M3.2 SURFACE QUAKE — Foreshock for San Francisco

A magnitude 3.2 earthquake has struck near San Francisco . . . the largest quake in over a year; and at a depth of Zero KM and Zero Miles!  SURFACE QUAKE!  Very rare!! Foreshock to a bigger one?

A "surface quake" only takes place when the stress on a tectonic plate is so tremendous, the plate begins to bulge UPWARD!  That bulge causes the surface to snap; hence a "surface quake."  The fact that this has taken place seems to indicate a very severe stress on the Pacific Tectonic plate.  If that stress continues to cause the plate to bulge upward, once it actually snaps, San Francisco will get walloped.  Even worse, the surface quake took place offshore.  So water is involved, which means if the plate does snap, it will hurl a wall of water into the city within minutes.  

This is a very serious development.

The US Geological Survey is reporting the quake as a magnitude 3.2 off the shore of San Francisco; the largest quake to strike that area in over a year.   In fact, according to a specialized search of about a 100 miles radius of that area, there have been 799 earthquakes in the area  during the last year and today's 3.2 is the largest to strike in that time.  The map below from the USGS shows the data:


With multiple destructive earthquakes having struck Japan and Ecuador multiple times within the past week, and knowing that the 1906 earthquake which destroyed San Francisco, took place after both Japan and Ecuador were struck by tremendous quakes during that year, many are fearful that history may be repeating itself; worried that a massive quake may be coming for San Francisco in particular, or California in general.  The map below shows the situation:


The US Geological Survey has all sorts of measuring devices along the San Andreas Fault in and around California.  One of the devices they have is called a Creep Meter . . . it measures "crustal deformation" to indicate when the ground is beginning to move or be crushed by the San Andreas Fault moving.  This week, almost ALL the creep meters around San Francisco are Green colored, showing activity, as seen below:

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So the USGS devices confirm the ground is moving around the city, and now there's been the largest earthquake in over a year, just off the shore of San Francisco.  HINT HINT.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see where this is heading.

No one can predict an earthquake and we are not attempting to do so.  We are merely reporting the facts with the hope folks in California will make certain they are prepared with emergency water, food, flashlights, batteries, radios, blankets, medicine and first aid kits, etc.  It cannot hurt to be prepared.

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Source :  www.superstation95.com

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  1. Jason

    Magnitude 3.2 = blip of a bubble and nothing to do with anything big going to happen anytime soon. I doubt anyone in Bay Area is sitting around biting their fingernails and pulling their hair in worry and fright over this. In fact, nobody in Bay Area or anywhere within 200 miles will much care at all. It is an every day occurrence for such tiny little blips to happen here and there, surface and below surface, none of it anything to be concerned about. It indicates nothing in other words. It does not mean a big earthquake is going to happen anytime soon. And if one should happen it could be decades to centuries in the future and with modern building standards in that area, there will be minimal death and destruction, not like in third world countries where even small earthquakes bring down large areas. San Francisco Bay Area and the continued success of Agenda 21 and other Progressive ideology success stories will continue unabated and become the central launching point for the rest of the United States and with no earthquake, minor or major, EVER going to prevent this from happening.


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