Russia Warns “Enemy Must Crawl On Knees” As America Faces “Hydrogen Bomb Scenario”

Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev wrote on his Telegram channel that the current Ukrainian peace proposal lacks what he considers three key elements − participation from the conflicting sides, historical perspective, and accounting for current conditions, says he warningly added: “However, the negotiations themselves are not yet needed…The enemy must crawl on his knees, begging for mercy”—shortly after which, Federation Council Senator Dmitry Perminov further warned: “We are currently grinding up the armed forces of Ukraine…When the moment is favorable for us, our army will go on the offensive”.

In a rare acknowledgement of reality, this report notes, it was just revealed by the leftist New York Times: “The new units of Ukraine’s armed forces that had been trained by NATO and received Western arms mostly consist of new recruits and suffer heavy losses in the Ukrainian counteroffensive, The New York Times said citing the Ukrainian military…”I lost a lot of troops,” a commander of one of the units told the newspaper…”Some of the new guys are mentally broken,” he added”—a rare acknowledgment of reality joined by world renowned American economic strategist David Woo assessing: “The next few weeks will see the Ukrainian counteroffensive run its course…The Russians are now fighting with weapons they didn’t have 18 months ago because they didn’t exist 18 months ago…And that to me is the most impressive thing…Whereas the West is still walking around in the same circle, Russia’s getting better and better, and this war is gonna be won by technology in the end”.

As to the shocking cruel fate of Ukrainian soldiers ordered by their corrupt leaders to certain death, this report continues, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova horrifyingly revealed: “Rampant corruption and lawlessness in Ukraine have effectively turned the country into a veritable paradise for organ traffickers eager to take advantage of cheap and abundant supply of human tissue…Law No. 5831 passed by the Ukrainian parliament on 16 December 2021, effectively waives the requirement for a written consent of a living donor or their relatives for organ donation…There is no need to authenticate signatures, either…In effect, even the removal of organs from children is permitted”.

In response to its failing to achieve any military objectives on the battlefield, this report details, the corrupt Ukrainian leadership has begun using French and British missiles in terrorist attacks against innocent Russian civilians—a tactic seen during the Second Chechen War, when socialist Western colonial funded and supported Chechen warlords began launching terrorist attacks against innocent Russian civilians after failing to achieve any military objectives—in 1996, it saw Russian military commander Lieutenant General Konstantin Pulikovsky creating a political firestorm when his forces surrounded the Chechen capitol Grozny and he ordered all civilians to leave so he could eliminate the decision makers ordering the terrorist attacks—because of the feckless socialist Western colonial controlled Kremlin at the time, though, Lieutenant General Pulikovsky wasn’t allowed to eliminate the terrorist decision makers in Grozny—on 24 September 1999, however, newly installed Prime Minister Vladimir Putin declared: “We are going to pursue terrorists everywhere…If they are in the airport, we will pursue them in the airport…And if we capture them in the toilet, then we will waste them in the outhouse…The issue has been resolved once and for all”, immediately after which, Lieutenant General Pulikovsky was allowed to obliterate Grozny to eliminate all of its terrorist decision makers—three months later, on 31 December 1999, it saw Putin assuming full power of Russia, and in April-2000 the war ended—is a history worth remembering because now retired Lieutenant General Pulikovsky just warned that President Putin is preparing to eliminate all of the entire terrorist decision makers in Ukraine—a warning now joined by the news: “A Ukrainian woman has been detained by Ukraine’s Security Service in connection with an apparent plot to attack President Volodymyr Zelenskyy…She had been part of a plot aimed at assassinating Zelenskyy during his visit last week to Mykolaiv, a southeastern city near the front, officials said…Law enforcement officials said she had been caught “red-handed” as she handed info to the Russians…She allegedly was passing information on to Russian forces about Zelenskyy’s location, including a full itinerary of the president’s visit to the region…The Russians would have then ordered an airstrike to assassinate him”.

Fully supporting the terrorist decision makers in Ukraine, this report notes, is the United States, about which the just published article “History Repeats Itself: Democrats Are Using Tactics Of The Marxists Of 1917 In Russia To Steal America” most accurately describes—exactly like socialist Marxists destroyed the Russian economy a century ago to make everyone dependent on the government, today the article “Yellow Files For Bankruptcy, Blames Union For “30,000 American Jobs Lost”” revealed: “One of the biggest bankruptcies in US trucking history occurred Sunday when the nation’s third-largest less-than-truckload carrier, Yellow Corp., filed Chapter 11 in a Deleware court…”It is with profound disappointment that Yellow announces that it is closing after nearly 100 years in business,” said Yellow CEO Darren Hawkins in a statement Sunday”—was a bankruptcy caused because the socialist Marxist union wouldn’t allow Yellow trucking to restructure its debt costs catastrophically ravaged by President Biden Regime inflation—and in the just published Wall Street Journal article “A Real-Estate Haven Turns Perilous With Roughly $1 Trillion Coming Due”, sees it gravely warning: “Apartment landlords face a “hydrogen-bomb scenario”…The sudden surge in debt costs last year now threatens to wipe out many multifamily owners across the country…Apartment-building values fell 14% for the year ended in June after rising 25% the previous year”.

With the Russian word “Kompromat” used to describe damaging information about a politician, this report concludes, Russian analysts observed over the weekend that the entire American political system is based on its socialist government having kompromat on politicians so they can be controlled—an observation followed by President Donald Trump assessing to Senator Lindsey Graham about Republican Party Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell: “I’m telling you Lindsey, they have something on Mitch McConnell…There’s no way that he’s doing this…They have something on Mitch McConnell…It’s a terrible thing that’s happening with that guy”—and in knowing the truth about how the second most powerful Republican lawmaker in the US Congress has sided with socialist forces against the American people, yesterday it saw Senate Minority Leader McConnell savagely booed and mocked by his own constituents in Kentucky.


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