Pete Santilli: Martial Law At Bundy Ranch(video)

Before It’s News friend Pete Santilli joins Gary Franchi live from Cliven Bundy’s ranch location and immediately tells Gary an undeclared state of martial law has been declared in the area. Federal agents, attempting to intimidate the population, are threatening prison for those going against their wishes.

In related news, the Southern Nevada militia is mobilizing under a ‘Code Red’ and Anonymous has announced #OpBundy in support of the Bundy family and an America free from being terrorized by our own government.


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By Live Free or Die




  1. marlio entrance to the bundy ranch is blocked by BML. No one can leave or get back in. They are going to need more help. militas they need you…ride rought shod over the check points to get to bundy ranch as they will try to turn you around!!!! what a thug DIRTY HARRY IS AND SO DESPERATE TO GET THAT LAND FOR THE CHINESE AND TO LINE HIS POCKETS WITH BLOOD MONEY!!!!



  2. marlio Government is sending in, what appears to be troops at the bundy ranch area. Are They e going to try to steal bundys land by hook or crook!? Volunteers, supporters, militas, they are going to need help!!! I think roads are blocked going into or out of their ranch>>>   is this true???


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