Russia Plans “Peak Of Tensions” Undersea Cable Attack To Sever America From Europe

Putin warning that the socialist Western colonial powers aspire to “create a new Axis”, similar to what Nazi Germany did before World War II, with him factually observing: “Last year, NATO agreed on a new strategic concept for the development of the alliance, directly stating that the bloc intends to develop relations with countries of the Asia-Pacific region… And they are directly listed, these countries, such as New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, and others… And they announced that they will create a global NATO…That is why Western analysts themselves are saying that the West is starting to build a new axis, similar to the one that was created back in the 1930’s by the fascist regimes in Germany and Italy, and militaristic Japan”, says he then announced that Russian tactical nuclear weapons might arrive in Belarus as early as this summer.

While President Putin was warning that the socialist Western colonial powers are using NATO to create a Nazi Germany global military axis, this report notes, the President Biden left NATO allies Turkey and Hungary off the invite list for next week’s so-called Summit for Democracy—a snubbing of Turkey and Hungary because these NATO members have called for peace in Ukraine—a peace Russia tried to secure when it signed the Minsk Agreements with France, Germany and Ukraine, but yesterday former French President Franсois Hollande became the latest socialist Western colonial leader to publically admit these agreements were a farce used to secretly arm Ukraine—and today, thousands of Christians in Ukraine have gathered around their most sacred church that Ukrainian Nazi forces are preparing to seize, where Metropolitan Onufriy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church proclaimed this morning: “A powerful prayer resounds in the Holy Monastery…The world lives not by talk, but by prayer…I call on you, brothers and sisters, to pray for our brethren so that they may perform their service here and offer their prayers in the future”.

Instead of reporting on President Putin warning that NATO is creating a Nazi Germany global military axis, the President Biden snubbed its own NATO allies Turkey and Hungary because they are calling for peace, yet another Western leader publically admitted the Minsk Agreements were a farce intended to secretly arm Ukraine, or that thousands of Christians in Ukraine have gathered to protect their most sacred church under dire threat of seizure by Ukrainian Nazi forces, this report continues, the warmongering socialist Western colonial powers leftist propaganda media unleashed a tidal wave of articles like “Kyiv And Berlin Slam Putin’s Plan To Station Nuclear Weapons In Belarus”, “Russia Accused Of Taking Belarus ‘Nuclear Hostage’ With Deal To Station Missiles There” and “With Plan For Tactical Nukes In Belarus, Putin Is Scaring The World To Distract From His Problems”.

After wading through the tidal wave of lying socialist Western colonial fake news leftist media propaganda articles about President Putin, this report notes, it caused Director Hans Kristensen of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists to post the message about President Putin: “Much uncertainty and confusion from initial reports about what he actually said”—shortly after which, top Kremlin geopolitical analyst Deputy Director Victoria Feosova of the RUDN Institute for Strategic Studies and Forecasts granted a rare televised interview to clear up all “uncertainty and confusion” about what President Putin said, and exactly what he meant.

First noted by Deputy Director Feosova, this report details, is that the most critical thing President Putin said yesterday was in response to legendary American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh’s article “How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline”, about which he declared: “An American journalist, who recently gained prominence in the world, said that he conducted an investigation and concluded that this blast was orchestrated by the US intelligence…I fully agree with these conclusions”—Deputy Director Feosova then explained that when President Putin made this declaration yesterday, it put into immediate force the Russian Nuclear Weapons Doctrine, that calls for Russia escalating a conflict in order to de-escalate it—Deputy Director Feosova next explained the relationship between President Putin and former president Security Council Deputy Chairman Dimity Medvedev, that she describes as President Putin presenting a calm face to the world, while Deputy Chairman Medvedev channels unrestrained rage, such as Medvedev declaring back in March that Russia is in a direct war with NATO, but that President Putin didn’t respond to—is a public separation between President Putin and Deputy Chairman Medvedev that no longer exists, as exampled yesterday, which when after Medvedev urged Russians to start pirating Western moves, music and other content, top President Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov immediately backed Medvedev, stating: “It is Russia that has been outright robbed by the United States, and Moscow has to deal with pirates in the West anyway”—all of which was followed by Deputy Director Feosova explaining that Russia will respond to the act of war terrorist bombing of the Nord Stream pipelines by attacking the undersea communication cables linking America to Europe (of which there are many targets), that she said will lead to a “peak of tensions” that the socialist Western colonial powers will back down from, otherwise, she said, President Putin’s warning to them “If you want war, we’ll show you war” will occur.

While planning for a “peak of tensions” attack on the socialist Western colonial powers mandated in the “escalate to de-escalate” nuclear war doctrine of the Russian Federation, this report notes, President Putin also factually observed yesterday: “Russia’s output level and its military-industrial complex are developing at a very fast pace, which was unexpected by many…While multiple Western countries will provide Ukraine with munitions, the Russian production sector on its own will produce three times more ammunition for the same period of time…The Western instigators of the conflict plan to send more than 400 tanks to Ukraine…The situation here is the same as with the ammunition…During that period, we will produce and modernize over 1,600 tanks, the total number will exceed Ukraine’s by more than three times”—a factual observation joined by President Putin proclaiming to the Russian peoples: “We are building our economy in such a way that we do not allow excessive militarization…As for all our plans for the development of civil engineering, healthcare, education, infrastructure development, we are not cutting anything…Nothing!…And they, the West, will have to cut spending”.

The global leader in “excessive militarization” at the cost to the economic well being of its own peoples, this report concludes, is the United States, that yesterday was embarrassed and humiliated the world over when the Taliban released photos of the staggering and beyond all belief amount of American military equipment worth billions-of-dollars the President Biden abandoned in Afghanistan—a global embarrassment that follows the American satirical site Babylon Bee, whose motto is “Fake News You Can Trust”, publishing its article “Taliban Opens Chain Of U.S. Army Surplus Stores”—is important to notice because today articles are appearing like “When Satire Becomes Reality: Nearly 100 Babylon Bee Joke Stories Have Come True”—all of which more than explains why it was reported a fortnight ago: “The United States ranks DEAD LAST in media trust — at 29% — among 92,000 news consumers surveyed in 46 countries, a report released by Gallup and the Knight Foundation found”.


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