North Korea’s New Satellite – Not Emitting Any Signals!?!? Weapon, Waiting for Detonation Command???

North Korea

North Korea's New Satellite – Not Emitting Any Signals!?!? Weapon, Waiting for Detonation Command???

The United States may have to launch a Pegasus Anti-Satellite Missile from a B-2 Stealth Bomber over security concerns about N. Korea Satellite!

North Korea launched a new satellite Feb. 7 as Americans were watching Super Bowl pregame coverage (or updating social media to let all their friends know they weren’t watching it). Apparently, North Korea wanted to see the game too, so they flew their brand-new satellite almost directly over the stadium, according to a report from We Are The Mighty

Unfortunately for sports fans in the Hermit Kingdom, the satellite missed the game by an hour and so if it caught anything it was only players touching the Lombardi Trophy and Peyton Manning talking about Budweiser.


North Korea’s launch was quickly condemned by the international community. The U.N. Security Council said “a clear threat to international peace and security continues to exist, especially in the context of the nuclear test.”

The timing of North Korea’s launch was no accident.

“The date of the launch appears to be in consideration of the weather condition and ahead of the Lunar New Year and the U.S. Super Bowl,” Jo Ho-young, chairman of the South Korean National Assembly Intelligence Committee, told the BBC.

The new satellite, which is North Korea’s second, doesn’t appear to do anything besides orbit the globe. Both of North Korea’s satellites orbit the Earth every 94 minutes, but no signals have been detected emitting from either one. The first was launched in 2012.

It’s not clear if the satellites were ever designed to broadcast data to Earth or if they simply malfunctioned.

Electro-Magnetic Pulse Weapons?

One serious concern in the United States – especially with this second satellite – is that NEITHER spacecraft is emitting any radio signals.  What good is a spy satellite — or any satellite, if it does not send information back to earth?

While it would not be unheard-of for the first satellite to have malfunctioned on launch and be unable to transmit data back to earth, the fact that this newest satellite is also not emitting signals is a worrisome development.

"There is a strong possibility that one or both these satellites are not transmitting signals back to earth because they are actually weapons, waiting to receive a detonation command" said one Pentagon Source. 

If that's the case, then it is now quite probable that North Korea has placed two nuclear bombs into orbit, with the intent of detonating them about 300 miles above the United States.

At that altitude, there would  be NO BLAST DAMAGE or nuclear fallout, but there would be a tremendous Electro-Magnetic Pulse.  The sudden detonation of a nuclear bomb in space interacts with the ionosphere, charging particles which INDUCE voltages in metal obejcts like wires and power transformers.

A nuclear device detonated in space would instantly destroy the entire electric power grid of the United States as well as every device which contains electronics.  It would instantly propel the entire country back into the equivalent of the 1800's with no machinery, communications or electricity to do anything.

Under such circumstances, the US would be completely UNABLE to wage war, since we would not have ANY ABILITY WHATSOEVER to manufacture or transport the supplies needed to levy war.  Put simply, we would be a sitting duck, ripe for invasion and conquest.


In an extraordinary revelation, our source at the Pentagon revealed that North Korean Dictator, Kim Jung Un, may have a score to settle with China, and one of the two satellites may be a weapon to neutralize Beijing!

Apparently, Kim Jung Un is not happy with having the worldwide perception than he is merely a proxy for China.  He wants to be respected in his own right, and Beijing stands in the way of that.

If North Korea were to detonate an Electro-Magnetic Pulse Weapon over China, around the same time he detonated one over the US, both China and the US would face unimaginable damage from Electro-Magnetic Pulses. Neither country would be in any position to wage war.

Un could then deploy his two million man army directly into mainland China to conquer them.  With no electronics to communicate with – or control the Chinese military – Beijing would find itself conquered quickly because North Korea would have the element of surprise over a continental-size area!

Discussions Underway About Destroying Both Satellites!

Discussions are underway at the highest levels of the Pentagon and the Executive Branch as to how to handle this newest development.  One option would be to launch a Pegasus anti-satellite missile from a B-2 Stealth Bomber.  That particular missile, shown in the photo below, is specifically designed to travel into space, seek-out and blow-up satellites.

PegasusMissileSince the North Korean Satellite is not sending back any radio signals, the North Koreans would have no warning at all that a missile had locked onto its satellite and was about to destroy it.  Moreover, since both the B-1b Lancer and the B-2 Bomber are stealth aircraft, there would be no radar tracking of those planes, and no way to know they launched a missile.

Finally, if either of those aircraft were to launch while on the exact opposite side of the planet from North Korea, even their most powerful radar would not be able to see a missile had been launched.  The satellite would simply be "gone."

Our Pentagon source would not say if there are any discussions between China and the US as to possible destruction of North Korea's satellites since both nations may be targets for the Hermit Kingdom. He did say, however, "We are not the only country concerned about two satellites that aren't emitting any signals back to earth.  A lot of people are asking what good is a satellite that doesn't send any data to earth . . . . and wondering if they are weapons waiting to be detonated."(source)

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