Planting Fruit Trees

Many years ago when I lived on the ranch we had orchards of peaches. They were our main crop.  For many years I watched my grandmother cook for the workers that picked the fruit and wondered if one day I would be doing this work. Well sadly my future didn’t include living on a ranch or farm and growing food, but as I got older I planted a garden or if I didn’t have room in my yard it was in pots or flower beds.

Planting fruit trees is very important and picking the right place is most important because once the fruit tree is planted you don’t want to move it.  I planted a citrus tree several years back and just as it was doing well I had to move it. During transplanting the dirt all broke off even after watering to keep it moist so I had a bare root tree. Several months after that we got a bad frost and now both of my citrus trees look burned. I watered them during the frost and covered them but still look pretty bad.





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