Michael Obama Has A “Woody” (Video) Obama Can’t Come Out Of Closet Or Get Chopped Off


First Lady Michelle Obama, Has a,”Woody!” MVI 3088

Please click on the link below, and notice Michael’s wide shoulders in comparison to Barack, as they are boarding Air Force One. Notice his,”Woody,” as a gust of wind presses against his dress. The only,” wardrobe malefaction,” is that his,” jockstrap,” might not have been put on tight enough.

I Think I Might Know Why Michael (Michelle) Had A,”Woody”! MVI 3097


Watch the attached video in MVI 3088, notice where Obama’s right hand is, as Michael is walking up the stairs. That might very well explain why, once at the top of the stairs boarding Air Force One, Michael had a,”Woody.”

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Maybe she was trying to take the attention off of her travel-expenses? Classic PR move, Michelle.



Why Obama, Can’t Come Out Of The Closet! MVI 3105

I believe that the,”Chosen One,” can’t come out of the closet, because he is also a radical, extremist Muslim, and ISLAM would not allow him to live being a homosexual.



I don’t agree with most peoples religion. But I agree that one must see that Obama’s the Antichrist.


I’m Tibetan Tantric Buddhist because it’s the highest form of culture in the world. The Apocalypse prophecy of Kalachakra says that the demonic being at the end of times will have a syncretical belief such as Obama has .



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