Russia Warns America: “We Will Not Forget…We Will Not Forgive”

Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev responding to the threat of more socialist Western colonial sanctions with the warning statement: “The G7 idea of a total ban on exports to our country is excellent, in that it also implies a reciprocal termination of exports from our country in the most sensitive categories for the G7…In this case, the grain deal and many other things they need will end for them”, says this warning was met this morning by socialist European Union top foreign policy official Josep Borrell declaring: “EU foreign ministers are not ready to agree a new package of anti-Russian sanctions”.

As to the effect of socialist Western colonial sanctions, this report notes, the truth about them is best documented today in the economic article “Western ‘Experts’ Thought They Would Destroy Russia’s Economy. They Failed”—as to what these socialist Western colonial sanctions are actually doing, today its best documented in the economic article “It’s A “Defund-The-Global-Police” Moment, De-Dollarization Is Happening At A “Stunning” Pace”—just a year ago, top socialist Biden Regime official Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen claimed the US Dollar didn’t have any serious competition, and was not likely to for a long time, then she admitted last week: “There is a risk, when we use financial sanctions that are linked to the role of the dollar, that, over time, it could undermine the hegemony of the dollar”—an admission that followed former top United States Treasury official Monica Crowley most gravely warning: “It’s really hard to overstate exactly how catastrophic the abandonment of the U.S. dollar would be as the world’s global reserve currency…If that were to end, that would mean the end of the U.S. dollar…If that were to happen, there would be a complete implosion of the global economic system, but certainly the American economic system…And if that were to happen, you’d be looking at sky-high inflation just raging, Weimar Republic kind of inflation…If you think inflation is bad right now, just wait”.

In an assessment of the US Dollar every sane nation in the world is fleeing from, this report continues, top Russian multi-billionaire industrialist Oleg Deripaska observed: “The US dollar has only five years left as the principal currency for the global economy…The greenback’s superiority has for way too long been used as a weapon of vengeance against all dissenters, and often without prior legal evaluation…Global settlements will become more diversified with other currencies…That will be hard at the beginning, but then the world will discover a new reality without a need for a hegemon”—an observation agreed with by top Republican Party leader United States Senator Marco Rubio, who fearfully proclaimed: “Look, I think the bottom line here is we’re in a conflict, and I think we have to start talking about that way…It’s been about 30 years since another superpower was on the Earth that was in conflict with the United States…And we are back in that place…And we need to stop pretending like that’s not the case…Brazil, in our hemisphere, the largest country in the Western hemisphere south of us, cut a trade deal with China…They’re going to from now on do trade in their own currencies, get right around the dollar…They’re creating a secondary economy in the world totally independent of the United States…We won’t have to talk about sanctions in five years because there will be so many countries transacting in currencies other than the dollar that we won’t have the ability to sanction them”.

In the Eastern European country best described in the article “Welcome To Ukraine, The Most Corrupt Nation In Europe” that the socialist Western colonial powers are insanely using to destroy the US Dollar, this report notes, the lying leftist Western media still won’t tell the truth that Russia continues to sell Ukraine everything it needs so its civilian populace doesn’t suffer—a fact that caused legendary American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh to exclaim in astonishment: “This is quite crazy…Oil and money transcends any sort of rationality, I guess” and observe: “All you have to do is look at the high life in Kiev today…There is a really good high life: the fancy restaurants are going, you can find liquor stores with everything in it, there is a lot of money being pushed around”—is a “good high life” for the civilians of Ukraine, however, Russia military forces don’t allow for those fighting against them, like the Georgian mercenaries that executed defenseless Russian prisoners of war, about whom the Ministry of Defense (MoD) reported this morning: “The militants of the so-called “Georgian Legion”, who were involved in the atrocities against Russian prisoners near Kiev in March last year have been hunted down and destroyed…Retribution came to the mercenaries from the Iskander operational-tactical missile system…They were attacked on 21 April, with missiles targeting the building of a library in the city of Konstantinovka on the territory of the DPR, where there was a weapons depot and a stationing point for foreign mercenaries…As a result of the strike, up to 60 militants of the so-called Georgian Legion and 15 units of military equipment located in the adjacent territory were destroyed…About 20 more mercenaries were seriously injured”.

As a grim testament to the godless socialist Western colonial powers placing brutal warmongering over the peaceful wellbeing of their own peoples, this report details, today the world was given articles with the headline “World Military Spending Reaches All-Time High Of $2.24 Trillion”—is “all-time high” military spending occurring in the United States and European Union, as best documented today in the Wall Street Journal article “Weapons Makers Can’t Hire Enough Workers As Ukraine War Drives Demand”, wherein it reveals: “Arms makers face the challenge of hiring thousands of skilled workers to capitalize on an influx of orders…Defense companies in the U.S. and Europe are working through record order books after Western governments increased spending”—as to whom is really fighting whom, the leftist Washington Post revealed today: “Ukrainian officials have long privately said that the United States has de facto control over military operations”—and as to how effective the United States “de facto control over military operations” really is, leftist Politico, in their article “Biden’s Team Fears The Aftermath Of A Failed Ukrainian Counteroffensive”, revealed today: “The Biden administration is quietly preparing for the possibility that if Ukraine’s spring counteroffensive falls short of expectations, critics at home and allies abroad will argue that America has come up short, too…Publicly, President Joe Biden’s team has offered unwavering support for Ukraine, pledging to load it up with weapons and economic aid for “as long as it takes”…But, if the impending fighting season yields limited gains, administration officials have expressed privately they fear being faced with a two-headed monster attacking it from the hawkish and dovish ends of the spectrum”.

Prior to Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov arriving in New York City this morning to attend United Nations Security Council meetings, this report continues, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told the hundreds of reporters from around the world awaiting his departure from Moscow: “Speaking about the United States real treatment of journalists…There are 40 minutes left before their departure…The journalists are all at the airport…They have no visas…The US Embassy replied to a our relevant request that ‘they are working on it’…It’s an obvious manipulation of the freedom of speech and infringement on the rights of journalists”.

In a beyond shocking display not even seen during the darkest days of the Cold War, this report notes, the socialist Biden Regime blatantly violated the United Nations charter by refusing to issue visas for Russian journalists, which caused Foreign Minister Lavrov to warningly declare to the world’s press corp: “Of course, I understood how notorious our American colleagues are for such things but I was sure that, this time, given the attention that was drawn to their ugly behavior, everything would be different…But I was mistaken…In the country that calls itself the strongest, the smartest, the most liberal, the most fair, has chickened out over a stupid thing…It shows what its sworn assurances about protecting freedom of speech, access to information and so on are really worth…We will try to keep track of what we do there and spread this truth through your channels…I am convinced that the whole world will be much more interested in it than the supposedly filtered information that our Western colleagues feed to their listeners, viewers and readers…And most importantly, be sure, we will not forget, we will not forgive”.

The “filtered information” fed to American listeners, viewers and readers by their tyrannical socialist overlords and lying leftist media this report continues, is today known as “fake news”, but for over a century was known as “yellow journalism”, which these godless forces have used to lie the United States into war since 1898—is warmongering “yellow journalism” that protects Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden, who is so demented he’s held the fewest press conferences of any American leader in 40 years—and today it was beyond shockingly revealed: “There are people in US intelligence agencies that do analysis and write complicated foreign policy studies…It’s an intellectual game…Many of them feel isolated, because there is no sign that the White House is terribly interested in long-term national intelligence estimates”.

As to how despotic and tyrannical the United States has become, this report concludes, it was put on full display last week when socialist Democrats threatened to prosecute and jail world-renowned American investigative journalist Matt Taibbi—a threat Taibbi quickly responded to by issuing the grave warning to the under socialist siege and leftist media brainwashed American peoples: “There area couple of things that are remarkable: Number one, scan the pages of mainstream news coverage today, and you will not see anybody covering that story…That’s the story about Michael Morell admitting his role in that, the former acting CIA Director…That’s a massive story of national consequence, and it’s just simply not in the news, much like the Twitter files reports were completely ignored…So, what kind of country are we living in now?… I’m old enough to have gone to college in the Soviet Union and nobody read the newspapers because it was all lies and there was no real news in them…Well, we’re starting to come to that same situation in America”.


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