Putin Says Hopefully No Nukes Needed in Syria Campaign


Putin Says Hopefully No Nukes Needed in Syria Campaign

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Vladimir Putin has said he hopes warheads will not be needed to deal with or anyone else, after Russia launched cruise from its submarine at Syria.
During a meeting in the Kremlin, Russia’s Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu told the President that Kalibr cruise had been by the submerged Rostov-on-Don submarine from the Mediterranean Sea for the first time. 
He said TU-22 also took part in the latest and that "significant damage" had been done to a depot, a factory manufacturing mortar rounds and oil facilities. Two major targets in Raqqa, the defacto capital of , had been hit, said Mr Shoigu. He said: "With regard to from a submarine. We certainly need to analyse everything that is happening on the , how the work. Both the [Kalibr] and the Kh-101 are generally showing very good results. We now see that these are new, modern and highly effective high-precision that can be equipped either with conventional or special.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the United States of using to overthrow Middle Eastern governments during a speech in Sochi Thursday at the Valdai International Discussion Club. Russian President Vladimir Putin says global warming is being used as an economic weapon against his country.fsc-300x250-0619-3469f30
He characterized climate change as a “fraud” used to prevent Russia from tapping its vast oil and natural gas reserves.
Greenpeace claims 85 percent of CO2 equivalent emissions in Russia come from its energy industry.
According to a political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky, Putin believes “there is no global warming, that this is a scam to restrain the industrial development of several countries, including Russia.” Putin Vs. Obama: Shall We Compare The Two Leaders Or Will That Be Too Embarrassing For America? United behind a very strong leader with an 89.9 percent approval rating, Russia is stunning the world with the efficiency with which it is striking in Syria. Of course Vladimir Putin is far from perfect, and there are real questions about what Russia’s true motives in Syria and elsewhere are, but this is a leader and a country that have shown that they can get things done. In the U.S., on the other hand, we are being led by a weak, ineffective con man in the White House that has just a 45.3 percent approval rating. Under Obama, the federal government seems to be inept at just about everything, and this is especially true when it comes to foreign policy.

Putin casually mentioned using nuclear bombs in Syria

Vladimir Putin casually dropped nuclear weapons into conversation while discussing Syria.
Russia have carried out multiple air strikes in Syria, and Putin claims his TU-22 bombers have caused ‘significant damage’ to an Islamic State munitions depot, an oil facility and other key targets.
Talking about Russia’s military campaign in Syria, Putin mentioned the weapons currently being used could ‘be equipped with special nuclear warheads.’
‘Both the Calibre missiles and the Kh-101 rockets are generally showing very good results. We now see that these are new, modern and highly effective high-precision weapons that can be equipped either with conventional or special nuclear warheads,’ Putin said during a meeting with Russia’s Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu.
He did not reveal concrete plans to use nuclear weapons – but he didn’t exactly rule it out either.

Putin added: ‘We do not need that in fighting terrorists, and I hope we will never need it.
‘Overall, this speaks to our significant progress in terms of improving weaponry and equipment being supplied to the Russian army and navy.’
His comments don’t reveal a great deal about Russia’s plan to combat Daesh in Syria, but the country did just halt construction work at Turkey’s first planned nuclear power plant.
Russian-owned Rosatom has not terminated the contract for the building of the $20 billion project and is reluctant to do so because of the heavy compensation clauses.
However, Turkey is already assessing other potential candidates for the project.

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In 2013, Turkey commissioned Rosatom to build four 1,200 megawatt reactors as Ankara has been keen to wean itself off an almost complete dependence on imported energy.
Rosatom initially pledged to have the first reactor in the southern Turkish town of Akkuyu ready by 2019 but regulatory hurdles and Russia’s financial woes have slowed the project’s progress.
Russia has already banned some Turkish food imports in retaliation to the downing of a jet on November 24.

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