Michio KaKu Fukushima The end of Humanity – Fukushima Nuclear Radiation Cause Massive Killing In U.S.A, UK, And CANADA.

We know it’s bad – but how bad?

Nearly six years have passed since an earthquake and tsunami in Japan killed 16,000 people and caused nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi plant. New research now suggests that the radiation released by the nuclear disaster may have lingering effects on fish—but that the risk posed to human beings from consumption, thanks in part to strong regulation, is maxim.

10 days ago from this writing, the sardine fishery of British Columbia, Canada was reported to have “inexplicably” collapsed. Simply no sardines were caught and the fleet went home, empty-handed. Starfish and seal populations in that region are also collapsing.

We’ve heard now about three complete meltdowns that are occurring at the afflicted power plant at Fukushima – but we’ve never heard about the fact that there are actually 6 reactors at the site! We know that this week, 2 separate typhoons (the term for hurricanes in the western Pacific) will be colliding exactly over Fukushima this week, all the better to disperse the unfathomable tonnage of hot particles into the Pacific Ocean Basin, set to do further ruin to the already-collapsing ecosystems throughout this immense area.

Were there to be a fire spread, due to the hundreds of unsecured nuclear fuel rods at the plant today, a chain reaction could occur and “The Northern Hemisphere could easily be facing an extreme fallout situation, where everybody would have to shelter indoors for several months or more,” according to Christina Consolo, Founder of Nuked Radio. When interviewed by Russia Today, Consolo’s assessment was that the worst case scenario could play out into the deaths of “billions of people. A true apocalypse.”

Expert: Plutonium-241 from Fukushima nearly 70,000 times more than atomic bomb fallout in Japan — Gov’t Labs: Large areas of oceans contaminated by plutonium from events such as Fukushima; Build-up in biosphere expected; Considerable hazard to humans — Officials: Molten fuel now ‘particle-like’, contains ‘special’ nuclear materials.

A new radiation reading taken deep inside Japan’s damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor No. 2 shows levels reaching a maximum of 530 sieverts per hour, a number experts have called “unimaginable”.

Even a brief exposure to 530 sieverts of radiation would kill a person. Exposure to only one sievert is enough to result in infertility, loss of hair and cataracts. According to the National Institute of Radiological Sciences, exposure to a mere four sieverts of radiation would typically be lethal for one out of every two people. The highest level of radiation detected previously at the Fukushima reactor was 73 sieverts per hour.

The attempted cover up of the severity of the Fukushima disaster is nothing new. Governments have been covering up nuclear meltdowns for 50 years, and the basic design for nuclear reactors was not chosen for safety, but because it worked on Navy submarines … and produced plutonium for the military.

Nuclear Expert: We found ‘mystery’ Fukushima plutonium; Why it’s there is yet to be understood, this was not expected — US Gov’t Expert: I don’t want to go down the rabbit hole too far… There’s speculation about plutonium fuel and about what other fuel they were using. 

(Indeed, the government’s response to every crisis appears to be to try to cover it up; and see this.)
Today, Yomiuri Shinbun reports (Google translation) that the U.S. knew within days that Fukushima had melted down:

The US … already knew about the unusually high temperature of the reactors from the Global Hawk data, and determined that “the fuel has already melted”.

The US high-ranking officials wanted to evacuate the US citizens [Tokyo] but the local officials including Maher objected, as “it would severely undermine the US-Japan alliance”

In this article by Green Road Journal, they claim that the mass media, for the most part, is reporting a pro nuclear industry view. After, they say, six years of research, the authors put forward their pessimistic view:
Fukushima has released 257 Tons Of Heavy Metal Radioactive Poisons; 429 Lethal Radiation Doses Chasing Each Person on the Planet (Dr. Paolo Scamp), and that it is 12,000 times worse than Chernobyl.
Mass die offs in ocean started in 2011, but the situation is getting worse.

Some believe Tokyo is not safe to live in, and should be evacuated, and that the radiation is bioconcentration up the food chain to humans.
There is an increase in frequency of mutations, being found in trees, insects, plants, birds, animals — and  the entire western coastline of Pacific ocean is basically sterilized, with few species remaining.The soil and lichens have VERY high radioactivity.   6000 Bq /kG!    30 Bq/kG is dangerous to animals and above 100 Bq/kG said animals cannot be sold. 

The impact of the Fukushima-derived radiostrontium ((90)Sr and (89)Sr) on the western North Pacific Ocean has not been well established, although (90)Sr concentrations recorded in surface seawater offshore of the damaged Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant were in some areas comparable to or even higher than (as those in December 2011 with 400 kBq m(-3)(90)Sr) the (137)Cs levels. The total amount of (90)Sr released to the marine environment in the form of highly radioactive wastewater could reach about 1 PBq. Long-term series (1960-2010) of (90)Sr concentration measurements in subtropical surface waters of the western North Pacific indicated that its concentration has been decreasing gradually with a half-life of 14 y. The pre-Fukushima (90)Sr levels in surface waters, including coastal waters near Fukushima, were estimated to be 1 Bq m(-3). To better assess the impact of about 4-5 orders of magnitude increased radiostrontium levels on the marine environment, more detail measurements in seawater and biota of the western North Pacific are required.

The company has admitted that it did not act properly during the disaster, confessing in February that it announced the nuclear meltdowns far too late. It also stated in a 2012 report that it downplayed safety risks caused by the incident, out of fear that additional measures would lead to a shutdown of the plant and further fuel public anxiety and anti-nuclear campaigns.


Despite the ongoing problems encountered following the meltdowns, TEPCO has set 2020 as the goal for ending the plant’s water problem – an aim which critics say is far too optimistic. The problem of water contamination is just one of many surrounding the dismantling and containing of the Fukushima plant debris which is estimated to take at least 40 years. Fukushima Nuclear Rdiation Cause Massive Killing In U.S.A, UK, And CANADA.


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  1. James Stamulis

    My question is where was Mr. KaKu in 2011 when this happened for i will bet all i own he knew then just like i knew then it was a disaster of biblical proportions but he was basically silent until Trump became president. I remember clearly Obama saying none of the radiqation will reach America and that made me almost loose my lunch. Same with the MSM and Congress.

    1. Chuck Morrison

      Here's a link to the good professor commenting on the danger from April 2011, one month after the disaster. I guess you missed that one.  https://www.democracynow.org/2011/4/13/expert_despite_japanese_govt_claims_of

      He's not the problem anyway. The lying gov'ts of US and Japan are.

      1. WEDGE

        Appears more than that was missed: "but we’ve never heard about the fact that there are actually 6 reactors at the site!" We knew that information the same day they went hyper-critical. I am glad that this site is getting up to speed. Too bad the rest of America isn't. At least the former USSR pulled out all the stops when it came to the Chernobyl event. With Fukushima, it's one massive cover up after another. Why?

  2. Maxwell

    Should have used a nuke to mitigate this issue. Now with this fizzing bubbly, slow decay, it's going to stick around for a long time. Instead of 30 days now 3000+ years.

  3. Yvonne Russell

    I've followed Fukushima since the day it happened. Daily I listened to Rense.com who had aweekly interviews with Yoshi Simarto and Canadian, Dana Dunford. These two men were the only brave souls that were investigating and talking about it. Others had been thertened and slienced. Dana via boat took pictures all along the coast of Canada and upper US. He is educated to know all the species.  His website is The Nuclear Proctologist. The pictures are frigtening. It shows the before and after of the terrain and how everything is dead. When he made his findings public via Rense, he was silenced. His abode was attacked and was he sued in a trial and is now under a gag order. Yoichi Shimatu is an highly brilliant and honest Japanese man who was editor of Japanese newspaper. He is not under any gag order as he is not under American jurisdiction. However, Japan made it a criminal act to speak about Fukushima openly. He has traveled extensively in Japan and around the world since 2011 event and has been interviewed on his findings and it is deadly. Where was Mr. Kaku? Could be he wanted to stay alive. I know myself that the supermarket has numerous fruits e.g., strawberries, that are mutated. They have tumors along with many species of ocean fish. That is the sign of a tumor. There are few ants, bees, bugs, very few. Dwindling down to small appearances if any. Dana Dunford has a website and he has ascertained this Fukushima is an extinction level event.

  4. generalmax

    If you ask most people about what fukushima is.  They do not have a clue.  Less than 1% of the population can even tell you what it is.  Thats how effective the fake news is.  The truth is, that this is so devestating.  That only God himself can solve it.

  5. Mr. Walker


    Why? No Salmon. Hello people, are you getting this?  THere is NO SALMON running in our rivers this year.  I am num to this reality. My fishing buddies, we are all in a state of shock. Two of my closest friend have put thier homes on the market are moving away from the west coast. I am wondering if it will do any good. I think the entire Northern Hemisphere is screwed. Too late. We have screwed the pooch.

    Why is this so important. Its the collape of the food chain?

    You see when that Salmon run, they go all the way inland, upstream to spawn and lay eggs. When they complete the run, thier bodoes are hammered, worn out and they die in the stream bed, wash ashore. This becomes that start of the food chain. The bears come down from thehigh counrty/mountains and they depend on the salmon for nurisment, and food, so on and on it goes.

    No salmon and the Bears do not eat well. The Bear is at the top of the food chain of land mamals. The Bald Eagles will then come in and clean up what is left of the salmon after the bears are full.    The Eagle is at the top of the food chain for birds. What a flipping mess.

    Thanks a lot you new world order goons for trashing our ecosystem with fukashima radiation. You loosers should pay to relocate the entire USA. You too will suffer a slow death from the radiation. No one gets away for free. The wages of sin is death.

    All of you NWO idiots desreve to rot in hell.


    1. Nikoli McCracken

      OK, while I respect your comments, could you (and thousands of others who make the same typo mistake): You LOSE something — a wallet, or whatever. I keep losing car keys. But the word “Loose” is when your pants are too big, or a bearing in an engine is loose, causing considerable damage to the engine! Or your morals can be loose. You need to correct the spelling. In the above context, the sentence “You loosers” should start with “You losers!”
      How do I know? 40 years of working in aerospace and a few working for companies which built nuclear power plants. Always in Publications I’m a PROOFREADER!
      About me working in aerospace, and a few times for the builders of nuclear power plants: My father worked at both of the Nevada Test sites in the late 40s and early 50s.
      He thought nuclear power was good. I grew up and married a young Navy submariner. He served on nuclear boats, after only 5 years in submarines. He liked the nuclear boats. I was proud of him and his service, and so were his children. We thought it was a good thing. We could not imagine the massive carelessness that would result in TMI, Chernobyl, or Fukushima. I did not learn of all the hidden dangers until I retired to Nevada in 1991. I began wondering what all the fuss was about, regarding Yucca Mountain. It was only as I began researching all that, I began to understand. Under Yucca Mountain, there is an earthquake fault! And under that, there is a water table. They ‘studied’ that place to death, and eventually, it was shut down after decades of research, and lots of useless expense, in the billions. It was only to be used to store 77,000 tons of nuclear waste. There is already triple that amount waiting for storage at active and shut down nuclear power plants. Not only that, but GE built Fukushima! There are about 21 of its twins sitting in the US, all east of the Mississippi! GE should have stuck to light bulbs and home appliances!

  6. Mike

    We do not have the technology to deal with meltdowns. During the inital meltdowns they tried to send robots into the plants to take a look and see what was happening, all of them failed because of high radiation. The cores that have melted are now in the ground, somewhere.. no one knows exactly where they are. There is one thing that is a fact. Those 3 melted cores are deep enough to interact with ground water. The same water that pours into the pacific ocean. No one can remove them nothing will work. The reality of this is so catastrophic that this could be the beginning of the end for life on earth. Good job war mongers! Hope your happy now.



  7. Stephen

    Do not let any ground water go to ground then throw in half the concrete of the world then nascent iodine bentonite beetroot juice wormwood Japanese knotweed cats claw coriander cilantro and all the cures for cancer au natural all support to Japanese people withdrawal to safety reservations of Pacific flora and fauna involvement of un for joint effort by all countries starting with concrete maximisation / endorsement of all green policies redirection of our military / industrial complex technologies to alleviate situation and introduce fungal eating radioactivity I am one man with some ideas there are 200 hundred countries use there thousand super geniuses do not let the world be culled


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