Russia Massing Troops along NK Border; “Response to U.S. Troop Build-up in SK” ( How to Survive Biological Warfare and a Weaponized Virus )

Until today, no official authority had revealed any "build-up" of US Troops in South Korea.  All that changed a couple hours ago when Russia began deploying "large numbers of Troops" at their border with North Korea. 



The Russian Ministry of Defense says this new, large deployment is "in response to the massive troop build-up by the United States in South Korea."  Uh Oh.  None of us who actually knew this were saying anything about it.  Now, the cat's out of the bag.  Guess what's coming?

Yep!  You guessed it.   See, this isn't rocket science; anyone with a brain can figure this stuff out . . . except, apparently, the North Koreans.  Although I must observe that, to their credit, they've suddenly gotten very quiet.

More on this in a little while while I make certain what is "ok" versus "not OK" to say.  I will not be the one who endangers our troops with information that shouldn't be out in public.  Check back in a little while  . . . . 6:23 PM EDT  Wed. 27 September.


There is more to tell about this — far more than revealed by the London Express Newspaper this afternoon — but I will do it during tonight's radio show.  Tune-in to The Hal Turner Radio Show at 9:00 PM EASTERN US Time (8 Central, 7 Mountain and 6 Pacific time) [GMT-0400] on either WBCQ 7.490 MHz (AM) shortwave, or right here on the Internet at using the LISTEN LIVE links in the menubar.

BTW, North Korea state media is, now —- right now — telling its citizens to :"Behead Donald Trump."  So much for being quiet. . . .


Those of you who tuned-in to my radio show heard that YES, in fact, we ARE massing troops in South Korea and elsewhere.  I have known this for some time but have not revealed it because I do not want North Korea to hear of troop deployments or missions about THEM, from me.

I was disheartened by the fact that the London Express revealed what they revealed, and also disheartened that the Russian Defense Ministry chose to reveal our troop build-up.  Given the screw-job perpetrated upon Russia by the US Congress, which implemented Sanctions without just cause, I cannot help but feel Congress bears some blame for today's revelations.  They screwed Russia, so Russia screwed us back.

What this translates to is simple: North Korea is not going to get away with threatening the US or our allies for much longer.  One need not be a rocket scientist to see what's coming.

Decisions have already been made here in the US, and in Tokyo and in Seoul.  None of us WANTS a fight, but it  _appears_ a fight is becoming necessary.  The Sniper shooting of two SOUTH KOREAN MARINES yesterday, wherein one who was shot in the head DIED, was pretty-much the last straw.  Things are moving right now and not in a good direction.

If or when things "go hot" with North Korea, it will come fast and with NO WARNING.  I want each of my readers and listeners to my radio show, to BE PREPARED in case North Korean Sleeper Cells (already here in the US) launch attacks upon us HERE at home.

Have emergency food, emergency water, an N-100 Filter mask to protect yourself and each family member from Biological weapons.  Have a way to generate electric in case our grid is attacked.  Have a water filter in case public water supplies are poisoned.

Have two-way radios (CB) to communicate in the event infrastructure is attacked, making communications difficult.

Things are getting very serious, very fast.  Time to prepare here at home is rapidly running out.



A weaponized virus could be used to create a modern day plague as one of history's most terrifying forms of warfare is unleashed.

And it's already in a terrorist playbook. That's what's scary.

Terrorism is all over the news. It has polarized the Western world to a degree politicians, the media and much of the public never thought possible. Of course we're talking about liberals. You see, on the opposite end, a lot of conservatives, specifically evangelicals, have shared many, many warnings over the last decade when it comes to Radical Islam ("Obsession – Radical Islam's War Against the West" made it to film approximately 10 YEARS AGO — and we are now watching those warnings play out right in front of our eyes — click the link to see the trailer to this well-produced documentary). Evangelicals were right on target about Radical Islam. And now liberals are left looking like fools.

Why were liberals so quick to dismiss the dangers of Radical Islam? That is a mystery. Perhaps so many were caught up pushing gay rights, pushing abortion, and doping up on medical marijuana that they never saw this coming.

What's Next for Terrorists?

With all that said, what's next for terrorists? Organizations such as ISIS and Boko Haram have turned terror into a "way of life for the disenfranchised" by showing that not even the most advanced military countries can stop them. They continue to inspire Westerners to join their cause; this means they now have access to information about how we think and can use their Western recruits to attack places these Western recruits already have access to.

That's exactly what lead to the San Bernadino, California terrorist attack in 2015.

The shocking reality is this: Anywhere that a moderate "peace loving" Muslim currently works is now a possible target of an ISIS terrorist attack if that moderate Muslim ever turns to Jihad.

And even if those moderate Muslims never turn to Jihad themselves, more and more their own kids, brought up in Western countries like the United States and U.K., are being lead right in.

Where is This Heading?

The Government assure us things are under control but the rest of us can clearly see that's not going to happen anytime soon. There are a few worst case scenarios that are likely to happen now that it's clear things are going from bad to worse, but the one I want to talk about today is the probability of a weaponized virus attack.

Even if the media tells you a weaponized virus is not much of a threat, keep reading to learn why the threat is worse than most people realize. You are in for a shock as we connect these dots for you!

Although ISIS fighters themselves have been infected with the Leishmaniasis flesh-eating virus and even with Ebola, there's a huge risk that they'll find ways to infect the West with viruses, whether accidentally or on purpose.

Now, weaponized viruses aren't something new. In the weeks following the 9-11 attacks, 5 people died and 17 others were infected when anthrax spores were mailed to certain key people in the U.S. But that was on a small scale. If the right virus falls into the wrong hands, it could truly be the end of the west as we know it.

What Is a Weaponized Virus?

Before we figure out how to protect ourselves, let's see what we're dealing with. Viruses are tiny micro-organisms made of DNA and RNA protected by a protein capsule that can only multiply inside living organisms. Some scientists classify them as living organisms while others do not.

What's important to know is that viruses are everywhere including inside our bodies. Human beings are known to have "friendly viruses" inside that actually protect them from infections. Not all viruses are bad, it all depends on what they are "programmed" to do.

A weaponized virus is, obviously, one that's specifically used by people to kill people, and it would have to:

Be able to quickly establish an infection inside the host

Spread from person to person, the faster the "better"

Be sent via a good delivery mechanism (such as blankets contaminated with small pox that took the lives of a large number of Native Americans back in a previous century as the U.S. sought land that belonged to the natives and moved west.)

Which Viruses Are The Most Dangerous?

Some of the deadliest viruses are:

Influenza (the Spanish Flu of 1918 took the lives of millions of people)



Smallpox (decimated Native Americans, reducing their numbers to a figure the early U.S. government could finally conquer)

Anthrax (currently some segments of U.S. forces are vaccinated against anthrax due to the threat our government believes exists from an anthrax attack)



and the Hantavirus family

Not every virus can be "weaponized", though. The British did it with anthrax (Britain's Biological Warfare), botulism (yes, the kind you'd get from some spoiled canned foods) and brucellosis and even black plague. After that, the US started doing the same thing.

Ebola, for instance, doesn't spread that quickly and an infected terrorist would have a limited window of opportunity to pass it on to others. Plus, Ebola spreads through bodily fluids so it may not be the ideal weapon for them to kill us but it will surely be more than enough to scare us.

Still, there are other viruses that are more lethal that can fall into the hands of terrorists. According to doctor Filippa Lentzos from King's College London, quoted by The Guardian: The risk of small-scale bioterrorism is very likely in an article on Ebola as a biological weapon.

Deployment of Biological Warfare

The actual problem with such a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) in biological warfare isn't the production of the virus itself. Deploying such a virus is not that easy. The terrorists would have to:

Spread them into the air,

Infect their own people and then send them to our own towns to pass the virus,

Use animals and insects,

Via snail mail (as has been done with Anthrax)

Or target food crops and food supplies (the Nipah Virus is one example)

Can ISIS or Any Other Faction Do This?

According to Scientific American, turning a virus into a WMD is not an easy task. However, let's not forget that ISIS had, at one point, $2bn in assets and other sources said they were making $3mn a day from oil and taxing local businesses from the cities they conquered.

As far as I can see it, it's not a matter of having the money and power to do this, it's about having the know-how. And once they figure out how to do it, they'll move fast.

Terrorist organizations are aware of the possibility, of course. According to an article in Newsweek, the terrorist group Boko Haram (who's pledged allegiance to ISIS) has not only killed more people than Ebola but has also hindered efforts to stop it. Radical Muslims as well as some moderate Muslims, as we know, are against Western medicine.

During the outbreak of 2014, there were heightened security measures at airports receiving flights and passengers from Africa but, as we all know, terrorists are able to take control of planes. It's likely that they either tried or will try to get Ebola into the West at some point.

What Can We Do to Protect Ourselves from Biological Warfare?

At first glance, it might seem like we can't do much to protect ourselves but there are, in fact, many things we can do, and that's what we're going to talk about next. There's no bulletproof solution to stopping a virus from entering your body, which is why the more of the things below you do, the better.

When out in public, you and your family each need to practice frequent handwashing. Frequent handwashing is important — not because it'll make you immune to viruses but because it can decrease the chances of getting infected by some of them. Wash hands well with soap, hot water, and even use a hand sanitizer if available. In fact, I highly recommend you keep hand sanitizer in your survival bags and your car, you never know when you'll need it.

The act of opening doors to stores, schools and offices, using gas pumps, using ATM machines, touching products on shelves, handling money, or even shaking hands with others are all easy ways that viruses can be exchanged.

Then of course there are the viruses that can be caught by the air you breathe, such as several strains of flu (including the rare and deadly strains that can take the lives of large numbers of people in several countries during just one pandemic like the 1918 Spanish Flu mentioned earlier).

As soon as a pandemic starts, wear a gas mask. You'll have to be tuned into the news of course to come to an early conclusion that we've been attacked. Don't wait to long or you may be one of the first people sickened by an exploding pandemic. N95 respirators, though very popular among preppers, do NOT provide protection against viruses (proof). Facemasks are, in theory, better, but, again, there's no guarantee.

The surest way to protect your face from viruses is to wear a gas mask. They are a little more expensive but they offer protection against a lot more threats (such as nuclear and chemical). Sure, an N95 may cost pennies but for an industrial strength gas mask that can protect you from deadly viruses (as well as nuclear fallout and hazardous chemicals in the air), expect to pay three hundred dollars or more. For example, the 3M Full Facepiece Respirator. Anytime you're going to invest in a gas mask however, you should seek out professional instruction on how to wear properly, as well as how to care for your mask. It must fit correctly for one thing and then it must never be misused — remember, your life may be on the line if something hazardous to health is in the air (and in a time of post collapse following potential weaponized viruses, nuclear meltdowns that will follow a power grid failure as well as spills at regional chemical plants, in a number of regions the air is likely to be dangerous to breathe; just a warning.)

So, the thing that's really important with gas masks is that you learn how to put them on, which is why watching and learning from a video that demonstrates how to put on a gas mask is a great place to start.

Consider a hazmat suit. As far as personal protective equipment is concerned, there's no better option than the hazmat suit. Full head-to-toe protection, what more can you wish for?

Of course, you'll need to get the right one. Some of these suits are made to protect the wearer from chemical hazards, others from radiation or fire but, for viruses, you'll need one that's specifically designed for biological threats. (Not to excited to look like someone who just stepped out of a flying saucer? Carry some spray paint, consider darker colors, that you can spray over the top of your suit if you want to attract less attention while wearing it (be sure to check with the manufacturer to ensure nothing in your spray paint will compromise the integrity of your suit).

Health workers in West Africa fighting the Ebola virus all had to wear them, although, as reported by Wired, many of them got sick when taking them off. The "trick", if you will, is to take the suit off without ever touching the outer layers. Here's a quick video on how to do it.

Avoid human contact. This might be hard if you live in a city or if you suspect a loved one has been infected but, the more space between you and other people, the better, especially for those viruses that are spread by air. Of course, you should stay up-to-date with current news to figure out how the virus is spreading as well as be on the lookout for symptoms in both yourself and the people you come in contact with.

If you have no choice, at least avoid touching others or being exposed to their sneezing. In fact, just to be safe, you should restrain from touching your own face to avoid infecting yourself.

Bug In or Bug Out?

If a weaponized virus is unleashed, consider it time to either bug in to your backyard bunker or interior safe room or to bug out to a location (BOL) that's NOT in the quarantined area. This might be your only long-term option. I think it's pretty clear that in a town or region where there's been an outbreak, there's little to do except shelter in place until the dust settles or get out of Dodge to somewhere far away from other people. Unless you have a solid stockpile with enough food, water, meds and fuel to last you months or even a year, you'll want to put as much distance between you and any town or affected region as possible.

Of course, doing this carries with it its own set of challenges. If, for instance, you end up in a town that you know or believe to be safe, you'll probably want to head over directly to a hospital for a thorough examination.

Keep in mind that the incubation periods for these viruses can be weeks or even months. That's the period of time between your infection and the moment you start seeing the symptoms. You may feel fine until then but if you've been to an exposed area, it's safer to assume you're infected no matter how many precautions you take.

Isolate Your Home

Obviously, you can't completely isolate your home from a virus but you can decrease the chances of it getting into your home. Also, I'm assuming most people won't spends months inside a contaminated neighborhood and that many will bug out as soon as they have the chance (and have figured out the best way to do it).

By far the best thing you can do is to seal all doors, windows, garage doors and any other places through which air can come in such as chimneys. There are many seal options available that have the added benefit of insulating everything to also keep you warm in case you're unable to produce heat, duct tape and plastic sheeting.

Next, you should consider sealing some of the rooms inside your home. All of them, if you can, but, at the very least, you should seal off one room while also sealing the hallway and doorways as secondary layers of protection. Maybe it's your safe room, maybe it's the master bedroom. This is assuming you've already tackled the task of food and water storage within that room, preferably months before hand (it would be horrible to contaminate your sealed room with a product fresh off store shelves that had picked up a weaponized virus as it was being spread from person to person).

Last but not least, you need to consider other areas such as cracks in the walls and exhaust fans. This could be a problem since keeping a large stockpile of food inside a pantry or a basement requires ventilation to prevent mold from forming — not unless you've done a good tackling the task of long term food storage. (For tips on long term food storage, read: The Best Emergency Food Methods for Surviving SHTF).

Home Defense and Security Measures

Last but not least, you'll want to fortify your home with several external barriers, from braces put in place behind fortified doors to boarded up windows to — even better — bars over your windows (such as those used to keep out intruders in inner city neighborhoods) and steel screen doors on the outside of every door, also common in inner city neighborhoods. Even with those bars over your windows, board them up anyway, on both the inside and outside, to prevent a rock or something else thrown at your house from breaking a window and exposing the air inside your home to air that is outside and possibly carrying something lethal — for example, a large release of anthrax that has been dumped from a crop duster (which is a small plane that typically drops pesticide on farmland) near a large city that is then carried by the prevailing winds into your community.

Sandbags piled on your porches and warning signs to trespassers (looters) that you will do anything and everything to protect your family from danger will hopefully deter any panicked crooks from descending on your home. For a lot of people that of course means guns and ammo and the training to use both in personal defense. Bible believers know that God can also provide that protection and when a person lives by faith, God can do better than just protect — he can wipe out our enemies right before our eyes. I know a lot of you find that hard to believe.

There's Guns and Ammo — and for many there's also God

Like I said, that's not something easy to believe; not unless you have faith in God. Athiests and a lot of agnostics are usually the first to reject a statement like that one. But those who have seen God work first hand in supernatural ways (I have personally seen it — believe it or not) can attest that God — when God has a purpose for it — can do the "impossible". Just ask Machine Gun Preacher Sam Childers; a former tough guy biker (now Born Again Christian) who found Christ after several years as an East Coast biker caught up in crime and violence.

When Bad Guys Go Good

After Sam Childers new found faith in God and "rescue" from his former lifestyle, he has lead a personal war effort in Uganda, Sudan, and vicinity, going after an army of thugs that have killed hundreds of thousands in village massacres and displaced over 2,000,000 people including widespread rape, kidnapping children and turning them into murderous child soldiers.

On a missions trip with his church Sam Childers witnessed the effects of the massacres ordered or personally orchestrated by Joseph Kony and he committed his life to fighting back. This meant getting guns, getting supporters from back in the United States, and then going to war in East Africa and going after Joseph Kony's army. The movie "Machine Gun Preacher" leaves out certain details (incredible details) that Sam Childers records in his book that have taken place over there.

If these claims of his are true it shows that God has worked many times to save Sam's life when outnumbered and up against seemingly impossible odds, and yet he fights on to save village after village, and continues to pursue Kony and his army. Sam's website is: and Why were these details left out of the movie? Plain and simple: Much of Hollywood doesn't like "God" and when it comes to movies, has a hard time portraying "God" in a true light.

Shaking my head. Thank you liberals again.

A World of Darkness — Getting Worse

Do You Have the Basics Covered?

Before we wrap this up, a small reminder… Having the basics of prepping down and getting ready for SHTF events that are more likely to happen is still the important way to go, if you're truly concerned about surviving biological warfare. 

It doesn't make much sense to start buying hazmat suits if you don't first have a food stockpile in place as well as a large stockpile of emergency drinking water — and then bug out plans if things get really bad, and they get bad fast.

Still, as recent events have shown us, terrorism is growing and becoming a frightening fact of life for many; terrorism is here to stay, it's getting worse, and if the bad guys have gotten their hands on one of the a weaponized viruses designed in a lab, it could be a matter of time before they spread it and wreak havoc in large Western cities across Europe and the U.S — which sounds a lot like a plot from the television series 24.

Terrorists Are Small Threats: Biggest Threat of a Weaponized Virus is from a Rogue Nation

I don't want to frighten anyone but unfortunately there are bigger threats to keep on our radars when it comes to discussions on biological warfare and weaponized viruses. Powerful governments and rogue nations have the scientists, the money, the personnel, the equipment, and have had a lot of time to develop lethal viruses.

Biological Weapons from the Cold War

For those of you who remember the Cold War (and it's been said that the Cold War is back), the Soviet Union stockpiled nuclear weapons in large numbers, and they also stockpiled large amounts of deadly biological weapons and had an extensive biological weapons program employing over 50,000 people at one time. The scale of Soviet research and development of biological weapons is truly horrific. Biological weapons like:

Bacillus anthracis (anthrax)

Yersinia pestis (plague)

Francisella tularensis (tularemia)

Burkholderia mallei (glanders)

Brucella spp (brucellosis)

Coxiella burnetii (Q-fever)

Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (VEE)

Botulinum toxin (botulism)

Staphylococcal enterotoxin B


Marburg virus

What Happened to All Those Stockpiles?

So, one has to wonder, whatever happened to all those stockpiles of biological weapons? In this day and age we live, the threat of a rogue nation like North Korea and Iran (with governments that have been clear at different times about how much they hate us) getting their hands on a weaponized virus, or possibly more than one weaponized virus, remains a clear and present danger to the West.

Soldiers and spies (possibly even immunized to the viruses they are trained to spread) set loose across the West could inflict havoc on a Biblical scale. With that said, one has to wonder about all the warnings of "plague" in the Bible, in the end of days, that the Bible warns are going to take place. In fact hundreds of millions of people are going to die from "plague" (Revelation 6:8, NIV); what that means exactly, the world will have to wait and see.

Biological Warfare on a Biblical Scale

Considering that man is the cause of so much death and the wars that will kick off the end of days, as they are detailed in the Bible, leads me to conclude that biological warfare is truly something we can expect and those who are wise should consider being prepared for.

When it happens, it's going to happen fast.

Have that food, have that water, have those fortifications for your home; if you live in or near a city, have that chemical protective mask for a nuclear or biological attack as well (for each person in your family). Be prepared to seal off doors and windows in your home and be ready to "bug in" for several days after a pandemic has started. Expect a lot of deaths to take place. Once those infected have died off (and that may only take a few days to a few weeks or even worse, months), the risk of contracting a virus once you leave your home will be greatly reduced.

Stay away from others. If you have to communicate with people, do so from 30 yards away or more and not inside buildings (unless you have that mask on); and if you're smart, always be the one standing upwind (so the wind is at your back — not blowing a possible virus in your direction).

Depending on the virus, even if people look healthy, they may still be carrying it — they're simply not showing symptoms yet.

This is Just the Beginning …

Machine gun massacres and bombings lead by factions of Radical Islam like ISIS, Boko Haram, and Al Qaeda are just the beginning.

If you want to escape this mess, now is the time to get right with God, and get your family right with God while understanding the signs that the Bible says will take place as the world enter's the end of days. These "signs" are all around us.

A lot of people, even those agnostics sitting on the fences, are starting to see it.

There is still time for you to prepare, but you have to start learning how to make your own survival foods as soon as humanly possible. The best way to do it is to get the inside scoop on how to do it right. Fortunately, there is a way to get twenty years worth of The Lost Ways. This new food storage system is called The Lost Ways. You do not need a lot of expensive equipment to store foods for a crisis using the methods taught here. Even better, The Lost Ways pays for itself quickly as you begin to put away garden produce or even meats that you buy on sale. For most folks it's simply the biggest bargain of their lives. You can finally become self-sufficient and any extra money saved in food expense goes right back to your pocket. Frankly, at the end of the day, The Lost Ways actually makes you money! What's more, the videos take you by the hand, step by step, through the entire process of "putting away" almost any food you can think of. It's very much like having a food storage professional right there with you every step of the way.

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