Ebola is the hot-button issue of the day. So, it is no surprise that the White House is seeking to quell fears and calm down the citizenry. However, when a hot microphone at the White House catches a conversation which ends with "We're screwed" (as in a pandemic), the American public has a right to be alarmed. 

Watch this video with the hot microphone. 


The White House has refused to stop inbound air traffic from Ebola infected nations and has moved to prosecute governors on the Southern border who have had the gall to try to shut down our porous border. 

Folks, we're screwed.


From yesterday – It's the stuff of a blockbuster movie release. Infected person gets on a plane and takes Ebola global: infecting countless others as he travels the planet finally landing in Dallas where he spreads his germs to hundreds more before being hospitalized and referred to as "Patient Zero". However, it's all too real.

Now the pandemic is here. Patient Zero has died, and others are showing symptoms of a disease that is 90% fatal. 

Was this all a master plan?

I believe so.

First, DHS has been buying ammo and coffins at a rate not seen in history – not even in the holocaust did the Nazis kill as many people as it appears that DHS is preparing to kill.(Seriously, what do you need 100 million coffins and 30 Billion rounds of ammo if you're not preparing?)

Unfortunately, my April prediction has come true. 

Military experts have predicted today that if South and Central America see an outbreak, there will be a clamoring to come north through America's porous borders seeking refuge and medical care. This will certainly increase the pandemic within the United States.

What now?

First, you need to stock up on the 37 items that disappear when a populace panics.
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Finally, be aware of what is happening. If this pandemic spreads as quickly as I believe it can, it may only be a matter of weeks before your neighborhood is teeming with agents cleaning out bodies.  

If this happens, martial law followed by anarchy are imminent. 

Are you prepared to do whatever necessary to save yourself and your family? 

The test is coming. 


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