Pentagon Discovered Secretly Training Mercenary Army To Massacre American Citizens

A disturbing new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting Taliban spokesman Anaamullah Samangani announcing this morning: “Now we live in a completely independent Afghanistan…The new government will be announced very soon…It will be an inclusive government and all the people will see themselves in it”, notes this announcement of a new government follows a visit by Pakistan’s ISI Chief Lieutenant-General Faiz Hamid, who arrived in Kabul on Saturday with a delegation of senior Pakistani officials.

Security Council Members in this transcript note that as the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) intelligence agency founded and controls the Taliban, and a new China-Pakistan Axis has formed to counter the United States, it was not surprising yesterday when the Taliban recognized China as their closest ally, and declared: “China represents our passport towards the markets of the whole world”—a global shift of markets away from America towards Eurasia whose first causality is Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, who yesterday was ousted from power, after which experts observed: “As it ditches its leader, Japan grows ever more nationalistic and militaristic as it happily joins America’s anti-China crusade”.

Ministry of Defense (MoD) urgent war bulletins in this report strongly suggest that the United States is preparing to stop this historic shift in global markets to Eurasia through military force—best exampled by Pentagon leader Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley declaring about Afghanistan yesterday: “My military estimate is that the conditions are likely to develop into a civil war…And then as opportunities present themselves, we’ll have to continue to conduct strike operations if there’s a threat to the United States”—after which General Milley stunningly revealed: “What you saw unfold with the Afghanistan evacuation was one of the plans…There was an extensive amount of planning in this”—a stunning revelation MoD intelligence analysts confirm was a deliberately planned chaotic evacuation allowing the Pentagon to flood planes with thousands of unvetted Afghans—and to accelerate this evacuation, evidence is now emerging showing that the Pentagon conspired with the Taliban to set off a deadly blast to throw the Kabul airport into further chaos—a deadly blast that killed 13 American soldiers, and whose US Marine survivors of are being silenced for exposing that “a countdown was given” before the bomb exploded, with one of them beyond shockingly stating: “Yeah… it happened an hour after the last radio transmission about it…They said 10 minutes an IED is set to go off…2 minutes an IED is set to go off…At 1627 an IED is going to go off…Then at 1730 something finally went off”.

In attempting to ascertain what the Pentagon is doing, this transcript sees Security Council Members reviewing the highly-classified “Of Special Importance” dossier maintained by the MoD on United States Army Lieutenant-General Maria Gervais—the limited portions of which permitted to be openly discussed among various ministries reveal that General Gervais is trained in biological-chemical warfare, and currently serves as the deputy commanding general of and chief of staff of the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), that is charged with overseeing training of Army forces and the development of operational doctrine—and whom MoD intelligence analysts branded a radical socialist woke idiot last week after General Gervais posted a photo she claimed were the last US troops leaving Kabul, but in factual reality were British troops with the 16th Air Assault Brigade

With General Gervais not even able to identify the US soldiers she is charged with training, this transcript sees Security Council Members discussing with alarm her most recent movements and activities—alarm caused by MoD intelligence analysts noting that General Gervais visited two US military bases in Texas where massive camps were erected to hold illegal migrants flooding over the American southern border with Mexico—and during the past fortnight, General Gervais has visited the “small cities” erected on eight US military installations to house at least 50,000 Afghan refugees.

MoD intelligence analysts cited in this report state the visits by General Gervais to these military installations holding tens-of-thousands of military age young refugees from war zones must be viewed in the light of the US Congress this past week stealthily moving closer to making young American women register for the draft—sees it further to be noted the United States currently has 1.3-million active-duty service members, and due to attrition and retirement, the US military needs to find more than 150,000 new recruits every year to meet its overall “end strength” goal—an “end strength” goal now crippled because at least 70% of Americans between 17 and 24 are ineligible for military service due to obesity, mental-health issues, past drug use, criminal records or lack of a high school degreesees only 13% of young American adults expressing a positive propensity to serve, with women about half as likely as men to consider enlisting—sees the Defense Department estimating that just 2% out of 20.6 million 17- to 21-year-olds have the desired combination of strong academic credentials, adequate physical fitness and an interest in serving—and now sees it being grimly reported: “In recent years, the Army has only just barely met the Pentagon’s minimum cognitive-aptitude benchmark for new personnel…What’s more, recruits tend to be drawn from a shrinking segment of the population – from a small number of mostly southern states and families of veterans, a group whose share of the population is lower than at any time since World War II”.

Based on the facts under review, this transcript sees Security Council Members agreeing with the MoD working hypothesis that Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden is the process of creating a mercenary army made up of refugees whose fighting ability is unquestioned, and whose lack of knowledge about United States history, morals, customs and religion will enable them to commit massacres against large numbers of Americans when so ordered—though to notice, this wouldn’t be the first time the American people have faced such a grave threat, as during their Revolutionary War, the British Empire threw into this conflict their rented “mercenary army” of Hessian soldiers from Germany that cared nothing about the American citizens they butchered by the thousands.  

This transcript sees MoD intelligence analysts further noting that for the first time since it started in 1998, the FBI’s gun background check program passed 400-million last month when another 2.7-million were conducted—staggering statistics proving the American people know what is coming and are arming themselves in preparation for—is a preparation for war socialist leader Biden moved against this past week when he issued an urgent order declaring: “New and pending permit applications for the permanent importation of firearms and ammunition manufactured or located in Russia will be subject to a policy of denial… The start date for the ban will begin on September 7, 2021”—sees this ammunition ban being called a “Backdoor attack on the Second Amendment”—is an ammunition ban not affecting Russia at all, and sees it being reported: “While not many shooters like shooting steel-cased Russian ammo in their firearms, there is a demand for the cheap stuff…Industry experts note that somewhere between twenty percent and thirty percent of the ammunition sales in the USA involve ammunition imported from Russia”—and whose only meaningful effect will see Americans having to pay more the ammunition they intend on buying anyway.

In preparation for Biden and his socialist forces igniting a conflict that will allows this “mercenary army” to began massacring Americans, this report continues, the leftist mainstream propaganda media is now churning out hysterical fear induced articles like “Only One Presidential Election Has Provoked Civil War — At Least Until Now” and “Madison Cawthorn Is Openly Talking About Civil War At This Point”—are war propaganda articles to induce fear and panic now being joined by Biden and his socialist screaming for a new fence to be erected around the US Capitol building ahead of an 18 September rally—is a rally called “Justice for J6” to protest the unjust and barbaric treatment of 6 January protesters, though everyone of sound mind knows its just another FBI sting operation meant to entrap innocent Americans—all of which comes on the 146th anniversary of the 4 September 1875 crime against humanity committed by the demonic socialist Democrat Party, which was when they attacked a picnic in Mississippi to murder 4 former black slaves and 5 Republicans, and the next week slaughtered another up to 100 blacks.  

The conclusion section of this transcript sees Security Council Members discussing the just released findings of renowned historian Professor Glenn Diesen at the University of South-Eastern Norway, who in reviewing what Biden and his godless socialist forces have done to Ukraine reveals: “Media outlets are being shut down…Political opponents are being locked up…A semi-frozen war continues to simmer in the East…And yet, foreign talking heads are still applauding Ukraine’s turn to the West as a great achievement”—because of Biden’s imposed socialist policies on Ukraine sees him noting: “The country is now the second-poorest state in Europe in terms of official GDP per capita, the oligarchs have overwhelming control, and the population has plummeted from 52 million in 1991 to somewhere between 30-35 million”—and in a warning to the American people being manipulated by these socialist forces like Ukraine is, sees him further stating:

Conflicts defined by competing security interests are resolved by compromise, but those deemed a struggle between good and evil must be resolved by the forces of light defeating the forces of darkness.

Propaganda is the science of convincing an audience by bypassing reason.

Morally dichotomous stereotypes of a morally superior power versus an inferior one are created to filter through the complexities of the world in a manner that can only result in one conclusion.

Presenting all events through the prism of democracy versus authoritarianism is the modern equivalent of the colonial binary division of civilized peoples versus savages.

The language is subsequently distorted by the stereotypes that emerge from this.

George Orwell’s concept of ‘newspeak’ entailed using simple language and dichotomous words that arouse and contrast favorable attitudes versus negative attitudes.

Distorting the language meant that “War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, and Ignorance Is Strength.”

A new and simple language has similarly been constructed in the real world in which the discussion of objective realities are replaced with distorted words: subversion is democracy promotion, coup is democratic revolution, war is humanitarian intervention, and violation of international law is a rules-based international system.






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