Russia Issues Biden “Very Dangerous Delusion” Warning As Germany Plots European Takeover

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Warning that the United States and its allies are hatching confrontational schemes in the Asia-Pacific region, says he further warns that NATO military equipment is being moved to the Russia border, and stated: “President Putin spoke about this on 18 November… he stressed that we do not need conflicts but if the West cannot hold Ukraine back, but, on the contrary, encourages it, of course, we will take all the necessary steps to ensure our security”—warnings causing Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov to issue a direct warning to Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden that Russia won’t back down in a NATO standoff, and directly stated: “There are suggestions expressed that some desperate head may appear in Ukraine or a group of fighters who will try to test the strength of the Russian defense, counting on the fact that we will not respond…I would like to say and emphasize unequivocally: this is a very dangerous delusion”.

This transcript next sees Security Council Members reviewing the latest war bulletins issued by the Ministry of Defense (MoD), one of which reveals that full-scale production of the unstoppable 6,670 MPH nuclear weapons capable Zircon hypersonic missile that can evade “all” Western defense systems has begun, and another one states: “Almost every week, our objective monitoring tools track more than 50 reconnaissance aircraft and drones cruising along our borders…The NATO alliance apparently has no other problems…Terrorism, threats to security from other regions do not have the same significance as the danger allegedly emanating from Russia”.

As war draws ever nearer by the day, this report continues, the socialist Biden Regime has begun severing all diplomatic ties with Russia and lying about it, thus causing Ambassador Antonov to slam Biden’s State Department as “cunning” and accuse it of making statements that have “nothing to do with reality”, with him stating: “The US is deliberately distorting the facts regarding the departure of 55 Russian diplomats in order to mislead the international community”—in response to this war provocation saw Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov declaring that Russia “will hit back” at the Biden Regime, and stated: “We will respond to this, and we warned the Americans, that in order to prevent further reduction in our staff we can’t not respond”—a warning Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov joined with the factual observation: “Ill-wishers never stop trying to contain the development of our country, to influence our domestic and foreign policy by means of sanctions, blackmail and information warfare…Using non-profit international organizations among other tools, Washington is spending considerable funds to destabilize the situation in Russia…Information wars, where, according to the Americans and some of their allies, anything goes, involve all spheres, including social networks and messengers…The target audience is the youth”.

Security Council Members in this transcript note that instead of Biden spending his nation’s money on attempting to socialist indoctrinate Russian children, he’d be better advised to pay attention the Brown University scientists whose just released a beyond shocking study found that social distancing measures and face masks are suspected of causing young American childrens’ cognitive development to drop by a staggering 23 percent—a cognitive decline that’s also being displayed in the US Senate, where yesterday warmongering socialist lawmakers stopped the passage of their nation’s yearly defense bill because it didn’t contain anti-Russia measures against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline—and are anti-Russia measures the German government issued a warning about to the US Congress stating: “US Sanctions targeting Nord Stream 2 would undermine the commitment given to Germany in the Joint Statement, weaken the credibility of the US government, and endanger the achievements of the Joint Statement, including the provisions supporting Ukraine”.

Over the past 107-years, since 1914, this report details, Germany ignited World War I and World War II in its failed bid to subjugate Europe under its rule, and whose master plan to do so again was laid out yesterday in an agreement that was fleshed out in a 178-page document, which ran to 52,000 words, agreed upon by all of its ruling political parties—an agreement that in 10-days time will see Olaf Scholz becoming the German Chancellor—then it will see Chancellor Scholz turning German sovereignty over to the European Parliament and forcing all other European nations to do likewise—if happens would create a de facto United States of Europe under the iron grip control of Germany—and is why today soon-to-be Chancellor Scholz has been branded a “major threat” to the European Union, whose members like France, Poland and Hungary will fight to death to make sure this never happens.

As Germany plots its takeover of Europe, this report notes, its greatest present fear is the socialist Biden Regime embroiling the entire European continent in an unwinnable catastrophic war against Russia over Ukraine—a war whose igniter is the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that’s already filled with Russian natural gas waiting for Germany to turn it on—is desperately needed Russian natural gas for a Europe whose gas prices have started rising again as a colder-than-normal start to winter makes unusually large inroads into the already meager volume of gas in storage—whose volume of gas in storage across the 27 countries of the European Union and Britain has fallen by the equivalent of 58 terawatt-hours compared with the start of October, one of the largest drawdowns over the last decade—today sees futures prices for gas delivered in January-2022 via the Dutch Title Transfer Facility have climbed to more than 93 euros per megawatt-hour, up from a recent low of 65 euros a month ago—all of which is occurring at the same time a “slow disaster is playing out” in Germany causing energy experts to warn “Dear Germans, buy warm clothes, food, water, and candles” because, by the end of 2022, the German government will have shut down another 6 nuclear power plants with a total capacity of 8.54 gigawatts.

The stark choice Germany now faces, and by extension the entire European Union, this report continues, is to either open Nord Stream 2 to keep this “slow disaster” from occurring, and in doing so enrage the socialist Biden Regime, or continue to rely on Russian natural gas transiting through Ukraine—the latter of which isn’t a viable choice, as last month President Putin warned that Ukraine could not handle any boost in gas supplies, noting that the country’s gas transport system “might burst” due to an increase in pressure because the infrastructure built over 50-years ago by the former Soviet Union has “not been repaired for decades”—is a factual reality underlying why Russia does not want to extend its gas transit contract with Ukraine after 2024 when the current deal ends—because Russia won’t talk to Ukraine about something that’s never going to happen today sees them screaming: “We are discussing it with the Americans and the Germans that all of us would like the transit to continue, but the Russians are reluctant to start these discussions”—a frantic scream from Ukraine quickly responded to by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, who plainly stated: “As for transit affairs, certainly, we need to address the question to Gazprom…I just want to remind you of President Putin’s statement that in order to transit something, you need to sell it, you need to have final buyers in Europe, for whom this transit will be carried out…Negotiations on transit will remain a second priority…First, you need to sell gas”.

With Russian energy giant Gazprom, the world’s largest natural gas producer, warning today that the massive rally in European gas prices isn’t likely to fade anytime soon, the conclusion section of this transcript sees Security Council Members agreeing it would take highly skilled mental health professionals to figure out the lunatic socialist energy policies of these Western nations—most particularly the United States, where the lunatic energy policies of “climate change hero” socialist leader Biden have exploded the price of coal to levels not seen since “climate change hero” socialist leader Obama sent them to the stratosphere when he was in power—today sees US coal prices having climbed to their highest level in more than a decade amid dwindling stockpiles—and are American coal stockpiles so depleted, today it’s being grimly reported: “Supplies are so low that PJM Interconnection LLC, which runs the electricity grid serving about one-fifth of all U.S. residents, has taken action to conserve coal for the coldest days this winter…PJM said that until April the organization will allow steam plants to shut down if they reach less than 10 days’ worth of coal on hand…The trigger is normally 32 hours of coal supply in PJM’s territory, which includes all or part of 13 eastern states and the District of Columbia…Inventories in the U.S. power sector are about two-thirds of the five-year average for this time of year, and Richard Nixon was in the White House the last time there was so little on hand”.















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