Orthodox Easter Marks Six Months Until Election Where Trump Holds “Too Big To Rig” Lead

Putin attended Easter service at Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow this morning, he congratulated Orthodox Christians on Easter Sunday with the message: “Spiritual pastors have always been together with the people…And today, amid serious challenges…Christian religious organizations provide effective, selfless help to those who need support and attention”.

Though not attending any Christian Orthodox Easter service because of his Jewish faith that denies Jesus Christ rose from the grave to save all mankind, this report notes, corrupt socialist Western colonial puppet leader Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky posted the actual blasphemous to his own religion message to his war weary peoples: “This Easter, we are united in prayer….For our warriors of light, who repel demons in all directions…For those who follow one more commandment in life: protect Ukraine…For all civilians who work every day to make the country strong and efficient in overcoming evil forces…For all of our cities and villages, which deserve God’s blessing rather than constant evil terror..For all of our lands and people, whose spirit is unbreakable….Happy Easter to all of you, fellow Ukrainians!…Christ is risen!…He is risen indeed!”.

Also on Orthodox Easter today, this report continues, it marks the six month date until the United States presidential election on 5 November—a sixth month date marked by the leftist Washington Post observing today: “With the annual celebration of its victory over Nazi Germany and President Vladimir Putin’s inauguration for a fifth term just ahead, Russia has mounted a month-long exhibition of military equipment captured in the war in Ukraine with the message that even as it fights the entire collective West, victory is inevitable”—and also marked by the leftist New York Times grimly revealing today: “Families, lawyers and rights groups say that the Ukrainian military is simply overloaded with casualties and unable to account for thousands of the dead, adding to the anguish of soldiers’ families”.

Because of his bankrupting America with failed war spending overloading Ukraine with casualties, this report details, President Joe Biden is now being slammed with economic articles like “Biden’s Worst-Case Economic Scenario Is Unfolding At The Worst Possible Time”—and as it pertains to the elite ruling class British socialist warmongers supporting President Biden’s insane failed war policies, it was just revealed to their horror: “The UK Conservative Party has suffered its worst local election defeat in decades, losing more than half of its council seats during this week’s vote in England and Wales”.

Along with the just released main British establishment publication The Telegraph article “Ukraine Peace Talks Alternative To Inevitable Battlefield Defeat, Says Senior General” revealing: “Ukraine is preparing for peace talks with Russia as there is no way to win on the battlefield alone, Kyiv’s deputy spy chief has said”, this report concludes, it was also observed: “A source close to the Trump campaign has told The Telegraph that a detailed Ukraine-Russia peace plan has been drawn up but will not yet be disclosed in any detail before the election in an effort to maintain leverage…Mr Trump will style himself as the only candidate who can end the war, with a simple “bumper-sticker” slogan, they said…“He wants to stop the killing”, said the source. “That’s the bumper sticker: Trump will stop the killing””—is a President Donald Trump “Stop the killing” bumper sticker message joined with the news: “U.S. Catholics now lean toward former President Donald Trump over President Joe Biden, according to a Pew Research poll…Among Catholics, specifically, Trump has majority support, as 55 percent support Trump compared to 43 percent who support Biden — a 12-point difference”—all of which is now joined by the just released article “TOO BIG TO RIG?…Trump Crushes Joe Biden In New Rasmussen Poll, 48%-36%”.


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