Russia Warns Of “Huge Explosion” In The Center Of Europe

 Kremlin today first noting NATO military forces brutally attacked and injured nearly three dozen Orthodox Christian Serbians in the “narco terrorist state” Kosovo, which only the socialist Western colonial powers recognize, says in knowing this demonic NATO attack is a prelude to the genocidal extermination of Christian Serbs, it caused Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic to declare: “All of this was organized by Albin Kurti out of his big desire for a conflict between the Serbs and NATO…He is solely responsible for what is happening, but washes his hands like Pontius Pilate and says this has nothing to do with him…Over the past three days, even the politically illiterate could understand what was being prepared for us today”—a declaration joined by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov gravely warning this morning: A huge explosion may happen in the center of Europe…The situation is alarming, but the West has set a course for the total subjugation of everyone who somehow expresses their own opinion”.  

Quickly following Foreign Minister Lavrov issuing his grave warning, this report notes, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) reported: “The Kiev regime launched a terrorist attack with unmanned aerial vehicles on targets in the city of Moscow…The raid involved eight aircraft-type UAVs, all of which were hit; three drones that were suppressed by electronic warfare measures went out of control and deviated from their intended targets…The remaining five drones were shot down by Pantsir-S air defense systems operating outside Moscow”.

After Russia repelled the terrorist attack on innocent Moscow civilians from what’s best described in the article “Welcome To Ukraine, The Most Corrupt Nation In Europe”, this report continues, socialist European Union Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell proclaimed: “I see the clear will of Russia to win in the war…Russia will not negotiate until it wins…I am not optimistic in my expectations about how this conflict may develop in the summer”—in factual reality, however, Russia has embraced the efforts of others to negotiate peace, but even today it saw Ukrainian chief diplomatic adviser Ihor Zhovkva declaring: “There cannot be a Brazilian peace plan, a Chinese peace plan, a South African peace plan when you are talking about the war in Ukraine”—a declaration proving beyond all doubt that Ukraine doesn’t want peace joined by NATO member military leader Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces General Karel Rehka grimly assessing: We view war between Russia and the North Atlantic Alliance as the worst-case scenario, but it is not impossible…It is possible…The Czech Armed Forces are trying to prepare for a potential violent conflict with a highly technologically developed adversary – Russia – because Russia is currently on a course towards a conflict with the North Atlantic Alliance”.

In a video address released on Telegram yesterday, this report details, socialist Western colonial puppet leader Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky announced that he and his military leaders have set the date for a counteroffensive against Russia—in response, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin warned that the long-planned push “will only lead to bloodshed and further escalation of the conflict”, while condemning the West’s “irresponsible” campaign to prop up Kiev with weapons—and this morning, Defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu revealed: “For this month alone, the losses of Kyiv militants amounted to over 16,000 people…Also destroyed were 16 aircraft, five helicopters, 466 unmanned aerial vehicles, more than 400 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 238 field artillery pieces and mortars…196 HIMARS rockets, 16 HARM missiles and 29 Storm Shadow long-range cruise missiles were also intercepted and destroyed”.

When asked about potential deliveries of American-made warplanes to Kiev, this report notes, Foreign Minister Lavrov warningly observed on Sunday: “Of course, it’s an unacceptable escalation…I think there are reasonable people in the West who understand this…But everything is being dictated by Washington, London, and their satellites inside the European Union…It is Poland and the Baltic States – Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia – that are executing on the ground the aim set by the United States to weaken Russia, deliver it a strategic defeat…Some in the West are already discussing decolonization of Russia, meaning the dismembering of our country…This is playing with fire…There can be no doubts about that…I hope reasonable people will step away from unconditional support for the neo-Nazi regime that the West itself created”.

On Sunday evening, this report continues, puppet leader President Zelensky announced: “Russia conducted one of the most massive drone attacks on Ukraine to date”—after Kiev exhausted its anti-air defense weapons on massive drone strikes, Russian missiles have pounded Ukraine for the past three days—this morning it saw Defense Minister Shoigu revealing: “In recent days, large Western weapons depots in Khmelnytsky, Ternopil and Nikolaev have been destroyed, an American Patriot anti-aircraft missile system in Kyiv has also been hit”—and this afternoon, President Putin reported: “We’ve been talking about the possibility of striking the decision-making centers…Naturally, Ukraine’s main military intelligence headquarters in Kiev falls into such a category, and it was hit two or three days ago”.

In a Twitter post shared by Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov, relating to British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace’s most recent visit to Kyiv, this report details, there is an image of Su-24 Fencer aircraft armed with a Storm Shadow missile signed by Defense Secretary Wallace, surrounded by a backdrop of British and Ukrainian flags—an image that contained the emblem of the Ukrainian 7th Aviation Brigade stationed in Starokostiantyniv, Khmelnytskyi Oblast, Ukraine—shortly after Ukraine Defense Minister Rexnikov shared the image of a Su-24 armed with a British made Storm Shadow missile, Ukrainians began posting videos of their homes shaking, that were joined by scientists reporting about an “unconfirmed earthquake or seismic like event” occurring in Ukraine—all of which was followed by the MoD reporting: “Russian forces launched multiple high-accuracy strikes on Ukrainian military airfields overnight from Sunday to Monday”. 

Following a so-called deal to raise the United States debt limit truthfully described in the economic article “Total Farce: Real Spending Under Debt Ceiling Deal Actually Goes Up Next Year”, this report notes, neocon warmonger Republican Party lawmaker US Senator Lindsey Graham declared: “I will use all powers available to me in the Senate to have amendment votes to undo this catastrophe for defense…As to the share of GDP spent on defense, the President Biden budget matches and eventually dips below the lowest level in modern history…Nothing in this bill provides weapons or technology to help Ukraine defeat Putin and make the world more stable”—a declaration followed by the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation (MVD) issuing an arrest warrant for Senator Graham, who during a visit with President Zelensky in Kiev last week, purportedly said: “The Russians are dying—It’s the best money we’ve ever spent”.

Senator Graham lashed out at Russian propaganda for distorting what he said, this report continues, though the edited clip of his comment during a meeting with Zelensky was provided directly by the Ukrainian president’s office,–and in response, the Foreign Ministry stated: “It turns out, that’s not what Senator Graham said or how he said it…Just like with similar cannibalistic musings by former US President George W. Bush, clumsy, shameful excuses are being bandied about: so, allegedly, the senator’s words were taken out of context, there was some ‘editing’ and so on…Who would have doubted that the politician himself and his spin doctors, such as the top Anglo-Saxon media outlets and news agencies, would, as they say, ‘play dumb’…What’s next?…They will tell us that Lindsey Graham is a product of artificial intelligence and doesn’t actually exist?…This was hardly the first instance of such hateful remarks and the senator is not alone…The Nazi philosophy of hatred toward Russians is actually what unites the Kiev regime and its American handlers…Widespread popular outrage has forced the Western propaganda machine with its cogs, such as Reuters and the BBC, who led the campaign to whitewash the words of the lawmaker, to initiate a crisis management approach and attempt to reverse the situation…This entire story with cowardly excuses and ludicrous attempts to absolve Lindsey Graham is yet another blow to the already faded reputation of Reuters and the BBC, which were left to worm their way of out the mess on behalf of both Washington and Kiev”.

Following top Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov most factually observing about the socialist Western colonial powers: “War is being waged in a broader sense…A war is being waged against us on all fronts, be it the economy, international relations, or in terms of ownership”, this report details, world renowned Brazilian geopolitical analysts Pepe Escobar, in his just released open letter “Eurasian Heartland Rises To Challenge The West”, assessed about the conflict: “President Xi Jinping telling Putin at the end of their summit last March in Moscow that we’re now facing “great changes not seen in a century” directly applies to the new spirit reigning across the Heartland”—is a “new spirit” in the Heartland against socialist Western colonialism evidenced in the news: “China has rejected Washington’s proposal that their respective defense chiefs meet this week, the Pentagon said on Monday”—is also evidenced in the news: “Chinese payment system UnionPay has overtaken rival Visa on the global debit card market”—and in the just published economic article “Why The EU’s Economic Engine Is Breaking Down”, sees it revealing: The energy-dependent German economy has been in decline since losing cheap Russian oil and gas…The German economy, formerly a reliable engine for pulling the European Union out of crises, has turned into its weak link”.

While the “new spirit” within the Heartland enables it to withstand everything the socialist Western colonial powers throws at it, this report notes, Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin of the Russian State Duma observed: “Just think about it, in 2023 interest payments on the US debt could reach $1.5 trillion – almost a third of all US budget revenue!…The US public debt is a global financial pyramid, built by Washington to defraud other nations…History has shown that all pyramid schemes eventually fail”—an observation joined by the International Monetary Fund reporting: “The process of diversifying away from the US Dollar by countries around the world is gathering pace…The share of US Dollars in global reserves is the lowest in 28 years”—last week, the China Chengxin International Credit Rating organization slashed its sovereign credit score for the United States by one notchFitch Ratings said on Friday it has placed 11 US credit-linked notes on a “Rating Watch Negative”—and this week it was reported:The de-dollarization trend seems to be unstoppable, as countries of the world have been striving to reduce their dependence on the greenback, concludes Washington DC think tank Responsible Statecraft, that blames the development on the United States weaponization of its currency”.

In an America where it was just revealed: “Thirty-one billionaires are currently wealthier than the United States Treasury, which had just $38.8 billion in cash on hand at the close of business on Friday”, this report continues, warning articles are now appearing like “Corporate America Has Launched A Religious War. It’s Time To Choose Your Side”—warning articles coming at the same time America’s largest insurance company State Farm has stopped selling home insurance in California—today in America it was reported: “Over 2,000 stores across all retail sectors have closed in the past 12 months…Over the next 5 years, another 50,000 stores will close”, and it also sees warning economic articles now appearing like “US Corporations Are Filing For Bankruptcy At The Fastest Pace Since 2010”.

With America ruled over by its military-industrial-complex, this report concludes, its adoption of “Rogue Capitalism” to replace free markets caused former Democrat Party candidate and former US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard to call these demonic rulers: “An elitist cabal of warmongers that’s made of corrupt politicians, the propaganda media, big tech, and the national security state”—last week, however, it saw leftist CBS News slamming America’s top defense giant Raytheon, after which they openly attacked the coverup of Hunter Biden crimes—and as to why leftist CBS News, and others like them are turning against their socialist overlords, it’s revealed in the articleAmerican Elites Are Starting To Concede That The World Is Rebelling Against The US, And Washington Has Nobody To Blame But Itself”. 

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