal opportunities, but also threats that are difficult to predict…Whoever becomes the leader in this sphere will become the ruler of the world”—a warning followed nearly a year ago, on 30 November 2022, when OpenAI released to the public its artificial intelligence application ChatGPT—and this past May, it saw hugely popular American evangelical Christian pastor Nick Jones releasing to the world his beyond chilling video “I Asked AI About The Second Coming Of Jesus, And Its Response Left Me Stunned!”, that’s been viewed over 2.7 million times, wherein he revealed: “I asked Chat GPT to write me a sermon about the role artificial intelligence will play in the end times according to the Book of Revelations…It literally wrote me a five point sermon explaining the role that artificial intelligence will play in the end times supported with scripture from the Book of Revelations”.

“The increasing role and power of artificial intelligence in our lives and world requires us to imagine and shape a desirable future with this technology. Since visions of AI often draw from Christian apocalyptic narratives, current discussions about technological hopes and fears
present an opportunity for a deeper engagement with Christian eschatological resources. Thi lecture argues that the Christian apocalyptic imagination can transform how we think about and
use AI, helping us discover ways artificial agency may participate in new creation.”


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