NATO Nears “Moment Of Truth It will be a global catastrophe for the world – After Russia Warns “The Countdown Begins” – Putin: This is When I Will Unleash Nuclear WAR on West to Create ‘Global CATASTROPHE’

NATO, US brought world close to brink of nuclear war during talks with Russia – The United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken stating yesterday after his talks with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Geneva: “I told Lavrov that following the consultations that we’ll have in the coming days with allies and partners, we anticipate that we will be able to share with Russia our concerns and ideas in more detail and in writing next week”, says in quick reply top Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov affirmed: “Russia expects to receive written answers to security proposals in coming days”—are written answers that sent Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden into a full blown panic over his fears Russia would make them public so the American people would know the truth—and is why the leftist Washington Post reported a few hours ago: “US officials have asked their Russian colleagues not to publish Washington’s written response to Moscow’s proposal on security guarantees”.

Security Council Members in this transcript note that the socialist Biden Regime plea to keep this written agreement secret doesn’t extend to their lying war propaganda, as evidenced by them publishing two screeds while these talks in Geneva were ongoing titled “Fact vs. Fiction: Russian Disinformation on Ukraine” and “Russia’s Top Five Persistent Disinformation Narratives”—in response to these war propaganda screeds Foreign Minister Lavrov stated: “These papers are impossible to read…However, we have a special department, which is led by an official representative of the ministry and which is obliged to carefully scrutinize them…Our reaction to them has been already expressed”—a reaction to these war propaganda screeds expressed by Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, who after carefully scrutinizing them declared: “I know one thing for sure, this could only be published by the Ministry of Truth”.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zakharova’s referencing the “Ministry of Truth” made infamous in the George Orwell dystopian novel about tyrannical socialist governments “Nineteen Eighty-Four”, this report continues, is the only way to describe a Biden Regime that relies on “Doublespeak”, a language that deliberately obscures, disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words, and “Doublethink” a process of indoctrination whereby the subject is expected to simultaneously accept two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct, often in contravention to one’s own memories or sense of reality—the consequence of which results in the logical fallacy of proving a negative: “Proving the non-existence of that for which no evidence of any kind exists”—and is exactly what occurred yesterday during the talks in Geneva when Secretary Blinken demanded Foreign Minister Lavrov prove a negative as he urged Moscow to move troops stationed on its own territory, away from the Ukrainian border so as to “convince the world” it harbored “no aggressive intent” toward its neighbor.

He made clear that if Russia was under attack and faced being wiped out, then the world would not be worth saving.

In a TV documentary he said: “I want to tell you, and I want this to be known here and abroad.

“Our plans for using it (my nuclear arsenal), I am hoping it will never happen, our theoretical plans of using it is a so-called retaliatory, counter strike.

“A decision about using nuclear weapons can be made only if our missile warning system recorded not only the launch of missiles, but also gave an accurate prediction of flight trajectories and the time when the warheads fall on Russia.”

He said: “This is called a retaliatory, counter strike, when we receive a legal right to respond.

“Yes this will be a global catastrophe for humankind.

It will be a global catastrophe for the world.

“But as a citizen of Russia, as a head of the Russian state, I want to ask – why do we need a world if Russia ceases to exist?”

He said: “This is called a retaliatory, counter strike, when we receive a legal right to respond.

“Yes this will be a global catastrophe for humankind.

“It will be a global catastrophe for the world.

This transcript sees Security Council Members noting that by employing “Orwellian” thought, tactics and logic, the socialist Biden Regime is able to insanely claim every military base in Russia as an invasion threat—are Russian military bases that have existed for decades stretching from Europe to the Pacific Ocean—are Russian military bases bordering nations from China to Turkey, and nearly every Eastern European and Nordic nation—are Russian military bases that have never launched an invasion against any nation since the Russian Federation was established 31-years ago, but have responded with full force when Russia was attacked.

In spite of these truths being known, however, this report details, Socialist Leader Biden seized power last year and declared: “Vladimir Putin is a killer who is devoid of a human soul”—after which the leftist war propaganda media establishment published satellite photos of Russian military bases to “prove” Ukraine was about to be invaded—an imaginary invasion scare these Western warmongers repeatedly used against the former Soviet Union to insanely declare the Baltic nations were about to be attacked at any moment, which is why Foreign Minister Lavrov factually stated this week “It was set up against the Soviet Union and for some reason it still works against Russia”, then he blasted leftist CNN war propagandists with the withering statement: “You claim that Russia is planning to attack Ukraine, even though we have already explained many times that this is not the case…But when you assert that this will happen, you immediately ask ‘Why now?…When we going to attack?’”.

As history records, this report notes, the warmongering claim that the former Soviet Union was preparing to invade the Baltic nations was used to justify the expansion of NATO and pour trillions-of-dollars into the greedy pockets of Western war profiteers and arms manufactures—but then, on 11 September 2001, the United States activated NATO for the first time in its existence when it was attacked—an activation that led to the Americans and NATO rampaging across the Middle East killing hundreds-of-thousands and spending trillions-of-dollars more—the final result of which saw the Americans and NATO surrendering this past year to what were essentially lightly armed goat herders—and is exactly what happened over a generation ago when the Americans and NATO, likewise, surrendered to what were essentially lightly armed rice farmers in Vietnam.

Security Council Members in this transcript noting that the Americans and their NATO military bloc can’t even fight successful wars against goat herders and rice farmers, say it was no surprise when Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov stated this week: “We are not afraid of anyone, even the United States”—a statement of factual reality as now the socialist Biden Regime is facing off against a Russian Federation having the world’s largest nuclear weapons arsenal—which makes it noteworthy to understand what’s contained in the classified at the highest level “Of Special Importance” portion of this transcript.

In the very limited highly classified portions of this transcript permitted to be openly discussed among various ministries, it appears to show Security Council Members agreeing that Socialist Leader Biden wants the written agreement kept secret because of what he knows about the “Poseidon Adventure” operation carried out by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) in the Pacific Proving Grounds on 15 July—was an operation conforming to the Nuclear Weapons Policy doctrine of the Russian Federation, that calls for a nuclear weapon to be demonstrated to an enemy prior to its being deployed in war—in this transcript sees its referencing a video showing the ballistic trajectory of the Poseidon Doomsday Torpedo after it was fired—sees this transcript noting Secretary General Sione Taumoefolau of the Tonga Red Cross terrifyingly saying about this massive blast: “It was like an atomic bomb”—sees this transcript noting the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization in Vienna-Austria, which oversees an international network of remote monitoring stations, reporting about this massive blast: “It’s the biggest thing that we’ve ever seen”—and sees this transcript noting that scientists at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre in Germany have now mapped the giant atmospheric waves from this massive blast that was strong enough to jiggle the atmosphere from the surface to the ionosphere.

The Russian delegation at the Vienna Negotiations on Military Security and Arms Control Konstantin Gavrilov warning the socialist Biden Regime and its NATO military bloc last week: “There arrives a moment of truth when the West either accepts our proposals or other ways will be found to safeguard Russia’s security…We are running out of time…The countdown begins”, says in immediate response to this warning Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden deployed tactical security teams to the American Embassy in Ukraine—a deployment joined a few hours ago by the Biden Regime issuing a “do not travel warning” and ordering American Embassy staff in Ukraine to immediately leave the country—quickly after which the British government ordered its embassy staff to immediately evacuate from Ukraine—and in response to, it saw European Union Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell announcing EU diplomats aren’t leaving Ukraine, with him stating: “We are not going to do the same thing because, we don’t know any specific reasons, but Secretary Blinken will inform us and we don’t have to dramatise, as far as negotiations are going I don’t think we will leave Ukraine”.

This transcript sees Security Council Members noting that top officials in Israel are said to be preparing for a scenario in which will they fly out tens of thousands of Jewish people from Ukraine in the event of a Russian invasion—an invasion scenario best explained by Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, who warns: “We are expecting provocations from the United States and the Kiev regime led by them, both informational and, it cannot be ruled out, military ones…They may do it, especially since they have a plenty of experience”—sees Israeli officials becoming increasingly alarmed over the socialist Biden Regime support of the Ukrainian Nazi Regime—support that saw the United States and Ukraine being the only two nations in the world to vote against the United Nations resolution condemning Nazism—and today sees it being revealed that ex-American soldiers with neo-Nazi links have arrived at the Ukrainian front line.

Just three weeks ago, on 3 January, this report continues, several thousand Nazis supporting the Ukraine government gathered in their capitol Kiev for their annual march of flaming torches to honor of the birthday of Stepan Bandera, the leader of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, which collaborated with the Nazis in World War II, killing thousands of Jews and Poles—to support these Nazi forces in Ukraine, a few hours ago it saw NATO announcing it was rushing fighter jets and warships to the region—a move towards total war now joined by reports that Socialist Leader Biden is preparing to deploy thousands of American troops to Eastern Europe and the Baltic nations bordering Russia.

While the world’s eyes are being directed towards Ukraine, however, the classified at the highest level “Of Special Importance” section of this transcript sees Security Council Members being briefed by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) about troop deployments for total war in the Levant, a large area in the Eastern Mediterranean region of Western Asia—the very sparse clues about permitted to be openly discussed among various ministries sees it being noted that as of 21 January, the Turkish military is still struggling to secure the areas occupied by its forces in Syria’s northern and northwestern region, and Syrian government forces have been also facing security challenges in the country’s central and southern regions—sees an MoD urgent 21 January war bulletin stating: “The Black Sea Fleet’s missile corvette Orekhovo-Zuyevo has begun transiting the Black Sea’s Bosporus and Dardanelles straits…The warship’s crew is carrying out a scheduled transit from Sevastopol to the Mediterranean Sea where it will join the Russian Navy’s standing task force in the distant maritime area”—today it sees Russian landing ships loading with elite combat troops and their armored equipment rushing to join this massive buildup of Russian naval forces in Mediterranean Sea—to control the southern access to the Levant region today it sees a vast armada of Russian, Chinese and Iranian warships patrolling the Indian Ocean—in response to these war moves, on 22 January, it saw Socialist Leader Biden ordering the rapid deployment of the nuclear weapons armed super carrier USS Harry S. Truman and its task force to the Mediterranean Sea—and today an MoD urgent war bulletin reveals Russian and Syrian military pilots have conducted a joint air patrol mission along the Golan Heights and the Euphrates River, with its stating: “The mission’s route ran along the Golan Heights, the southern order, the Euphrates River and over northern Syria…Russian pilots took off from the Hmeymim Air Base, while Syrians took off from the Seikal and Dumayr airfields outside Damascus…This kind of joint missions will now take place on a regular basis”.

Most ominous to notice is the conclusion section of this transcript that sees Security Council Members discussing the socialist Biden Regime having just threatened to use novel export control to damage Russia’s strategic industries, about which the leftist Washington Post is today reporting: “This is a slow strangulation by the U.S. government…Russia is vulnerable because it doesn’t produce consumer electronics or chips in large quantities, analysts say. In particular, it doesn’t make the highest-end semiconductors needed for advanced computing”—and whose immediate consequence of this threat now sees it being reported: “The Russian stock market dropped more than 4% following two weeks of steady decline, while the national currency fell to its weakest in more than a year to 78 rubles against the US dollar”.

To fully grasp the ominous and historic importance of these events, you should know that shortly after Socialist Leader Biden seized power last year, the Russian Federation began preparing for war—preparations for a total war to the death against demonic Western socialist-globalist forces that culminated on 2 July 2021 when the Kremlin released to the world its new National Security Strategy ,wherein it documents one of the most dangerous truths being kept hidden from the Western peoples: “The world economy is in deep recession…Market volatility and instability of the international financial system are on the rise, and the gap between the real and virtual economy is widening”.

To whom the Russian Federation is prepared to fight this war to the death against, this new National Security Strategy document describes as:

The military-political situation in the world is characterized by the formation of new global and regional centers of power, the intensification of the struggle between them for spheres of influence.

The importance of military force as a tool for achieving their geopolitical goals by the subjects of international relations is growing.

Tensions continue to escalate in conflict zones in the post-Soviet space, the Middle East, North Africa, Afghanistan and the Korean Peninsula.

The weakening of the systems of global and regional security creates conditions for the spread of international terrorism and extremism.

International terrorist and extremist organizations are striving to intensify propaganda and recruitment of Russian citizens, the creation of their secret cells on the territory of Russia, and the involvement of Russian youth in illegal activities.

The problem of moral leadership and the creation of an attractive ideological basis for the future world order is becoming increasingly urgent.

Against the backdrop of the crisis of the Western liberal model, a number of states are making attempts to deliberately blur traditional values, distort world history, reconsider their views on the role and place of Russia in it, rehabilitate fascism, and incite ethnic and religious conflicts.

Information campaigns are being carried out aimed at creating a hostile image of Russia.

Unfriendly countries are trying to use the existing socio-economic problems in the Russian Federation to destroy its internal unity, inspire and radicalize the protest movement, support marginal groups and split Russian society. Increasingly, indirect methods are used to provoke long-term instability within the Russian Federation.

To what the Russian Federation is willing to fight this war to the death to defend this new National Security Strategy document reveals:

Taking into account the long-term trends in the development of the situation in the Russian Federation and in the world, its national interests at the present stage are strengthening traditional Russian spiritual and moral values, preserving the cultural and historical heritage of the people of Russia.

Particular attention is paid to support for the family, motherhood, fatherhood and childhood, the disabled and the elderly, the upbringing of children, their all-round spiritual, moral, intellectual and physical development.

As to the battlefield of this war to the death the Russian Federation is prepared to wage, this new National Security Strategy document calls for “the protection of national interests and citizens of the Russian Federation outside its territory”.

These truths are worth knowing because in the world we live in today it sees the University of Northampton having issued a harsh warning over potentially “offensive and upsetting” material contained in the famous dystopic novel “1984” describing socialist tyranny written by George Orwell—in truth is an exact despotic Orwellian socialist world we’re living in where thought crimes are severely punished, as just best exampled by German Vice Admiral Kay-Achim Schoenbach being forced to resign because he had “positive thoughts” about President Putin—and as to why Vice Admiral Schoenbach was punished for his thought crime, it’s best explained by retired United Nations Independent Expert on the Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International Order Alfred-Maurice de Zayas, who reveals: “In a way, the best way to understand German politics and NATO is to see the official narrative as a religion…NATO has emerged as a kind of secular religion, and if you disagree, if you do not obey, if you are a heretic, there will be a high price to pay…Taking NATO as a religion facilitates the task of indoctrinating the population – because in a religion you take the narrative on faith”.

Today this demonic NATO religious cult is fast nearing total war against the Russian Federation, and whose main reason for can be understood when you read the section of this new National Security Strategy document titled “Protection Of Traditional Russian Spiritual And Moral Values, Culture And Historical Memory”, wherein you can fully understand why these socialist-globalist warmongering monsters really hate and fear Russia, because it honestly and truthfully says:

The changes taking place in the modern world affect not only interstate relations, but also universal human values.

Having reached a high level of socio-economic and technological development, humanity is faced with the threat of losing traditional spiritual and moral guidelines and stable moral principles.

Basic moral and cultural norms, religious foundations, the institution of marriage, and family values ​​are being exposed to ever more destructive influence.

Individual freedom is being absolutized, permissiveness, immorality and selfishness are being actively promoted, a cult of violence, consumption and pleasure is being planted, drug use is being legalized, communities are being formed that deny the natural continuation of life.

Problems of interethnic and interfaith relations become the subject of geopolitical games and speculations that give rise to enmity and hatred.

The inculcation of alien ideals and values, the implementation of reforms in the field of education, science, culture, religion, language and information activities without taking into account historical traditions and experience of previous generations lead to increased disunity and polarization of national societies, destroy the foundation of cultural sovereignty, undermine the foundations of political stability and statehood. Revision of the basic norms of morality, psychological manipulation cause irreparable damage to the moral health of a person, encourage destructive behavior, create conditions for the self-destruction of society.

The gap between generations is widening.

At the same time, manifestations of aggressive nationalism, xenophobia, religious extremism and terrorism are growing.

Traditional Russian spiritual, moral, cultural and historical values ​​are under active attack from the United States and its allies, as well as from transnational corporations, foreign non-profit non-governmental, religious, extremist and terrorist organizations.

They have an informational and psychological impact on individual, group and public consciousness by spreading social and moral attitudes that are contrary to the tradition and beliefs of the peoples of the Russian Federation.

Information-psychological sabotage and the “Westernization” of culture increase the threat of the Russian Federation losing its cultural sovereignty.


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