One World Government Is Now INEVITABLE – The UN Global Migration Compact EXPOSED!

A one-world government is a goal popular with liberals, globalists, and others ranging from the moderate “Right” to the Left and far-Left, in which all the nations on Earth will (supposedly willingly) abandon their sovereignty to the will of the United Nations or some other worldwide government. Liberals and globalists see this as a utopian goal, while opponents see it as a dystopia.

A one-world government is an ultimate goal of the Left. They believe in the concept that humanity is progressing for the better, and they want to create a utopia where humanity is unified and where there are no wars, conflicts, or borders (cultural and national). Supranational organizations such as the United Nations, European Union, World Trade Organization, and the Paris climate agreement, appear to be the forerunners to a complete one-world government. All these organizations are supported by liberals. A one-world government is the epitome of big government.

Many theologically conservative Christians believe that the Earth will be united under a one-world government, based on Scripture. In the popular Left Behind series, the Antichrist begins his plan by subsuming America into the One-World Government. This is based on the Book of Revelation. Theologically conservative/orthodox Christians believe that the ultimate reason for the push for globalism and one-world government is rebellion against God leading up to the Antichrist – rather than submit to God and recognize that only He can unite the world and bring world peace, liberal globalists seek to create utopia themselves and glorify humanity rather than God.

Some people believe that U.S. President George H. W. Bush’s “New World Order” speech was a clue that the insiders were about to begin their plan to ultimately establish a one-world government.

Strategy to achieving world government

While many of those who either disbelieve or deny the existence of a “War on Sovereignty” imagine it as a very speedy attempt to instantly unite the world into a global government, those who are actively pushing for a one-world government are pursuing a relatively longsuffering strategy that will slowly merge all the countries of the world into each other prior to the official establishment of any world government. They believe this strategy to be the only way it can be successfully achieved. Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor, an Obama campaign advisor, and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission, admitted this, stating that “we cannot leap into world government in one quick step. The precondition for genuine globalization is progressive regionalization.” Organizations such as the EU and NAFTA are examples of this “progressive regionalization.”

Additionally, Richard N. Gardner, a former State Department official, wrote in 1974 that a world government could not be established in one step. Rather, he argued that “in short, the ‘house of world order’ will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down,” and that “an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old fashioned assault.”Gardner’s strategy has been fully adopted by globalists, and international organizations such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization, Paris climate agreement, and the numerous disarmament treaties are all examples of this strategy in action – eroding sovereignty bit by bit until all the countries of the world are so integrated by the complicated web of international organizations and treaties that the official establishment of a world government can be accomplished seamlessly and would rather be a mere recognition of de facto reality.

Sometimes, the push for global government is concealed behind another stated priority. For example, the UN’s programs intended to fight climate change will ultimately result in socialist policies and a world government.

The global compact for migration is the first, intergovernmentally negotiated agreement, prepared under the auspices of the United Nations, to cover all dimensions of international migration…The Global Compact for Migration was adopted on Monday by leading representatives from 164 Governments at an international conference in Marrakesh, Morocco, in an historic move described by UN Chief António Guterres as the creation of a “roadmap to prevent suffering and chaos”. In this video Leigh Stuart of Press For Truth breaks down her coverage of the Ottawa rally against the migration compact while explaining why Canadians (and people of the world) should be concerned with the hidden agenda when it comes to global migration.

Globalists no doubt are having regrets that President Trump was invited to address the 72nd United Nations General Assembly on September 19, since it provided him with a platform to advance the very things the U.N. has warred against from the beginning, namely, a coalition of “independent nations” which stand against global despotism. And while some will argue that the U.N. has conservative lobby groups operating on its outer perimeters, this is only done as camouflage to give the organization an air of peace and democracy.

The fact is that the U.N. has never been about peace, but about war against peace, evidenced most especially by its blood-thirsty quest for abortion and anti-life. True concord among nations must have as its foundation the precepts of Christ, not the Luciferian precepts of Freemasonry and the Illuminati, yet the echelons of the U.N. are comprised of the secret society members of the Illuminati who engage in witchcraft and Satanic Black Mass. It was these Illuminati Grand Masters that founded the U.N. on June 26, 1945, for the purpose of enslaving the nations under an internationalist one-world government.

However, it didn’t happen overnight. The cult of the Illuminati Grand Masters goes back to the time of the Pharisees with their practice of sorcery and their murder of the Christ. The written form of the Pharisaic tradition is the Talmud, penned by the descendants of the Pharisees, which forms the backbone of modern Judaism and which hurls the most hateful and pornographic insults against Jesus Christ, even condemning Him to hell to boil in His own excrement.

This same cabal today is working to bring the nations to a collision through its political stronghold in New York, just as it is fueling Kim Jong-un’s nuclear threats, since the plan of U.N. global architects is to create a global state of emergency that will give them an excuse to step in and offer their “solution” for world peace. In that, the saying is true: They create the problem so they can turn around and ‘solve’ it.

We saw this stratagem applied at the end of WWII. CFR members told President Truman that the Japanese had not surrendered in order to convince him that nuclear intervention was necessary, but actually, the Japanese had surrendered six months earlier with no resistance. The plan was to create worldwide terror so that war-wearied nations would welcome the idea of a world peace-keeping organization. Hence it was no accident that the nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki occurred just 2 1/2 months before the U.N. was solidified on October 24, 1945.

This solidification of the U.N. was the culmination of years of planning by the CFR, which had gained de facto control of our foreign policy during the Roosevelt Administration. Immediately after our entry into WWII, the CFR planted the idea of a world-governing “peace” organization, and under the name Informal Agenda Group they proceeded to draft the plan for the United Nations which they presented to FDR. (Global Tyranny… Step by Step – 03)

This same CFR clique now controls the U.N., and under the guise of peace they now seek to subdue the U.S. under a godless one-world government, so we might see Trump’s statement to the U.N. General Assembly, “We need to defeat the enemies of humanity,” as referring also to the U.N. May Trump’s vision of “a future of shared dignity and peace for the people of this wonderful earth” serve to elicit worldwide support for his plan for “independent nations,” and not be used by U.N. globalists to elicit worldwide support for their plan for a communistic one-world government.

The Conspiracy Of The New World Order World War 3 The Secret

The genocidal depopulation plan generally involves poisoning or sterilizing people through the use of chem. trails or water fluoridation. Agribusinesses transnational like Monsanto are often implicated in some sort of scheme to monopolize the world’s food supply so it can be easily tainted with deadly toxins. Just about anything that can be said to involve “chemicals” can be implicated in this nefarious scheme: vaccines, alleged covert geo-engineering schemes, genetically modified food, etc. Variants of the theory include those with an anti-abortion tinge who incorporate conspiracy theories about Planned Parenthood, and AIDS conspiracy theorists who believe AIDS was concocted in a laboratory for the purpose of reducing the population. Another variant, largely attributable to Lyndon La Roche, has worldwide nuclear war as part of the conspirators’ alleged plan along with a deliberate economic collapse and de-industrialization to force the world back into a “new dark age.”


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