Multiple Shooters In Las Vegas! Paddock a Patsy! PROOF: SECOND SHOOTER REMAINS AT-LARGE AFTER LAS VEGAS MASSACRE Photo from Las Vegas Massacre – DEAD SHOOTER Stephen Paddock in Hotel Room

Clyde Lewis was sent an email saying Stephen Paddock was FBI!

Tom Heneghan reported one of his sources said Stephen Paddock never fired a shot and was a Patsy!  That was my guess when I saw the muzzle flashes of what appears to be at least 2 shooters at the lower levels (probably floor 8-10) near the center of Mandalay Bay!  Get this out everywhere.   We are at civil war here and as Al Gore said – a lot of people are going to die in the next 90 days.  

CONFIRMED!   Best Video shows shooter on about the 10th floor!  Paddock was a patsy!



Clyde Lewis sent email saying Stephen Paddock was working for FBI!

Note: Clyde Lewis says he’s trying to verify this at this time.  It needs to be investigated

“The LVMPD knows the motive behind the attack, but the FBI will not allow us to release the motive because it implicates the FBI in illegal arms deals ands supplying arms to ISIS terrorist within U.S. borders”

“Stephen Paddock was an undercover FBI agent who participated in multiple illegal arms deals in the Las Vegas area in a gun running entrapment scheme similar to Fast and Furious.  Paddock thought he was engaging in another routine arms transfer, but ISIS operatives who were going to meet him learned about the entrapment scheme and Paddocks’ true identity.  They killed him and carried out the massacre and then fled the scene.  Leland Yes haas a lot to do with this.”

“Everything is being kept under extreme wraps because

1) armed ISIS terrorists are still at large and

2) this is very embarrassing to the FBI and they don’t want their scheme to become public knowledge.”

“I will be sending you further information throughout the day, people within LVMP are disgusted for this information to be released to the public”


Paddock’s brother said he only had a couple of pistols and maybe one long rifle!  No automatic weapons. You have to be a Class 3 dealer to have those!


Padock’s Neighbor Says He Was a Patsy!  Listen to 5:00 minute mark on Gun Control Scum Michael Savage’s show.  Savage wants to take your guns!  He says nobody needs an assault rifle!

Padock’s Brother Says He Was Working With Police?   I don’t know what this means here but what did he mean by this?  


Robert Steele – Las Vegas was a Zio-Con Operation!  

Note – Why is Alex Jones is still pushing the ridiculous Mossad angle that Stephen Paddock converted to ISIS!  Yeah a multi-millionaire that had multiple aircraft and homes and was a retired accountant from Lockheed just decides to go and join ISIS!  It’s ridiculous as Jim Fetzer reports!


More missing windows on opposite side of Mandalay Bay the next morning!

Jim Stone agrees with me that Paddock was a patsy and brought up this excellent picture clearly showing two more missing windows on the other side of the Mandalay Bay hotel the next morning!  Was there more shooters in those windows we aren’t being told about?  Nothing would surprise me since we’re lied to about everything.  Nobody is talking about these missing windows!

Were There Any Victims or Were They Actors Like Sandy Hoax?

Nothing would surprise me.  I agree with Robert Steele at this point.  Either real people were killed by an elite team of scumbags or everything was faked and they were firing blanks with actors in the crowd.  It’s not hard to have hundreds of actors in the crowd and have some hospitals and doctors in on the scam.  We know nobody died at Sandy Hook so at Newtown they had cooperation of hospitals and doctors or at least fake doctors to come out there and spin the lies for the evil scum running the hoax.  

So how easy would it be for actors to just fall down – smear fake blood on themselves and have other actors load them into pickup trucks to the Homeland Security approved doctors and hospitals that were in on the scam?  I’m not saying this is what happened but unless we know for sure that people are dead and we ID them and see them buried then I can’t rule it entirely out.  When you’re dealing with psychopaths who killed our own people on 9/11 nothing can be discounted.

Here’s something interesting I found. The very same girl was on a Dr. Phil show talking about her narcissism and she is there at the shooting covered in blood and gets interviewed by CNN about the shooting!  Now the only thing that doesn’t fit here is that she is going against the fairy tale and saying there were definitely multiple shooters and even saying somebody was down on the ground!  So maybe this is just a weird coincidence.  Some people say they saw no bodies but others say they did.  I’m going to say this is a real shooting at this point with what I’ve seen so far.  

Here’s 25 year old Corrine who was on Dr. Phil about Narcissism!


Here’s Corrine being interviewed on CNN about the shooting!  What are the odds?  


I have accumulated evidence proving the FBI is lying or at least misleading about the official story on the Las Vegas shooting.  In all the videos and pictures, you don’t see any muzzle flashes from the 32nd floor but videos have just surfaced that appears to clearly show muzzle flashes from the area circled in the photo above.  You can also clearly hear two sets of gunshots also!  Jim Stone agrees with me on this.  I clearly hear two guns and so do the gun experts and soldiers!

No doubt in my mind there were two shooters and the video above shows two sets of muzzle flashes in this lower center area of the hotel!  Was Stephen Paddock used as a patsy to blame for the shooting while a well trained team did the actual shooting from a lower level near the middle of the Mandalay Bay hotel?   I don’t have all the answers but I’m bringing out things that need to be investigated and tweeted to @potus and @realdonaldtrump because something stinks here!

Remember even if windows were not shot out at lower levels of the Mandalay Bay, it’s easy to remove these windows if you know what you are doing.  You keep the lights out, remove the windows, do the shooting while you have your operatives tell the police the shooter is on the 32nd floor!   Then replace the windows, clean the room and leave.  I show in my video how every fake news outlet on the planet practically screamed the same phrase that everybody saw muzzle blasts from the upper floors but not one is seen on any video or picture!  Seems like this could be planted information to me.

Remember, An Israeli “art student” team removed a window in the Twin Towers to take photographs of the other tower and then put the window back into place.  

Israeli “Art Students” remove window at World Trade Center!  Not hard for experts to do

It’s certainly not very hard for a professional team to remove the windows while they shoot and then put them back in while they put the patsy on the 32nd floor to die and end the story.  Much easier to tell the world that a lone nut did this than a well trained hit team working for Antifa or ISIS both run by Intel agencies.

Other information I have collected seems to show the alleged shooter, Stephen Paddock was a rapid Anti Trumper who seems to have attended anti Trump rallies in Las Vegas!  In one video, it appears his asian girlfriend is right next to him at the protest.  Put your comments in the Youtube video and let me know what you think.  I just posted new information on this from Paddock’s neighbor who says he was a Trump guy.  This came from his neighbor who called into Savage.  From the video above we know Paddock was working with police so was he sent to the anti Trump rallies to infiltrate as part of his job for police?

Then there was the woman who told everybody up front at the concert that they were all going to die!  This is shown on my video.  Here’s Antifa in Australia bragging they did it! They pulled this down but luckily it was saved by somebody.

Do you believe the official story here?  It’s just too neat that the shooter killed himself in my opinion.  It always seems to happen when intelligence agencies want to put a nice bow on their package of lies

Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb are trying to find out more information from their sources about what’s really going on here but clearly the official story is falling apart!  Stay tuned to my Youtube Channel for updates from Tom and Stew.(source)

My contacts in federal law enforcement and national security intelligence have forwarded to me a photo of the alleged Las Vegas Massacre SHOOTER, Stephen Paddock, laying dead in the hotel room in Las Vegas from where he allegedly shot and killed 59 people, injuring another 529.  CAUTION — VERY GRAPHIC, BLOODY, PHOTO of dead body.  Reader discretion as to whether you click the "READ MORE" link is advised.

PROGRAMMING NOTE:  There are REAL PROBLEMS with this entire incident.  Not only how it unfolded and who the alleged shooter is, but other aspects of the incident which conclusively prove – with evidence – there was more than one shooter in Las Vegas; and a cover-up is underway to conceal the REAL intent of what took place.    I will be talking about this at length on tomorrow (Wednesday's) Hal Turner Radio Show on WBCQ 7.490 MHz (AM) Worldwide Shortwave.  You can also hear the show simulcast LIVE right here on the Internet at by clicking the LISTEN LIVE button in the menu bar above WHILE THE SHOW IS AIRING LIVE from 9-11 eastern US time (GMT -0400) on Wednesday, October 4, 2017.  I am in intense discussions with some of my former colleagues in the Intelligence COmmunity about what _actually_ took place and _who_ is suspected to be behind it.  This has "false flag" written all over it.  Tune-in tomorrow – Wednesday – from 9-11 eastern US time to get the latest. (source)

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Countless videos have emerged of the carnage inflicted by alleged "sole gunman" Stephen Paddock, who fired at a Country Music Festival and its 22,000 spectators, about a quarter mile away, from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Casino Hotel in Las Vegas.  

But from the multiple videos, a terrifying truth has emerged: There were at least TWO shooters, both armed with fully-automatic machine guns, and a likely THIRD SHOOTER who attacked from a FOURTH FLOOR hotel room!

The "official" death toll is 59 killed and 527 injured.  My sources inside Law Enforcement tell me the ACTUAL death toll is "over 100" and many of the injured are in critical condition, with many "not expected to survive."

As most of you know, for 15 years from 1993-2008, I worked with the FBI.  In my final five years, from 2003-2008, with the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) in National Security Intelligence.  In sworn testimony in Brooklyn federal court in December, 2009, Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) Amy Pickett, of the FBI New York City, testified about me in Brooklyn federal court.  ASAC Pcikett told the court that people like me handled "national security, terrorism and foreign counter-intelligence."

In my years with the FBI and the JTTF, I worked with many in the Intelligence and Law Enforcement communities, both here in the United States and overseas.  I maintain contact with a number of those folks, who feed me information.

Two of the videos circulating on the Internet have caught the attention of the Intelligence Community.  The first, below, shows the aftermath of the initial rounds of shots as the crowd at the Music Festival flee the area.  Shots from fully-automatic machine guns (multiple) can be heard.  But what this particular video PROVES is that at one point, TWO DIFFERENT MACHINE GUNS were being fired AT THE SAME TIME!

In the video below, between 2:39 and 2:50 (beginning precisely at 2:39) you will hear the muffled automatic firing.  Then you'll hear a brief pause and a second burst, from another weapon, likely an AK-47 with its distinctive "crack" sound.  Within the eleven seconds from 2:39 to 2:50, for at least two seconds, BOTH machine guns can be heard firing at the same time!!!  You can clearly discern the sharp crack of the AK-47 being fired at the same time as the more muffled machine gun:

Moreover, a second video has emerged showing the muzzle flash of yet ANOTHER shooter . . . . but this guy is firing from somewhere around the FOURTH Floor of the same Mandalay Casino Hotel.  What appears to be Muzzle flash from approximately the fourth floor, is CLEARLY visible.  The difference between the time of seeing the muzzle flash and actually hearing the firing is accounted for by the distance the sound had to travel, and the fact that light travels much faster than sound.

Watch as the muzzle flash comes from approximately the FOURTH floor:


Based upon the empirical EVIDENCE above, the only rational conclusion that can be drawn is that there were at LEAST two shooters in the Las Vegas massacre.  One is confirmed dead.  The other is therefore still on the loose.

This __was__ a "terrorist attack"  in Las Vegas.  The motive may not yet be clear, but the intent to terrorize on a mass scale, is perfectly clear.  The sooner authorities admit this hideous fact, the better.  Concealing the fact this was a planned terror attack will not serve to allay citizen fears.


Another very serious peculiarity has also emerged:  A "Nurse" interviewed on TV at the Las Vegas massacre . . .  appears to be the same person who posed as " Alex Israel, a  former classmate of Adam Lanza" the alleged sole shooter who is blamed for the Newtown, CT school mass-shooting, and then later posed as "Katie Foley, the sister of American Journalist James Foley" who was allegedly beheaded (on video) by ISIS.

It appears this same person is now posing as a "Nurse" who "Describes the chaotic scene" in Las Vegas.  All a little too convenient for my tastes. 

 There's MUCH more to this Las Vegas massacre; and it points to a State Perpetrator . . . . perhaps our own "Deep State."



Late on September 10 – into September 11, 2017, an anonymous and untraceable user of the web site 4chan, posted the following about a "planned attack in Las Vegas"

The name "Chertoff" which appears in the posting above refers to this man, Michael Chertoff, formerly a federal judge, who left the Guaranteed-for-Life job to become Secretary of Homeland Security:

Now we just need to see if the state of Nevada enacts the legislation sought — and warned about – in this posting and watch for whoever Introduces federal legislation of a similar nature. 

Then we'll all know the Mandalay Bay Casino Hotel attack was planned by corporations, CURRENT and former federal officials, for the purpose of making billions of dollars selling Gun Scanning protection.

Watch closely.  They may now have to wait awhile because his information is now out; but they cannot wait forever. There's too much money at stake. (Source)

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